Apex Legends And Warzone Streamer FaZe Kalei Banned From Twitch

Faze Clan’s Apex Legends streamer Kalei, who is prominent in Warzone and Apex Legends streams, was recently banned by Twitch due to “sexually suggestive content.” It’s difficult to imagine when anyone could have seen her streams. Twitch clarified that in her message section.

Streamers who play Apex Legends Ranked or Warzone like Kalei don’t have the time to leave messages during their streams. Twitch is prone to this problem because they talk to their viewers most of the time. Twitch isn’t interested in telling people what they did, they prefer to give out the bans.

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Twitch bans streamer for Apex and Warzone legends

FaZe Kalei will do her best to fill in the gap between Warzone and Apex Legends while the ban is still on.

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FaZe Kalei got the same response from Twitch as everyone else as she tried to resolve the problem. Twitch informed her that they couldn’t give her any explanation and that a new team was handling the issue. So, no new information.

Here is an image of her actual statement. The tweet was quickly deleted after it was posted.

Twitch is taking their own time with this. FaZe Kalei fills her days as best she can without Apex Legends or Warzone.

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