According to a new Windows Central report, Brass Lion Entertainment may be developing a Wu-Tang Clan-themed action role-playing game (ARPG) at their studio, Brass Lion Entertainment. The studio was founded in 2017 by industry veterans Manveer Heir and Bryna Dabbby Smith.

The game codenamed Project Shaolin is an action RPG for third-person. It has a lengthy campaign that lasts “a few dozen hours” and supports a four-player coop. The game will feature seasonal content drops and other updates through procedural endgame dungeons or hand-made events. As the soundtrack creators, the Wu-Tang Clan is also involved.

Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat strongly supported the Windows Central report, suggesting that he had heard something similar in a podcast. It has to do something with a musical group that uses Shaolin. It’s not something to fuck with. I’ll tell you. That’s all I’ll say.

Wu-Tang Clan makes frequent reference to Shaolin–its seventh album is called Once Upon a Time In Shaolin–and Ain’t Nuthing ta Fit is the title for a track on the Enter the Wu-Tang Clan album (36 Chambers).

Although it takes Grubb’s cohost Mike Minotti a while to make the connection, he finally states that “it is a Wu Tang game.” However, he admits that he isn’t sure what the gameplay style will be and that it’s “still a ways away.”

Brass Lion was founded to create “original fictional universes that center Black, Brown, or other traditionally marginalized characters.” Brass Lion is currently developing corner Wolves. It “tells stories of young people growing in the hood and how their lives are shaped by the war on drug, as they are caught between hustlers and dope dealers.” Heir tweeted about the “unannounced action-RPG featuring a dope anime aesthetic” in September.

There are also job postings on the studio website for a lead 3D environment artist, engine programmer, and gameplay programmer. However, there is no information about the nature or purpose of the game. Brass Lion has been contacted for comment. I will update this post if I get a response.

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