Amazon Prime Video has announced key roles for Fallout TV’s series. Showrunners, directors, and production teams will all work together to bring Bethesda’s wasteland to life for the small screen.

Deadline has reported that Jonathan Nolan will direct the first episode of Amazon’s Fallout series adaptation. The episode will be produced jointly by Nolan and Lisa Joy, co-creators of Westworld. Nolan, along with Westworld is well-known for his creation of Person of Interest. He also collaborated with Christopher Nolan on films such as Interstellar and The Prestige.

Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who serve as showrunners, are also part of the team. Robertson-Dworet was an executive producer on many great comedy shows including Silicon Valley and Portlandia. She also co-wrote Captain Marvel. Joy, Nolan and Athena Wickham (another Westworld alum) are the executive producers. Todd Howard represents Bethesda Game Studios, and James Altman Bethesda Softworks. This is quite the team.

The Fallout series has been in production for some time. Amazon Studios was granted the rights to produce a series in 2020 after a long process. The company then released a teaser that was very consistent with its brand, featuring a TV and the familiar ‘Please Stand By’ screen. It’s not surprising that projects like these take time, especially when we are in the middle of a pandemic. So it was no surprise that it took two years for it to go into production.

However, the setup is still a mystery. We’re sure to see a series about postapocalyptic America with vaults, blue outfits, and possibly some cannibal raiders. However, the exact location and time of it is being kept secret. A cast has not been revealed.

You don’t have to wait for the new show to air. Instead, you can catch up on an existing Fallout series while you wait. Fallout: Nuka Break, a multi-season web series, aired in 2011. Bethesda was not involved, making it unofficial. However, it is still 100% Fallout. It’s pretty good too!

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