World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3: New Raids and PvP Seasons, Release Date And More

We can now start looking at the new content that will be coming to World of Warcraft: Classic Burning Crusade Phase 3. This may be a giant patch of the expansion.

Phase3 brings the much-anticipated Black Temple raid. Players can explore the old Draenei worshiping areas, now filled by enemies controlled by Lord Illidan.

The game will have a lot more content once phase 3 launches. However, phase 4 will release a casual Zul’aman and TBC’s only 10-man raid.

Release Date

Blizzard has not yet released a date for Phase 3. However, we can speculate about a possible release date.

Phase 2 was not released until September. Phase 3 is expected to be released in 2022. This makes a launch in February or January 2022 a strong contender for this patch.

A PTR has not been announced yet. This would typically see a testing period of 4-6 weeks to make sure everything works as it should.

As Phase 2 launched with bugs in new raids and daily quests, it is likely to undergo extensive testing.

Raids New

The Black Temple has finally arrived, and players can now begin Tier 6 progression. Here they will be confronted by the legendary Illidan Stormrage for all new loot and Legendary Warglaives.


The Black Temple is coming. However, the Hyjal Summit raid opens at the exact moment. This raid has tier 6 Helm & Glove Tokens players will be interested in collecting and is the first time WoW players will face Archimonde.

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What’s in the Metroid Dread 1.0.2 patch notes?

Metroid Dread is out now for almost a month. MercurySteam has been hard at work on fixing any bugs that have occurred since launch. The game is running well so far. Let’s now take a look at some of the minor improvements that were made to update 1.0.2.

Metroid Dread patch Notes — Ver 1.0.2

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused play time to be added when you retry a boss fight after a “game-over”.
  • Problem fixed if an enemy is hit with an Ice Missile or Shine Spark in a particular way
  • Problem with Samus’ strange jumping behavior during the Morph Ball Launcher was resolved
  • Fixed a game-breaking problem where the boss got stuck on a wall, preventing him from moving during certain attacks. This made it impossible for the boss to advance in the game.
  • Problem solved: Samus would become stuck in the wall after defeating E.M.M.I. Ferenia in a specific position

How to update Metroid Fear

Metroid Dread may automatically update for you. You can also log in to force the update. It’s possible to force the update manually, but it is quite simple.

  • Find Metroid Dread on your games list
  • Click the + button to activate your Joy Con
  • Click on “Software Update”
  • Choose ‘Via Internet’
  • It will search the internet for updates and then download them.

You can find more information on Metroid Dread updates, patch notes and other details at the Nintendo support webpage.


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Jon Gruden was removed from Madden 22, November Title Update patch notes

The November Madden 22 Title Update 2.02 has arrived. It contains patch notes that include fixes for current-gen and next generation versions. After being accused of using homophobic, racist, and misogynistic language, Jon Gruden, the former Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders was fired.

Rich Bisaccia is the interim coach. He has been replaced in-game with a generic likeness. It wouldn’t make financial sense.

It makes no sense for EA not to create a new model of Rich Bisaccia, when he could be permanently replaced at any moment. They will probably just wait until Gruden’s replacement is confirmed.

What other information is contained in the November Title Update Gridiron Notes?

These are the updates and fixes for Madden 22 update 2.02 on all platforms. You can find a longer list of fixes on next-gen consoles at 

General Gameplay Updates

Delay Fades

EA finally took action to remove the Delay Fade after a series of complaints from fans. It was almost impossible to defend against the Delay Fade, which severely affected both casual and competitive gaming.

While Delay Fades aren’t completely gone as some players hoped, the user-controlled aspect of Delay Fades has been eliminated. You will not be able control when the Tight Ende releases into your Delay Fide after the update.

The Yard

Yard gameplay has been modified in a couple of ways. The first is an issue in which the AI-controlled Quarterback was constantly being sacked and beaten by the defensive Spy Pass Rusher. This has been resolved. Another is a tuning adjustment that makes Yard players more aggressive on offense. This will lead to more exciting gameplay.

