Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack On Titan Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for said that Eren’s story moved him to tears during recording. On January 10, the second season of Attack on Titan premiered. After receiving critical acclaim, the anime’s four-season run will be completed. Critics have praised the story, themes and voice acting as well as animation. Attack on Titan has been viewed as an essential part of anime. Many artists and cosplayers take inspiration from its unique design, and imaginative world-building.

Based on the manga, Attack on Titan is about Eren’s fight against the Titans. These giant humanoids seek to end all life on Earth. His mother is eaten by Titans and encourages him to join the Survey Corps. He eventually gains the ability to transform into a Titan in order to defeat them. As Eren grows older, his actions become more extreme. He continues to kill and fight for his people.

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Kaji speaks out in a Twitter thread translated from Attack on Fans about Eren’s emotional development and reactions to season 4 of Attack on Titan. He said that he could not stop crying while he was performing Eren’s part, even though he had to record the lines. He speaks about his deep connection to Eren and the pain he endured. It also influenced his performance. Below is his translation.

“Even though you don’t think about it very much, you will feel the pain he felt. While I was reading the script and dictating some scenes at home, I couldn’t help but think about it. Although I knew the ending of the manga, I felt exactly what Eren felt. I couldn’t stop crying.

Fans have much to look forward to with the highly anticipated end to Attack On Titan coming up. After losing his left leg during the war between Marley and the Mid-East, Eren is back in hiding. Given his Titan transforming abilities, he takes extreme measures to defend Parabis and its residents.

The popularity of anime has increased steadily, with Attack on Titan being one of the most well-known examples. People in the west are increasingly realizing the value of storytelling from other cultures. Eren’s journey has been one the most moving in Attack on Titangiven the many sacrifices he has made. Kaji has been the voice of Eren since 2013. It’s only natural that he would get emotional about his character’s end. This also speaks volumes about what viewers can expect from Attack on Titan ‘s season 4 finale . Based on the reaction of the actor, Eren’s finale is sure to be as exciting and memorable as the rest.



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