Alec Baldwin Denies Non-Compliance Rumors In Rust Shooting Investigation

Alec Baldwin denied rumors that the actor isn’t cooperating in the ongoing investigation into the shooting death on-set of Halyna Hutchins, HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_cinematographer. Baldwin, holding a gun that fired a live round while rehearsing for the independent western Rust, killed Hutchins, 42, and injured director Joel Souza. This incident shocked both the public and the film industry, prompting celebrities to call for additional safety protocols on set.

Although Hutchins’ murder investigation has not led to any criminal charges, Baldwin was recently ordered to surrender his cell phone by Santa Fe police. Police are reportedly requesting the phone to search for video, calls, texts, photos, and other information in the Rust investigation. Baldwin has cooperated with this process and voluntarily spoke to the authorities right after the incident. Baldwin has stated that he did not pull the trigger on his pistol and that he would never point any loaded gun at someone and fire the trigger. This raises new questions about how such an awful mishap could have been allowed to occur.

This latest development comes just weeks after Baldwin was initially told to hand over his phone. The 63-year old now denies rumors that he’s not cooperating with the investigation. According to Deadline, Baldwin refused to hand his phone over to Santa Fe police. He disputed the legality of their demands which he feels violated his privacy. Baldwin also refused to comply with police requests and orders, calling such suggestions ” lies.”

They can’t simply go through your phone to take your photos or your love letters or whatever else. Any suggestion that I don’t comply with any requests, orders, demands, or search warrants regarding my phone is a lie.

Although understandably, the personal property should be closely examined by authorities, it is a little odd that Baldwin thinks he should be kept out of the investigation. It doesn’t matter if he pointed the gun at Hutchins, but the fact remains that he was the only person present at the heart of the incident. It is not something any other suspect in serious crimes could afford to refuse to hand over his phone. At this time, it is unclear if Baldwin has found a temporary loophole in the warrant. He insists that New Mexico police must go through New York authorities to search Baldwin’s phone.

While isearch Baldwin’s phoneremains to be determined, wher can feel that the questions and answers keep coming. The long wait for any kind of definite explanation is unbearable for the Hutchins’ family and friends. Alec Baldwin is currently facing lawsuits from the Rust crew. This terrible incident could make matters worse for the once-nominated Oscar nominee.




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