Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack On Titan Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for said that Eren’s story moved him to tears during recording. On January 10, the second season of Attack on Titan premiered. After receiving critical acclaim, the anime’s four-season run will be completed. Critics have praised the story, themes and voice acting as well as animation. Attack on Titan has been viewed as an essential part of anime. Many artists and cosplayers take inspiration from its unique design, and imaginative world-building.

Based on the manga, Attack on Titan is about Eren’s fight against the Titans. These giant humanoids seek to end all life on Earth. His mother is eaten by Titans and encourages him to join the Survey Corps. He eventually gains the ability to transform into a Titan in order to defeat them. As Eren grows older, his actions become more extreme. He continues to kill and fight for his people.

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Kaji speaks out in a Twitter thread translated from Attack on Fans about Eren’s emotional development and reactions to season 4 of Attack on Titan. He said that he could not stop crying while he was performing Eren’s part, even though he had to record the lines. He speaks about his deep connection to Eren and the pain he endured. It also influenced his performance. Below is his translation.

“Even though you don’t think about it very much, you will feel the pain he felt. While I was reading the script and dictating some scenes at home, I couldn’t help but think about it. Although I knew the ending of the manga, I felt exactly what Eren felt. I couldn’t stop crying.

Fans have much to look forward to with the highly anticipated end to Attack On Titan coming up. After losing his left leg during the war between Marley and the Mid-East, Eren is back in hiding. Given his Titan transforming abilities, he takes extreme measures to defend Parabis and its residents.

The popularity of anime has increased steadily, with Attack on Titan being one of the most well-known examples. People in the west are increasingly realizing the value of storytelling from other cultures. Eren’s journey has been one the most moving in Attack on Titangiven the many sacrifices he has made. Kaji has been the voice of Eren since 2013. It’s only natural that he would get emotional about his character’s end. This also speaks volumes about what viewers can expect from Attack on Titan ‘s season 4 finale . Based on the reaction of the actor, Eren’s finale is sure to be as exciting and memorable as the rest.



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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that NFTs and cryptocurrency offer a “previously inconceivable opportunity to grow the relationship between creators (and their fans)” on YouTube, a week after Twitter enabled support for NFT avatars.

Wojcicki did not announce any plans to add blockchain functionality on YouTube. However, calling NFTs “opportunity”, it makes it sound like the site has something in its sights. Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s head of gaming, announced today that he will be leaving YouTube to start a blockchain company. Jamie Byrne, senior director of creator partnerships for another blockchain company, also announced today that they are leaving YouTube. This shows that other YouTube employees are interested in NFTs and cryptocurrency. Except in the unlikely circumstance that Wyatt and Byrne, who are leaving YouTube today, were the only people drinking crypto hype.

Wojcicki said in an open letter that YouTube’s 2022 plans were “always focused on expanding YouTube ecosystem to help creators capitalize upon emerging technologies, including NFTs while continuing to strengthen the experiences creators have on YouTube.” It is likely that the site will elaborate on its blockchain plans within the next year.

Shorts, YouTube’s answer to TikTok, is the main focus of the letter. Wojcicki revealed that YouTube has received 5 trillion views for Shorts and stated that the company’s teams are working to make it easier for users and creators to create gaming-related Shorts. Wojcicki also stated that YouTube is “focusing more on live discoverability and additional chat features” in the gaming category and plans to add gifting functionality for members this year.

Discord, along with YouTube and Twitter, once considered NFT integration but ended up stating last November that they do not have plans to. We recently looked at current and future projects to see if NFTs are being used in games. There is a lot of talk about this topic right now.

However, I wonder if big companies like YouTube will get into NFTs if YouTube is a huge company. It’s easier to overcome the backlash when you can point at a giant company like Google and say “Well, they are doing it.”

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The Hearthstone 22.2 patch is now available. It brings tweaks, changes and fixes. But most importantly, it introduces the Battlegrounds Buddies—this collection of 75 new minions unique to each hero.

Last week, we had a complete rundown of the Buddies, with a gallery of each one. But Hearthstone players may be interested in a few gameplay changes made along with the update.

While we test the new Buddy System, the Battlegrounds Armor System will be deactivated. We plan to activate the Armor System again in a later patch after we have reassessed their power levels with their new Buddies.

Temporarily, Hero Selection has been extended by 10 seconds to a total time of 70 seconds while players learn the new Buddy System.

Upgrade to Tavern Tier 5 now costs 2 Gold Its cost now starts at 11 gold

The current Battlegrounds season will end on January 25, and ratings will reset to zero. A new season will then begin.