Franchise Mode updates

A number of improvements have been made in Franchise mode since the Madden 22 2.02 update.

  • Fixed an issue in which coaches were being shown as having been hired by multiple teams during the Staff Moves screen
  • A rare problem wherein an infinite load would occur after playing a Franchise game was fixed
  • After simulating the next season, a rare crash occurred when you re-enter the staff screen.
  • Scouting was able to fix an issue where Free Agent Scouts had been assigned to a particular region.
  • Corrected the incorrectly awarded goal “Never Reach 4th Down”.
  • Fixed a Weekly Strategy bug that caused teams to be ranked #33 in one stat.
  • A pregame stat banner was updated to reflect correct team statistics during the season

For the complete list of patches for current-gen consoles, and PC, make sure to visit the Gridiron notes. If you’re on a PC, check out our guide to Madden 22 system specifications.


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Free PS Plus Game Possibly Predicted For December 2021

Looking at past trends, Playstation plus Subscribers believe Heavenly Bodies is the next PS5 game that will be available as a free download for subscribers on December 7. Playstation owners can become subscribers to Playstation Plus, which offers discounts and free games every month. There are a variety of games available, from AAA titles that were released months ago at full-price to brilliant indie gems. Online play is possible with other players around the world.

Since the launch of the Playstation 5, Sony offers Playstation Plus subscribers three free games per month. With a few exceptions, the games are compatible with both PS4 systems and PS5 systems. PS5 owners have received extra bonuses. Gamers who are unable to purchase the hard to obtain Playstation 5 will be able to access this strategy. Sony will continue to provide Playstation 4 owners with games free of charge for as long as it can, so that more PS5’s are available. However, they will eventually stop providing free games for older generation Playstations.

As Gamer pointed out, Sony releases monthly free games every Tuesday. Sony has the opportunity to highlight new indie games and offers them as a complimentary download to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Game Rant discovered that only one indie game was available by looking at the December 7th release schedules. Heavenly Bodies is the PS Plus’s indie free game for December. It is the only one currently scheduled to be released on Tuesday, December 5.

PS Plus members will be able to play outstanding titles such as Battlefield 5 and Mortal Kombat X. PlayStation 4 owners were surprised to receive three PS4 games, two of which supported an upgraded PS5 experience, and three additional games for Playstation VR. PlayStation seems to be offering more games as the holiday season nears.

With Playstation plus sales on Black Friday expected, players will have the opportunity to play Heavenlybodies with a friend as well as the hundreds of dollars worth games that Playstation will provide for the next year. This is a good indication of the type of games Playstation will add to the service.

Subscription services are really taking off in the PS4/Xbox One generation. The two major publishers have been consistently adding value to their offerings. PS Plus and Xbox Live are essential parts of owning a console right now and will be even more important for the next generation.

Microsoft continues to double its Game Pass service and integrates it with Xbox Live to offer a rich library of titles to players. Sony has increased its PS Plus offerings.

The launch of the PS5 as well as the Xbox One will make subscription services more important than ever. Both companies are trying to attract new players with the new consoles. How Sony can improve PS Plus for PS5.

Integrate PS Plus Now


Sony has the obvious ability to combine PlayStation Now and PS Plus into one service. Microsoft already does something similar with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Sony may be able to get an advantage on that. PlayStation Now enabled on PS5 will give gamers a huge library of games to stream straight away. Having more value at launch is always a good thing. It would be difficult to determine how many games will be offered for free on PS Now. But it is possible.

If PS Now is to be made available to a wider audience, the streaming technology would need to be improved. If there are no PS5 exclusives, then giving owners of the PS5 access to tens or more games from previous systems could fill in any gaps.

