Respawn has released a new Apex Legends skin for Bangalore. It comes with its intro animation. The skin is currently crashing players’ games, so you might have trouble seeing it.

Reddit brought the issue to our attention, and a video was posted showing players being kicked out of the lobby when they attempted to select Bangalore with the Mil-Spec skin. The crashes seem to be caused by the intro animation, which is trying to play. While the video shows the player getting punted back to their title screen, others have reported that it crashed their games, forcing them into a complete reboot.

Respawn employees responded to Reddit posts and stated that the developer was “working on” a solution. It has not temporarily removed the PS16/$20 skin from the store, which is odd. Instead, the warning screen that appears after the game boots informs players of the problem with the skin. You can also load the skin you have after the crash back into the game, but this is a tedious process and quite costly.

Apex Legends won the title of Best Ongoing at our 2021 Game of the Year Awards. Natalie Clayton, our Space Mom, fell in love with the battle royale last season. She wrote that Apex was “just so much more confident this year, both as a game and a world,” as part of our awards. “Respawn has taken its storytelling to the next level, bringing in community animators and artists to flesh out the world. They also rely heavily on voice lines and BR downtime for the cast’s life. Apex is now a soap opera. Each season fleshes out characters and intensifies the drama between future murderbuds.

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