Animal Crossing Clay Art Brings A Gyroid To The Real World

Using clay art to bring an Animal Crossing Gyroid into the real world, Reddit user shares their creations on the game’s subreddit.

An Animal Crossing fan-created clay art to bring a Gyroid into reality. The Gyroid is a decorative piece that can decorate a player’s home in Nintendo’s open-ended sim. The Gyroid can be used to teach it messages or to sell other items. It is also very entertaining, thanks to its silly sounds and wiggles.

Last month’s Animal Crossing update included new features such as Gyroids and cooking. Before the update, players had only one Gyroid, Lloid, for interaction. However, the Gyroid population has increased, particularly with the Gyroid fragment feature. Long-time Animal Crossing users may know that the Gyroids are based upon the Haniwa, terracotta clay figures made for ritual purposes as part of ancient Japanese history. One fan created a clay version of Gyroid after realizing the connection between Haniwa and Gyroid.

Reddit user LoafyCrumble used Animal Crossing pottery art to bring a Gyroid into the real world. He shared his artwork with members of the game’s subreddit. LoafyCrumble made his purple-hued Gyroid using clay, much like the Haniwa makers of old. He also added a cone-head to his creation and a beard. The Gyroid’s creator was the inspiration for the beard. LoafyCrumble wasn’t the only Gyroid fan-inspired to create real-life versions. An Animal Crossing enthusiast recently created realistic crocheted Gyroids using their unique patterns.

LoafyCrumble’s Gyroid is unique. His creation is not a model of any of the current gyroid types. Reddit users were very complimentary of the Gyroid’s uniqueness and detail. One Reddit user stated that LoafyCrumble created his Haniwa so his soul would be safe once he goes beyond. The bulk of the Gyroid’s body was made on a pottery wheel. After the body was cut, hand-made arms were attached.

One Reddit user called the crafted Gyroid “LoafyCrumbleoid,” and it looks like a mix of a Flutteroid or Xylophoid with its purple skin and the structure of its body and face. LoafyCrumble also loves Super Smash Bros. LoafyCrumble is a fan of Ultimate and has created artwork based on it. Nintendo recently released Version 13.0.1 patch note for Smash Bros. Ultimate, marking the end of the long-running fighting game. As players remember this beloved fighter, they may be inspired to create more fan projects. Fans of Animal Crossing may find more Gyroid art once these long-running clay creatures are in the game. Perhaps a clay Mr. Resetti could be used as a companion piece to the next clay Gyroid, reminding players how to save their Animal Crossing gameplay.

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