Additional Nintendo November Advent Calendar treats revealed

We told you about the amazing November countdown calendar Nintendo gifted one TikTok Star. Celinaspookyboo opened five doors, revealing some exciting treats despite the fact that it was only three days into the month.

These items make great stocking stuffers and we assume that this promotional move by Nintendo is to spread some gift-list items around the world. Celina will open 5 doors at once (she has “no self-control”) so expect four more surprises throughout the month. Here’s the latest…

What’s inside the box?

A Nintendo November calendar already featured some amazing gifts such as a pair Joy Cons and an Amiibo. Five more gift options have been added.

Super Mario Ice Cube Tray
Mario Kart lunch bag made of brown paper
Super Mario fridge magnets
NES Coasters
Super Mario Mug

Although some items may be harder to find, and might be exclusive influencer items or unreleased at the moment, we did our best to locate as many items (or similar) to the ones in the Nintendo November Calendar.

Super Mario Ice Cube Tray

We love this ice cube tray, it’s our favorite from the reveal. It makes our favorite beverage look a little more fancy with cool (geddit?) garnishes. Ice cubes. You can also use food coloring in your water, juice, or water to create Mario-themed ice. You can then create Mario-themed cocktails!

Okay, we can go on forever with this idea, but let’s get to the point.

Super Mario Bros Ice Cube Tray Amazo – Buy Now

NES Cartridge Coasters

These retro NES coasters are a great addition to your favorite cocktails. These coasters look just like a NES cartridge and protect your woodwork. They are great for retro gamers.

NES Cartridge CoastersBuy on Amazon

Super Mario Mug

We aren’t sure if this is the exact mug in the calendar. However, it’s so awesome that we couldn’t resist sharing it. This mug has a retro, side-scrolling Mario design. It changes colour when it is filled with a warm drink. (I sense an unintentional theme.

Super Mario Color Changing Mug Amazon: Buy

We couldn’t find this awesome lunch bag so we will keep our eyes open for any new Nintendo products. Super Mario fridge magnets, which come in a variety of designs, are easy to find.

These kitchen-friendly ideas have made us feel drained and are getting us excited about Christmas. We’ll reveal Celina’s November countdown from days 11 to 15. Check back soon. Even though it makes us feel sick, we can’t wait!

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