Animal Crossing Brings Black Friday Sales to Your Island

Animal Crossing – New Horizons taps in to the warm and fuzzy side for everyone who enjoys decorating, gift-giving and spending time with family and friends. There’s also a vicious raccoon debt collector, and a tribute to Black Friday that will be held in the future, but it is something you can do at home.

Nintendo Life reported the Nook Friday event shortly after the Animal Crossing 2.0 update. You can still confirm the news if you travel a bit. Your Nook Friday will begin on November 26, which is the same day that everyone in the US gathers at retail stores to get discounts on items already marked down. If you follow the rules and wait, It will run until Tuesday, November 30th. Perhaps Tom Nook doesn’t recognize Cyber Monday as a retail tradition.

Nook Friday offers 30% off all items in Timmy’s and Tommy’s stores. This is a great way to save big on premium pieces, and still make a profit for your uncle. You won’t lose the same discount items in your shop, even if you travel a lot. If they have something you are interested in, you will fly over to see them. Please, I cannot afford 260,000 Bells to buy a grand piano. So invite me.

The update was released early on November 3, . This is two days before Nintendo announced that version 2.0 would be available. Everybody gets part of the new content free – that’s stuff like Brewster’s Cafe and new items, hairstyles and clothing, as well as other DLC updates. You can get the add-on if you have Nintendo Switch Online + Expandsion Pack. Otherwise, Happy Home Paradise costs $24.99. Although the paid update allows you to decorate vacation homes, I cannot do so for my in-game home.

Black Friday is a terrible holiday. But it’s even more dangerous now that it’s unsafe to walk in crowds during a pandemic. My Black Friday shopping will be limited to Animal Crossing. My New Horizons shopping cart has grown to an almost complete novel.

Nook Friday’s availability is covered by Nintendo’s freebies. This is a new addition to the list of celebrations for island adventures. It sounds like it will be the last. The developer stated that it has finished adding new content to Animal Crossing during Nintendo’s last New Horizons demo. While you can still enjoy the old celebrations as in any other year, it is back to waiting for Nintendo’s next game to be created that utilizes your 400+ amiibo card.

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