Minecraft Player Builds Epic Battle With Massive Tanks

Minecraft has many large builds. One player took it to the battlefield, creating an entire battle scene with tanks and all. The survival sandbox game Minecraft has been a huge success with players who enjoy creating elaborate works of art like this Minecraftreimaging Picasso’s Cats or players who simply love gardening.

Minecraft is a great way for players from all around the globe to get together and share their building skills. While some players build huge, functional buildings, others create smaller and more intricate towns. A Minecraftbuilder has endless possibilities and each day brings new and better structures. Mojang’s latest updates have made it easier for players to create unique builds. The Minecraft community helps bring more unique gameplay. Each player has access to a variety of Minecraft mods as well as the different texture packs that players have created. This allows them to dive in to the game with different tools and can create whatever they want.


Reddit user Alex-00AK shared their huge battlefield build in the Minecraftsubreddit. The build included at least nine battleships, one large land ship, four landkreuzer (p. 1000 ratte) and seven small tanks. Each battleship has turrets with great detail, including what appears to be smoke and fire coming out of the barrels. The track marks left by the tanks and the debris from the vehicles’ plows are visible on the ground. The tanks are extremely detailed as can be seen in many large Minecraftbuilds. Multilevel battleships can be seen through the glass at different levels. This build required a lot of effort, particularly to get the tanks and ships as close to real as possible.

Although the original poster didn’t mention the time it took to build this huge battlefield, considering how detailed it is, it looks like it was quite a while. This build was marked as being made in creative mode. This means that the player has unlimited access to all materials, and not have to mine or craft them. Minecraftplayers have the option of choosing survival mode, or creative mode to build their creations. However, the build is still impressive.

It’s always exciting and impressive to see what Minecraft players think up next. The Minecraft community is constantly creating new and exciting structures. Every update and pack brings new builds and inspiration to other players.


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Marvel Just Fixed Shang-Chi’s Biggest MCU Plot Hole

His blockbuster film Marvel Comics’Shang-Chi brought the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life and allowed fans to see the Master of Kung-Fu on the big screen. The film was an excellent addition to the MCU. However, fans were still left feeling confused by one plot hole. Marvel Comics solved Shang-Chi’s most enormous MCU plot hole by filling in the blanks.

Shang Chi #7 is written by Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan, and Shang Chi is reunited with his mother. She tells him about her past and the mysteries of Ta Lo. One aspect of the otherworldly dimension is the powers that the mysterious forces offer to its inhabitants. Ta Lo residents have two abilities: the ability to psionically connect with the Qilin (a native creature to the land) and the skillset of an archer.

The MCU film ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings show ShangChi and Katy Chen traveling to Ta Lo to stop ShangChi’s father, the Mandarin, from opening a demon portal and unleashing a soul-sucking demonic demon. They are welcomed by Ta Lo residents and trained with them to prepare for Mandarin’s arrival. Shang-Chi was trained in martial arts by his mother; Katy studied archery and became an expert quickly. Katy also helped take down the Dweller of Darkness, who arrived via a shot with an arrow. Katy’s image would be enough for Hawkeye to be impressed. It makes no sense that she would be capable of doing it after so little practice. Fans now know the story behind Katy’s lifesaving shot, thanks to Shang-Chi’s revelation in the comics.

Fans now know that Katy was inspired by Ta Lo’s magic, making the epic scene in the film even more enjoyable. There are no more questions about how Katy managed to shoot an arrow through the neck of a demon dragon so far away. She was able to use the magical properties of the land to guide her hand and thus save Shang-Chi.

Marvel Comics was able to fix a central plot hole in an MCU movie, proving that the comics are not just source material but also the authority of Marvel lore. Marvel Comics is always there to fill in the gaps left by films, even when they make changes to comic book characters. While movies can only hold so much lore before they run out of time, comics can take their time and detail every aspect of a character’s history. Marvel Comics closed ShangChi’s largest MCU plothole and made the movie more enjoyable.