Sony Should Increase Subscription Value


Bottom line, Sony needs to make PS Plus feel more valuable to its subscribers. Although monthly free games are a great idea, the titles are often older, even major ones such as Uncharted 4. This is in contrast to Game Pass, which offers major titles such as Gears5 that can be played on day 1. Sony must make the subscription more attractive, even if this means increasing the price of PS Plus. Even if the games are smaller, PS Plus should have PS5 titles as soon as the system launches.

PS Plus subscribers get great deals on sales. But maybe Sony could offer early access to digital soundtracks and demos for PS Plus subscribers. Sony cannot continue doing the same with PS Plus, especially considering the high price tag that the PS5 will likely carry. They have many options, but the system must add value.

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Valheim Update Lets Players Make Jack-O-Lanterns Out of Turnips

Many games will include quests and limited-time items in their patches for the Halloween season. Valheim added the craftable Jack-O-Turnip in order to keep the lonely Vikings company over the dark Halloween season.

Valheim is a survival-based PVE game from Iron Gate Studio. It allows gamers to take on Odin’s enemies and restore order to the Norse land for which it was named. The game doesn’t just focus on eliminating enemies. The game offers a wide range of crafting and weapon skills. The open-world survival game has a new crafting decoration: the Jack-O-Turnip.

In keeping with the history and agriculture of the area, you can make Jack-O-Lanterns using turnips. This is historically what they were made from. Valheimgame posted a recent tweet showing a Viking enjoying a meal with his turnip-head friend, the Jack-O-Turnip. These decorations can be made from Valheim turnip seeds or a few other materials. You can access the furniture tab near your workbench. The new friend will require additional resin to keep it lit once it is crafted. It’s similar to a torch.

Hotfix Valheim will allow player’s Vikings to have a more successful time combatting fulings, as the creatures will spread and circle more. Players feedback led to the adjustment of stamina costs for many melee weapon types, such as atgeirs and pickaxes, maces, and swords.

These items require less stamina, which can be a benefit to many players during combat. The communities response to the Hearth update prompted the community to provide some buffs for certain foods. The new patch includes updated meals such as minced meat, blood pudding, or boar jerky. This will increase stamina and health, not just one. Deer stew and bread have also had their benefits extended.

Fans love the Jack-O-Turnip, a clever nod to Halloween that is well-received. The players are eager to place their spooky turnips wherever and whenever they can in the Norse world. Iron Gates has yet to confirm if the seasonal item will be around. The Valheim community still hopes that future updates will include more seasonal items.

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 Super Mario Movie Release Date Announced by Shigeru Miyamoto

There were many exciting announcements at the Nintendo Direct virtual event on September 23, including information about long-awaited projects like Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3 and many others. One announcement caught some people off guard: the news about the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film. Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of the beloved plumber character), appeared livestreamed to give an update on the film.

This film will be the second Hollywood feature that stars Mario and Luigi, the plumber brothers from the Mushroom Kingdom. In 1993, Super Mario Bros. was released. It was the first English-language live action film based on a videogame. Although the film received mixed reviews, it has become a cult favorite, especially among Super Mario Bros. fans. The animated film will, unlike the 1993 version, be animated. It will also be inspired more closely by the game series’ plots.

Shigeru Miyamoto was a surprise guest at the Nintendo Direct on September 23rd to announce that the Super Mario Bros. film would be premiered in North America on December 21, 2022. Japanese, European and other international release dates will be announced later. This release date was confirmed by Nintendo of America in a follow-up tweet.

Miyamoto also revealed a few cast members who would be lending their voices iconic characters from the franchise. These cast members included Chris Pratt (as Mario), Anya Taylor-Joy (as Princess Peach), Charlie Day (as Luigi), Keegan-Michael Key (as Toad), and Jack Black, as King Bowser Koopa. Jack Black is Mario’s longtime enemy, and rival for Peach’s affections. Seth Rogen will play Donkey Kong, which was not previously known.

