ACNH Player Reveals Easy Way To Get Villagers To Leave Your Home

One player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons shared a simple trick to prevent villager visits at home. This new feature allows players to see ACNH villagers in their houses. It was introduced to the 2020 game as a substantial update. After the update, players may be visited at home by random islanders who can comment on their decor and play games.

The community was very interested in the possibility of villagers visiting players at their homes in Animal Crossing. Many people feel that the game’s villager characters lack personality compared to other AC games. Many fans believe that random visits by villagers could help fix this. The new Animal Crossing feature is quickly becoming an irritation for many. Users are unable to decorate or craft when villager visits their home. Players have found solutions by creating outdoor crafting areas and Animal Crossing storage space to minimize time at home.

Redditor and Animal Crossing player. The best tip to get rid of unwanted villager visitors to a house is to make it quick and easy for them to leave. The user stated that if a player stands in a room other than their main one when a villager visits, they will assume the house is empty and leave quickly if the player remains where they are. Players can prevent unwanted guests from dropping in on their homes by ensuring they are not in an area connected to the front door.

There is so much to do on the island that Animal Crossing players don’t have time to spend at home. One of the most common reasons players are not at home while decorating or designing their homes is because they have to choose wallpapers, flooring and move furniture. A wandering villager interrupting a home interior remodel can immediately stop the work. This is just one reason why many fans have become frustrated with the new visitor mechanic.

The_Rambling_Otter’s tip means that Animal Crossing players won’t have to stop what’s going on when a villager visits. As long as they are set up in another room, they’ll be fine. Users can set up crafting stations in separate rooms to avoid unwanted villager visits. However, those who decorate their main room will still be affected by their noise. Perhaps Nintendo will develop a better method to deal with villager visits in the future Animal Crossing patch.





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