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The iconic comic book artist Alex Ross has his own DC Comicshead canon that ended in the 1970s. It might not surprise anyone familiar with Ross’s work, such as Justice or Kingdom Come, that he prefers DC’s past.

Since its release, Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s exploration of the future DC Universe in Kingdom Comehas proven to be a fascinating premise. Even though it was published in the 1990s, many mainstream characters are missing. In Kingdom Come’sdepiction DC’s future, Dick Grayson assumes the Red Robin character instead of Nightwing, which he used in the comics. These details are part of Ross’s headcanon, which he once mentioned in an interview.

Alex Ross, speaking about Justice, elaborated on the book’s setting and his take on DC Universe. Ross revealed that continuity would continue into the 1970s and would therefore use his traditional characters. Ross shared his view on Justice’s DC Universe, saying that “To be very truthful to it, it’s keeping things with where they wanted them to set them. They’re in this location which is a mixture of continuity from the comics as well as what was on TV back in the 70s.” The characters’ perpetual states reflect their current place in Justice. For example, Superman is unmarried. Lois Lane is also a part of this .”

Ross had an idea about where the Justice League’s crimefighting partners were during the series, even though the Teen Titans don’t play a significant role in Justice. Although he is a fan of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s take on the teenage superhero group, he still prefers his version to the founder members. Ross spoke out about the Teen Titans and said that Dick Grayson was Robin. There are no other Teen Titans except Wonder Girl, Aqua Lad Speedy, Speedy, and Kid Flash. This doesn’t mean that I dislike the Perez/Wolfman versions, but it’s just another age. For me, the cutoff is when the Justice League’s first modern-age hero is introduced. I consider Firestorm to be that. ”

For some DC fans, it might seem retrograde to ask Ross to keep the mid-70s as a point. He believes the era was the best because certain characters weren’t married or killed off. I need to choose this period in history before they started murdering people willy-nilly. You can start making those alterations, which I believe was between 1976-1977. In that time, Aquaman’s infant son, Flash, and other children are being killed off; things begin to change. Alex Ross is known for his photorealistic portrayals of superheroes. However, his example on DC Comics remaining in his past shows his respect for the characters he grew up reading.

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Ubisoft announced via a post to the official website that Watch Dogs: Legion’s last 5.6 updates will be released.

This announcement comes after a year of updates to Legion including characters and story DLC Bloodline. It also features Aiden Pearce, everyone’s favourite grumbly hacker Chicagoan.

The final season of Watch Dogs Legion’s multiplayer will be called Stripes. After Stripes is over, the game will enter an End-of-Life mode for multiplayer. This allows the game to cycle through seasons 3-5 indefinitely or until the servers are closed.

Their official statement states that the current season 4 Rebels track will continue until January 22, 2022. Season 5 Stripes will follow. Seasons 3-5 will cycle again and you’ll be able to earn rewards that you may have missed in the past. A modified Aiden Pearce jacket and Jackson’s clothing and mask set are some of the rewards you can look forward to.

In this era of perpetually live service games, a little more than a year of updates is certainly noteworthy. However, Watch Dogs was traditionally a single-player series. I think a story expansion and one year of multiplayer updates is a fair proposition for a large release that includes both a single-player campaign and multiplayer.


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Spider-Man Says He Does Kill People in Letter to Spider-Verse 2 Writer

Ben Schwartz, the “real Spiderman,” says he does murder people in a letter to Spider-Man (Part One) writer Christopher Miller. The 2018 animated comic book movie Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse by Sony is responsible for the Spider-Man: No Way Home and its many compassionate Spider-Men. The Academy Award-winning film featured Miles Morales, Shameik Moore, and a few alternate-universe Spider-People, including Peni Parker (Kimiko Ginn), Spider-Man Noir(Nicolas Cage), Peter Porker (John Mulaney).