Additional cast members were announced at the Nintendo Direct by Fred Armisen, Donkey Kong’s relative Cranky, Kevin Michael Richardson, as Bowser, and Sebastian Maniscalco, as Wrecking crew’s Foreman Spike. Charles Martinet, the voice actor for Mario in numerous games, will appear in the film as a cameo.

In 2017, the development of the animated Super Mario Bros. movie was announced. Miyamoto’s announcement is the first major update in several years regarding the film. It will be co-produced jointly by Nintendo and Illumination Studios. However, Illumination Studios CEO Chris Meledrandri was already announced in 2021 to have joined Nintendo’s board as a result the film collaboration.

The Nintendo Direct also featured updates to Mario Golf Super Rush and information about Mario Party Superstars. These will be available for Nintendo Switch users on October 29th 2021. A new expansion pack will add Super Mario 64 to Nintendo Switch Online. These titles should be able to keep Super Mario Bros. fans entertained until the movie is released.

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Minecraft Developer Mojang Sharing Interesting Game Concept Art

It’s a great time to be a Minecraft enthusiast. Minecraft is not only in the Caves & Cliffs update which was the most exciting update in Minecraft’s history, but Minecraft Dungeons has also expanded the franchise in a manner that sets a new standard. This has opened the door to new Minecraft games that experiment with completely different genres and ideas. Mojang shared some great pieces of concept art on social media, so it’s not surprising that Minecraft fans are having a wild imagination.
You can find a lot of Minecraft-related art on the official Minecraft Instagram page. The majority of the art is taken from Minecraft, but it has been edited to make it look more cinematic. There’s a second style of Minecraft art that is often shared. It is pixel art in an isometric or 2D style that looks like it has been taken from several different games. Although there is no evidence that Mojang plans to create such games, Minecraft enthusiasts are starting to wonder if there might be more to the art.

Even casual Minecraft fans should recognize one of the frequently posted styles. This 2D art style has been used to create some animated characters at MineCon Live. This style is reminiscent of a Super Mario World version of Minecraft.

Another style of art has been posted that shows a more retro version. It is more similar to Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins or the original Super Mario Bros. This is most similar to Terraria and Starbound in terms of style.

Mojang has not yet announced any of these games, and there is no indication that a 2D Minecraft will be in development. There are other types of art that can be uploaded to the Minecraft Instagram account, such as a Pokemon-style Minecraft or a top down RPG. That top-down RPG art was shared prior to the announcement of Minecraft Dungeons. But that’s not important.

Mojang hasn’t yet developed a Terraria-type Minecraft title, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other Minecraft projects. A leak that was released over the last week suggests Mojang is working on two new Minecraft games. These are not related to Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft Dungeons, but they do have a Minecraft-based foundation. To find out what Mojang may have in store, fans will have to wait.


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Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Adding Brewster and His Cafe

Animal Crossing was the most popular video game release of 2020. It’s no surprise that Nintendo continues to support the game by providing free content updates. Although Animal Crossing has been out for over a year, many people expected Nintendo to move onto other projects. However, it appears that Nintendo will continue to release new content for New Horizons users. There is enough to warrant its own Nintendo Direct presentation.

Nintendo highlighted some of the content it had planned for Animal Crossing : New Horizons at its Nintendo Direct event. The game will soon get a free update that will bring Brewster, the NPC and his cafe to its games. The Nintendo teaser revealed that Brewster’s Cafe in Animal Crossing will be included as part of the Museum expansion. However, it remains to be seen how this all works out.

Nintendo will reveal the big Animal Crossing details at a special Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct event in October. Although Nintendo did not provide a date for the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct, it promised that more information would be forthcoming soon. It will be interesting for us to see if the event focuses only on the major fall update or if it unveils some of the plans Nintendo has for Animal Crossing : New Horizons 2022.

To date, Nintendo has not released any paid DLC Animal Crossing New Horizons. While that is great for those who have been enjoying the free content, it would be a good idea to release a paid expansion. It would be fascinating to see how an Animal Crossing paid extension might look. If the content is worthwhile enough, it should not only keep current players happy but also bring back lapsed ones.