The buddies themselves are far too young to judge their abilities, but our brand director Tim Clark had this to say after playing a few games.

“The fact that your buddies are, at the moment, a lot of fun is not in doubt. It’s exciting to see the bar rise and know that you can get a power boost in the next shopping phase. My favourite so far is Yogg Saron’s buddy. His text reads “Battlecry, Spin the Wheel Yogg-Saron.” The results were varied, as you would expect from Yogg. One time, I received +3/+3 to my whole board, and their stats were redistributed. Another time, I received three Darkmoon Faire prizes. It is still a mystery whether having more minions in the main pool will make this patch feel less fresh. This could be due to endgame competitions that look similar to what we had previously. But right now, I’m eager to get back into the game.

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Awesome Games Done Fast is a speedrunning charity marathon that allows players from all games to display their quick game strategies. Stardew Valley’s speedrunning category this year was about completing the town community centre with glitches. And oh boy, did the hacks flow.

Stardew runner Olenoname Speedrunner was this year’s Stardew runner. He rightfully warned his run with the warning, “This run’s going to move pretty fast, and it will get started quickly. So I hope you are ready.” He then destroyed his farm.

Olenoname started Stardew in a very different way from what we would expect. He deleted all his tools and magically created a lot of items in his inventory. Then he started to throw bombs around his farm. This is faster than cutting down all the trees one at a time.

Olenoname and his fellow commentators explained that this glitched speedrun is based on Olenoname using one trick before he starts playing.

Stardew Valley is where friendly neighbours often stop by and give you gifts. Olenoname explains that item codes are used to control receiving items in a dialogue. If an NPC addresses his character by his name, he can trick it into giving him the same long list of items by naming his character using a long list of coded item codes. Mega Bombs are one of the items, so he uses aggressive tree clearing techniques.

Olenoname spends some time raising chickens and growing his crops, despite all the item glitches. The run is just 17 minutes long. You can see the beginning of the video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see more Stardew done quickly in the Stardew Valley Cup hosted by Eric Barone back in September.

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Another Star Wars series just launched. It will be reviewed in this The Book of Boba Fettpilot pilot review. Star Wars is currently in the process to become a cinematic universe. This means that many new shows are being developed. The Book of Boba Fett is a retcon that centres around Boba Fett, the fan-favourite bounty hunter.

The pilot focuses on the events immediately after Fett was killed by a Sarlacc in Episode VII: Return of the Jedi. Fans have been waiting for this scene, it’sit’s quite well done. Temuera Morrison returns to the series as Boba Fett, playing the role of Jango Fett and his clones. The cinematography adds to the enjoyment of the series.

The Book of Boba Fett is available on Disney Plus.

This The Book of Boba Fettpilot review might contain spoilers.

Official Trailer


The show starts perfectly. The show begins with Boba Fett asleep in a Bacta Tank. Later, there are flashes from his dreams. The first is a storm in Kamino. Then comes the young Boba grabbing father’ser’s head from Geonosis. It is wonderful to see the Star Wars community slowly accepting the prequels. Too often, people view artistic works as bad or good. It is far more productive to cut them up.

While the prequel trilogy of Star Wars contains some unfortunate elements, it also has many very good parts. Whether they are good or bad, these movies are part of Star Wars. Episode 2: Attack of the Clones also forms part of BFett’stt’s story. This pilot shows a glimpse of his memories using footage from Episode 2.

Boba Fett dueling a Tusken Raider.

Boba Fett has been a long-awaited character in em>The Mandalorian/em>. After character’ser’s appearance in The Mandalorian, many wondered how he survived being eaten by a Sarlacc during Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Fans finally get the answer in this pilot.

The scene is also very well executed. Boba dreams that he is in Sarlacc’scc’s stomach. He is distraught and in pain. However, he finds his strength to make a hole in this beast. The scene cuts to a shotJabba’sba’s barge near the Sarlacc Pit. Then Boba Fett climbs through the sand to get oIt’sIt’s a triumphant and epic scene.

Boba Fett was strangling an animal with six legs.


Some fans had different theories about how Fett got away before the pilot. The Mandalorian introduced the Krayt Dragon, who had made a home in the Sarlacc by living in the cavern that was left behind. This Sarlacc was assumed to be BFett’stt’s, as he was later revealed to have survived.

It was believed tJabba’sba’s barge had exploded in Episode VII and that Krayt Dragon went to investigate. The Krayt Dragon then decided to eat the Sarlacc as it enjoyed its recent meal. Boba would have been able to escape Sarlacc’scc’s stomach from a leak caused by the attack of the Krayt Dragon.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix and Universal Content Productions were previously responsible for shows such as Happy! and The Umbrella Academy. They are now developing an anime series that is based on Scott Pilgrim.

