All World of Warcraft Holiday Deals for 2022

Blizzard has announced their holiday sales, including some terrific deals for World of Warcraft.

All three Shadowlands versions can be purchased at 50% off, making it an ideal time to get back in the game before patch 9.2, Eternity’s End, which will be the last major expansion patch.

If they don’t have the Epic version, players can upgrade to it. This includes 30 days of gameplay time.

Burning Crusade Classic gets some love, too, with the Dark Portal Pass and Deluxe Edition up to 30% off. These include new goodies for Classic as well as the controversial boost.

All World of Warcraft Holiday Deals for 2022

A 30% discount on in-game services like race, server and faction changes is one of the most popular sales. People wait to take advantage of these services before they are available.

There are many pets and mounts on sale at 50% off, but not the new Furlined mount.

Blizzard has also released a pet today. It is part of a new Dragon-themed bundle. The bundle is currently on sale for as high as 62%.

Now is the time to grab sales if you’ve been waiting as they are unlikely to return.

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