Miles, the web-slinger who stopped Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (Liev Schreiber’s) multiverse tampering, ended Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and sent his co-web slingers back into their universes. But just as viewers believed Miles to be the only Spider-Man (Oscar Isaac), Into The Spider-Verse’spost-credits scene teased Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man-2099 (Oscar Isaac) and set up a sequel. In the latest teaser trailer, Miles was seen fighting Spider-Man 2099. He also traveled to alternate, animated realities rather than having them come to him. It seems safe to assume that across the Spider-Verse would introduce more Spider-People.

The Spider-Verse author Miller shared a letter from a very upset Spider-Person on Twitter. The shocking letter was written by Aunt May on a typewriter. expressed his frustration at being confused with a pig and demanded that Miller stop making another Spiderverse film. The true Spider-Man would not have omitted the hyphen from his name. It’s below:

Schwartz will star in the new murder mystery comedy series . Miller created it. It is due to debut on Apple TV+ on January 28. The series follows a group of people who meet up for a high school reunion. A celebrity alumnus is then murdered at his glorious home by someone attending the Afterparty. Tiffany Haddish plays Detective Danner. He will try to solve the mystery of the murderAfterpartye Hercule Poirot. The Afterparty also stars Schwartz and Haddish.

Across the Spider-Verse Part One will be released after October 2022, before Part 2 in 2023. Johnson, Steinfeld, Moore, and Isaac will be reprising their roles, and Issa Rae will play Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman. According to the theory, every character in the MCU or Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters are part of the Spider-Verse. Anybody could appear in Miller’s films. The entire cast list of the Spider-Verse is being kept secret. Schwartz’s fatigued and explicit (and possibly murderous) Spider-Man is possible.



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Shang-Chi VFX Team Hints at Where Bruce Banner Is During Credits Scene


The film’s post-credits scene, which features Weta VFX ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ VFX crew, gives hints about where Bruce Banner is. The film had a limited narrative, but Destin Cretton needed to connect it to the larger MCU. This was achieved primarily by familiar faces appearing onscreen, such as Banner from Mark Ruffalo, who seemed significantly different than the last time he was there.

The humiliating defeat he suffered in his one-on-1 fight against Thanos (Josh Brolin) at the beginning of Avengers, Infinity War led to the Hulk refusing to appear for the remainder of the film. Five years later, in Avengers Endgame’s snap, fans were shocked to see Smart Hulk, a version as physically powerful as Banner but have Banner’s consciousness. Although the film did not explore creating the hybrid persona, it seemed like the hero was permanent. He was back in his human form when he appeared during ShangChi and Legend of Ten Rings_ post-credits scene.

The official entry of Shang-Chi (Simu Liu), and Katy (Aquafina), into the Avengers’ universe by Wong (Benedict Wong) raised many questions. Wong also met with Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Banner. The first three appeared to be all in the Sanctum Sanctorum. However, the two remaining members joined them via hologram. These holograms were the same ones used by the Avengers in Avengers Endgame. Sean Walker, the Weta VFX supervisor, explained how the scene was created while speaking to Variety. It turns out that Carol Danvers’ suit was entirely CGI. The Banner was also present in his laboratory during the discussion.

Avengers Endgame did not detail how Banner could meld his two distinct personas to create Smart Hulk. This mystery will remain until MCU Phase 4. The appearance of Banner in the ShangChi and the Legends of the Ten Rings made matters more complex as it seemed like Banner couldn’t easily switch between his forms. This is likely to be something that the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series Sheulk will reveal about. Walker’s claim that Banner was in his laboratory is supported in the first official glimpse of the show. He and Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) can be seen in their facility.

If Hulk is operating in his laboratory, it would suggest that most of the remaining heroes are scattered and doing their own thing. Banner could have quickly taken control of the Avengers facility in Upstate (if it hasn’t been damaged already) and managed it as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), following Thanos’ snaps in Avengers Infinity War. However, he relies on his resources, and there is no system to support the new generation of Avengers.