Although it’s early days, Bryan Lee O’Malley, the creator of comics, is reportedly lined up to executive produce and write the series. Science Saru, a Japanese studio that previously produced Devilman Crybaby on Netflix, is ready to animated it.

Scott Pilgrim comics were strongly influenced by videogames. A sidescrolling beat-em up followed the live-action film in 2010, but it was only released on PC in 2021. It’s a perfect fit for Netflix, which is now home to quality game-adjacent series such as The Witcher and anime adaptations of games such as Castlevania, Dota: Dragon’s Blood and Arcane.

Steven Messner was extremely impressed by League of Legends spinoff Arcane. He said in our review: “Even though Arcane’s emotional core may not connect with you at the same level, I encourage everyone to watch it for the animation alone.” Riot’s partnership with French animation studio Fortiche produced some great trailers. But Arcane is on a level I haven’t seen other than big-budget Pixar or Dreamworks movies. The exquisite hand-painted artwork is rich and beautiful. There’s also a masterful use of lighting to create striking contrasts, especially in the Undercity’s neon greens. Importantly, 3D modelling of characters is expressive and helps sell tragic moments. Arcane looks so damn cool.”–Hack–hack

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Five Nights At Freddy’s is a series of horror games with the best lore. The game isn’t scary at first, but you’ll find yourself in that abandoned pizzeria, beg for another night. After playing through the previous title, it can take players several months to find the strength to purchase the next one. Players’ enthusiasm for the franchise has blossomed again after releasing the Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Security Breach is a completely new title, although the first game was released in 2014 and the subsequent ten games. Instead of the familiar cast of sentient animatronics, new faces and older ones appear. We miss you. A ‘GlamRock” makeover has opened up a whole new world of Fazbear. No more patrolling in one room with a map and security cameras. We are grateful for the 80GB title. Now we have to confront the things that scared us initially, but it’s now nightmare material.

Let’s all go together (I don’t want to go solo into this) and discover the pizzeria after hours. Do you never know? You might be lucky enough to make it through the night alive,

TABLE OF CONTENTS1) The Story: You can’t hide forever1.2) Frustration at Fazbear’s1.2). A variety of vagabonds2.2). A butterfly effect ending3) Audio & Graphics: A nightmare coming to life3.1) Five Nights at Freddy’s Five Nights of Fear3.2.

STORY: You Can’t Hide Forever

Gregory, a young boy, is a frequent visitor to the Fazbear Pizzeria. When Freddy, his favourite animatronic, falls on stage during a show’s performance, Gregory sees an opportunity to crawl into an open space in his chest. He is unaware that he has been trapped in the pizzeria’s wall and cannot escape.

When you’re a kid and are confronted with ten-foot bloodthirsty animatronics, you don’t feel safe in one place. Some of the tasks in Security Breach are just as frightening today as they were when Gregory was his age. It’s hard to believe that he could even comprehend half of the tasks given throughout the game. It’s hard to believe that he will make it alive. Gregory’s humour is quite amusing. He is a funny older man, but he has a few great lines. You feel more attached to him because they break up the tension between the characters. This is true for all cast members. As the game progresses, you become more familiar with them and learn more about them. However, certain faces will be missed.


The most frustrating aspect of the story is how many questions are left unanswered. Although we are introduced to many new characters, we never learn why. We are introduced to Vanny, whom we make assumptions about, and Bonnie and Foxy’s disappearance. They have merch throughout the game and even locations named after their names. Their backstories are not explored. You would expect some speculation from a franchise with so much lore.


Security Breach has a lot of nods to old titles, which is something that should be appreciated. Even though I had a basic knowledge of the franchise and some experience with the first few games in the series, there were likely to be hidden easter eggs. Even if the plushie is discarded on the basement shelf, you will find references to other characters and titles within the map. A lot of nostalgia and memories would be a great way to enhance the experience for a dedicated FNAF user.

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Although New Year’s Day celebrations are over, some people still celebrate the beginning of a new year. The first roadmap for The Sims 4 just dropped. It gives us a glimpse at what we can expect in the future.

Quick glances reveal that there are two Kit packs and a game pack. There were also announcements about community collaborations and some surprises. Unfortunately, the announcement did not include any information about a new Extension Pack (the previous one was in July 2021 with Cottage Living ) nor any new Suff Packs. These have been out of production for some time. However, this does not mean we won’t receive a new Expansion Pack or Stuff Pack.