Although new content is exciting, there are other things Animal Crossing New Horizons enthusiasts can concentrate on in the near future. The Animal Crossing Halloween event will be happening soon, giving players the opportunity to take part in Trick-or-Treat as well as purchase seasonal furniture items.

Nintendo should soon provide details about the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct, as October is just around the corner. Animal Crossing fans are able to prepare their islands in preparation for the upcoming events.

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Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis Switch Controllers Revealed

Nintendo Switch Online now supports the Nintendo 64 and, surprisingly, the Sega Genesis. These classic games can also be played with special Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis Switch controllers.

Nintendo Switch Online received mixed reviews since its launch shortly after the Switch was launched. Although it’s nice to get a variety of NES and SNES games with your online membership, this was Nintendo’s replacement for the Virtual Console. Fans believed that if Nintendo wasn’t going to remove its Nintendo 64, Gameboy and Nintendo DS games from the shop, then it should make more available through Nintendo Switch Online. It seems that fans were heard as Nintendo has brought Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games to Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo has announced that Switch versions of the classic console controllers, including Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games, will be made available online through Nintendo Switch Online. These controllers work in the same way as the Nintendo Switch Online NES or SNES controllers and look identical to the Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 controllers of the 90s. However, they have the modern capabilities of a modern controller. These controllers can be used on other consoles, unlike the originals. They are likely to be registered as Pro controllers.

It appears that these controllers are going to be distributed exclusively by Nintendo. During the Direct, the statement “Available to Nintendo Switch Online Members” is displayed across the top of screen. The bottom of the screen has text that explains that controllers can only be purchased with a paid Nintendo Switch Online account. Although it is not yet known when the controllers will launch, each one is $49.99.

This cool offer by Nintendo is sure to bring back the retro feel while still playing retro games. The best part about this is that Sega Genesis games will now be available through a Nintendo subscription. A genuine Nintendo-based Genesis controller can also be purchased. Sega may have won the console wars, since Nintendo now makes products from Sega history.

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Original Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Coming to Switch in November

Few games have received the same lasting acclaim as this. Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic a great experience. The foundation for the Mass Effect franchise, BioWare’s take Star Wars While the game is memorable for many reasons it is also remembered by fans most fondly for its story, which has been a constant in the universe of the franchise. This story is now coming to the Switch.

Today’s huge Nintendo Direct was the moment when Nintendo announced that Knights of the Old Republic will be coming to the hybrid console in the latter part of the year. The port was released on November 11th. It may be the easiest way to play the game on the go without having to use the sometimes frustrating touch controls of the mobile ports feature. It is expected that the port will not add any new features.

This is the classic version of the game and not the Knights of the Old Republic remake, which Aspyr is currently developing. The remake will only be available for PlayStation. No other platforms have been announced. It’s possible that the game will eventually make its way to Xbox, PC and Mac. However, it could be ported to Switch depending on how technical it is. This KOTOR classic port is a positive sign for the future.

Knights of the Old Republic is not the first Star Wars classic game to be brought to the Switch. For the past year, there has been a lot of focus on bringing older Star Wars titles to the Switch, with Jedi Outcast, and pod Racer all coming to the system. KOTOR is on the way and most of the obvious gaps are filled.

The most notable omission and one that would have been a great match for this announcement is Knights of the Old Republic2, the much-overlooked sequel from Obsidian Entertainment. Although the game didn’t have the same impact as its predecessor, it did improve on the original in some interesting ways. The Nintendo Direct did not announce a port, but Knights of the Old Republic may be able to make the sequel.

It’s a great time to be a Star Wars Fan. Fans can take in new content such as Star Wars Visions, and old content. There’s Star Wars content available for almost every medium, thanks to the fact that Disney has made a lot of investments in High Republic.


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