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Peacemaker BTS Images Show Cast Filming the DC Series’ Intro Dance

James Gunn brightens everyone’s Sunday by sharing behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of Peacemaker’s opening credit dance number. The DCEU’s latest project is now available, but it’s not a movie. Peacemaker, the anticipated spin-off of Gunn’s Suicide Squad, follows John Cena’s antihero from the film. Gunn wrote, directed, and created episodes for the series. It explores Peacemaker’s life after Suicide Squad. Peacemaker, who has since recovered from near-fatal injuries, is joining another team to save the world.

Although HBO Max released only three episodes, there is plenty of other content for fans to enjoy. Its obvious Peacemaker has a lot more to offer than a superhero show. The show’s opening credits are hilarious, with the cast performing a choreographed dance routine to Wig Wam’s “Do Ya Wanna Taste It.” Peacemaker was so famous that HBO Max made its video.

After many fans were able to see Peacemaker’s opening, Gunn gave everyone a glimpse behind the scenes of how it came together. Gunn shared two BTS photos on social media to give fans a look at the incredible dance scene. He reminded everyone that #Peacemaker is available on @hbomax today! Below is his post.

Given how Peacemaker is a brutal killer, it’s not surprising that his solo series would open with a lighthearted dance number. That’s the beauty of Peacemaker. It shows unexpected layers to its morally gray lead character. Gunn’s opening credits are so reminiscent of Gunn’s style that fans cannot help but admire them. It’s yet another proof that Gunn’s creativity shines even though Peacemaker takes place in the DCEU’s heavily controlled world.

Although the opening dance may be the last routine viewers can expect from Peacemaker’s inaugural season, Gunn still believes he will make season 2. While no one knows exactly what that means, Peacemaker has just begun. Gunn suggested that episode 8 contains big surprises that very few people are aware of. This means that fans should stay with the show until the end to enjoy the whole experience. If the opening credits show, Peacemaker is not a show many people will predict.


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Awesome Games Done Quick Sets New Fundraising Record In 2022

Amazing Games Done Quick has raised more than $3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is a new fundraising record in the history of Games Done Quick. The fundraisers see volunteers speedrunning through retro- and modern games blindfolded while commentators explain their strategies and tricks.

Games Done Quick is a group of gamers who have been working together for charity for more than ten years. Each year, two main events are held: Awesome Games Done Quick in January to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Summer Games Done Quick to support Doctors Without Borders (or Medecins Sans Frontieres). Games Done Quick also organizes memorable marathons to help victims of past disasters or the current COVID-19 epidemic.

The Fatales marathons have been a way to celebrate women in speedrunning. The organization has donated to Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2.7 Million last year for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is a far cry from 2022’s record, likely because the event was conducted entirely online after the pandemic.

Games Done Quick celebrated the achievement on Twitter after the marathon-length 24-hour speedrunning race (via ). Amazing Games Done Quick raised $3,416,729 to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is the most giant fundraising total Games Done Quick achieved since January 2020, before the pandemic. More than $3.4 million will save lives by early detection and prevention of cancer.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation aims to reduce the number of cancer deaths by 40 percent by 2035 through its advocacy, education, and outreach. This goal is possible thanks to Games Done Quick’s record-breaking fundraising.

Amazing Games Done Quick 2022 donations ran a speed run, achieving their first $1,000,000 in record time. Games Done Quick’s donation tracker shows that the event attracted over 28,000 donors and received over 49,000 donations. There were 149 runs during the week, including an incredible blindfolded Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice playthrough. As last year’s marathon broke speedrun records with its 28:35 Run of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Jaxler’s 44:18 Pumpkin Jack run, and ShadowthePast’s 17:21 Webbed run, this year also saw some more accomplishments.

It is fantastic to see the gaming community unite and set new records. They support a great cause, whether they are speedrunning, commentating, or just watching on Twitch. Sometimes streams can make a charity speechless. Games Done Quick doesn’t seem to be stopping their fantastic fundraising anytime soon. The next event, an all-women speedrunning race Frost Fatales, will be from February 27th through March 5th. The Summer Games Done Quick 2022 event is still to be announced.