Let’s look at what we can expect, and let’s start with the Game Pack. This pack claims to “throw the party for love”. It is not clear what this could be. Maybe something for Valentine’s Day or a DLC that is wedding-themed, similar to The Sims 2 Celebration! Stuff? This is possible, as Game Packs offer a lot more content. Maybe The Sims 4 will see a revamp of weddings? Maybe we will see the return to bachelor parties as in Generations?

The announcement of two Kit Packs is next. Kit Packs offer content on a smaller scale than other DLC in The Sims 4. These packs usually include a few new objects, such as Country Kitchen, or a new type of gameplay (such as Bust the Dust). According to the roadmap, these packs will be “vibrant”, and will feature “fierce design”. The roadmap doesn’t specify if the pack is about clothes or objects. More information should be available soon.

There’s much more to the announcement of new packs. A roadmap stated that there would be community collaboration both inside and outside of the game. Collaborations are not new to Sims 4. Members of the community can create free content, including artwork and objects, within the game. It is fascinating to see what The Sims 4 has in store for us this time.

This is not all. A free update also revealed new global food. Although it is not yet known what the food is, this food will bring Sims closer together. This could be new dishes from around the world, special food for celebrations, or something related to the Game Pack.

The roadmap also revealed that there are some surprises on the horizon. Although it didn’t provide much detail, more information should be made later in the year. These will hopefully be welcomed by Sims 4 players.

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Mondstadt, the first major city of Genshin Impact, is where you will find most of the game’s content. You’ll find tons of characters there, complete quests, and spend a lot of time here. Genshin is Whiterun’s equivalent. It was only a matter of time before Minecrafters became interested in a place like this.

Marvin Schmidt led a German group called Skyblock Squad that spent five months creating Mondstadt in Minecraft. Because Minecraft’s limitations in adding detail, especially interior detail, meant that the team had to use a 1:1.15 scale, I said almost. This allowed the group to build the city with the most important buildings with Genshin-accurate insides.

This timelapse video shows most of the city. It’s a stunning building.

Skyblock Squad describes the task as “Reconstructing a whole city from another game is quite a challenge because you have to take measurements and get it the right scale so that it looks right in Minecraft.” The city is slightly larger than the 1:1 scale because Minecraft has limited options for adding detail to your Builds. Marvin began planning in August, and it took us five months to complete.

This is not the only Genshin Minecraft building. Last month, Albedo’s camp was built. Although it doesn’t appear that anyone has yet to build Tevyat (including MiHoYo), this is a good start. Planet Minecraft has the build available for you to grab.–generator–generator

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Mario 3 Walk Cycle With 24 Frames Of Animation Is Way Too Bouncy

Mario’s character sprite animation in Super Mario 3 was made with 24 frames rather than the usual three. This makes the spirit a little too animated for most people. Super Mario 3 was released on the Super Nintendo in the early 1990s. Many consider it one of the most important video games ever made. Mint copies of the game were sold at auctions and fetched upwards of $156,000. Since its debut, Super Mario 3 was featured in the 1989 film The Wizard.

Super Mario 3 put players in control, either Mario or Luigi. They had to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom in search of Princess Peach. The basic gameplay from Super Mario has remained unchanged, but Super Mario 3’sretro2D graphics and minimalistic animations still have a certain charm.

Some fans have tried to recreate Mario’s running animation from Super Mario 3. Reddit user bum shared his results on R/gaming. A GIF animation was posted by Reddit users showing Mario’s 24 frame run cycle. It is noticeably more animated than the Super Mario 3. Many fans commented that Mario’s running animation was too bouncy. He’s constantly jumping up and down while his Tanuki tail and hat are flapping. Bumpity bump later explained that the energy was created by an AI algorithm rendering Mario within 24 frames. They then decided to make a joke about it.

Fans have modded the Super Mario 3 many times before. Another example is when a player discovered a way to switch Mario for Luigi during a playthrough. This was done by going beyond Super Mario 3’soverworld map. The Strong National Museum of Play found and preserved a rare PC port of DOOMdeveloper Software. This was after former developers like John Romero, and David Kushner had only been able to tell about it for decades.

Although bumpitybum’s Super Mario 3running animation looks fluid and well-animated, it is too bouncy for a platforming game. Mario is prone to jumping around, making it difficult for players not to follow him in the simplified scene in bumpitybum’s post. It’s easy to see how this chaotic running animation would look during Super Mario 3’s most intense levels. So perhaps it’s for the better that Nintendo decided to make Mario’s famous run cycle shorter.


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