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WWE 2K22 Cover Art And Pre-Order DLC Leaked

The leak of several vital details has delayed the game’s March release date, including its cover and bonus content. 2K Games and Visual Concepts have finally returned to the squared circle with WWE 2K22 after a two-year wait due to the disappointing launch of WWE 2K20. They promise that this game will improve the previous installments in the long-running video game series.

Visual Concepts is showcasing the results of its WWE 2K22launch. There are many appealing WWE 2K22trailers that Visual Concepts has shared over the past year. In November, the latest look revealed updated characters models for WWE stars such as Roman Reigns or Rey Mysterio, along with various gameplay features including Create-A-Wrestler and GM Mode. The new MyFaction mode will allow players to create their roster of wrestlers. The WWE 2K22’s2 K showcase mode will be focused on Rey Mysterio’s long and distinguished career in the WWE. This is evident from the game’s choice of the cover artwork.


Nils Ahrensmeier, TechnikNews’ writer, recently shared the first glimpse at WWE 2K22’s cover art via Twitter (via VGC). It features Rey Mysterio in both the standard and Deluxe Edition variants. Ahrensmeier shared some interesting tidbits regarding WWE2K22. He mentioned that there will be a 3-day early access period starting March 8 and that the Deluxe Edition will include a pre-order content package centered around Undertaker. This content, known as the Undertaker Immortal pack, will feature three alternative Undertaker characters – Phantom Mask Undertaker and Lord of Darkness Undertaker. It also includes exclusive MyFACTION EVO cards, MyFACTION Perks, and Bonuses that are Undertaker-themed.

2K Games has struggled to create excitement for 2K22 following the controversy surrounding WWE 2K20. However, this is not the only obstacle the game has faced. The recent WWE firings and releases have had a significant impact on WWE 2K22’s roster. Visual Concepts was reportedly forced to abandon its plans to focus the single-player campaign on the rookie-focused NXT brand. According to outside reports, WWE 2K22 is expected to have one of its most out-of-date rosters. The game eventually cut previous WWE stars like Daniel Bryan after signing on with rival wrestling promotions like AEW.

Visual Concepts sees the logic in focusing WWE 2K22 on established WWE stars like Rey Mysterio or Undertaker. This is evident by WWE 2K22choices of cover wrestlers and pre-order DLC. Although the exact release date of WWE2K22 is not yet confirmed, it’s likely to be close to the March 8 early access date.

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League of Legends’ Yuumi Is Playable with Broken Fingers, Player Proves

One League of Legends player said that Yuumi, the support champion, is simple enough to play with two broken fingers. This new video proves that the Magical Cat champion is one of the League of Legends’ lowest-skill characters.

You were released in 2019 to League of Legends as a supporting character. Yuumi’s Enchanter champion kit focuses primarily on healing and empowering allies. Yuumi’s unique feature was her ability to attach to ally champions. You can connect yourself to partners and not be attacked by enemies while attached. You are one of the most accessible champions to play League of Legends. She doesn’t need to place herself or attack her enemies. A recently released video shows that Yuumi’s skill is much lower than previously thought.

Reddit user Reddawg868 posted the video to Reddit. It shows a Yuumi game by a player who recently broke two fingers. The cast covers the player’s left hand, making it impossible for them to use the mouse or type. Reddawg868 discovers a clever way to use his left hand to push the keys. Reddawg868 uses a pen in his hand to tap the keys sequentially instead of risking hitting the wrong button accidentally. Yuumi’s kit makes this an easy process, even though it takes quite a while.

The League of Legends community was quick to jump on this. Players sarcastically called Reddawg868 the most mechanically-skilled Yuumi player on their server. Some joked that Reddawg868’s Yuumi-friendly kit would allow him to climb the ranks quickly. League of Legends players seems to have a great time with Reddawg868, showing how easy Yuumi is in the video.

It’s not surprising that there are over 150 League of Legends champions. Some players have been criticized for being too easy or challenging to beat. You are is just one example of a player who has drawn the ire of League of Legends members, known to be among the most toxic gamers. One Yuumi player demonstrated that it is easy to play the Magical Cat.


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