Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel Feud Is No More, Confirms Actor

Dwayne Johnson said that Vin Diesel, his Fast & Furious star, has ended their rivalry. The two had a “meeting to clarify” their differences.

For those of you who don’t want to interrupt former wrestlers every move and moment, here’s some context. Johnson posted an Instagram photo in 2016 to thank the women who worked with him on The Fate of the Furious.

Johnson continued, “My male co-stars however, are a different story.” Johnson said that some men are stand-up men and professionals while others are not. Johnson said, “Those who don’t do this are too chicken s**ty to do anything about it anyway.” Candy asses. Although he deleted the post it was saved and screenshotted by many people. There was much speculation about who or what the actor was referring too.

The post that called out “candy asses” was believed to be about Vin Diesel, who had adopted a tough love approach to set. This was something he admitted to earlier this year in an interview. Johnson was shocked to hear Johnson’s statement. He said that he had “laughed hard” at Johnson’s explanation.

According to an interview by Vanity Fair, tensions between the actors have cooled down. Johnson stated that Johnson wanted to avoid drama and would not be sharing scenes with Diesel in The Fate of the Furious. “I felt that it was the best thing to have done. It’s for everyone.

However, he did admit that it was a mistake to post publicly about Diesel’s problems. It caused a firestorm. It was, however, …[it seemed] like every crew member found their ways to me and either quietly thanked or sent me a message,” said the actor. I shouldn’t have shared this… “I meant what I said when I said it. It was wrong to say it publicly.

Johnson and Diesel managed to resolve their dispute despite the “firestorm”. Johnson said, “Well, it was a meeting.” It was not peaceful, however. It was a meeting of clarity. We had a great chat in my trailer and it was from that conversation that it became clear that we were on two different ends of the spectrum. He and I agreed to let it be.

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Video Shows What The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Would Look Like With Unreal Engine 5

Many gamers were hooked on Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion in 2006. Some Elder Scrolls 4 fans, like James McAvoy, became addicted to the game and couldn’t stop playing it until Skyrim.
Gamers might be pleased to learn that Unreal Engine 5 fan Altmer has recreated visuals from the Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion trailer using Unreal Engine 5. Altmer shared the clip on Elder Scrolls Reddit, but the original video was uploaded by Hall 00117 back in August.

They showcase the Kvatch Oblivion Gate using next-gen visuals as well as a beautiful atmospheric soundtrack from the original game. Hall said that most of the video’s assets were created by them, except for the Megascanned lava rocks formations, visual storm effects, and the knight. They spent about two weeks experimenting to create the Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion video that is approximately two minutes long.

Hall stated that their goal was to maintain a constant 50-65fps throughout the video. The video has occasional stutters due to the use of particle effects and 8k texture nanite meshes. One criticism was that people get tired of similar trailers that have dim lighting and boring color palettes. The trailer is meant to honor the original game’s aesthetic. This doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of the game.

Hall is admired by many fans who feel that Elder Scrolls 4 should be remade. They also called for Bethesda’s to improve its game for the next installment. Some were recalling their first encounters with the game when they were younger. Many people first saw the gates when they were less than 10 years old. These gates are a great way to bring back memories.

Many people hope Bethesda will bring these visuals to Elder Scrolls 6 when it finally comes out. Bethesda should also give Elder Scrolls 4 the same remastering treatment as Skyrim. This trailer will allow fans to recall their favourite Elder Scrolls 4 moments and push for a remake.

The Elder Scrolls are the franchise’s nameake. However, they have played a small part in The Elder Scrolls. Their roles in games’ stories are varied and their nature is not easily defined.

The Elder Scrolls are an ancient prophecy of unknown origin that, when read carefully, can show only one version of events in the future or past. The Elder Scrolls has shown many scrolls to have strange powers, and there are certain roles they have played.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall do not contain any Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls’ first three games are a good starting point for the language that will be used later to describe the Elder Scrolls.

Daggerfall ends with The Warp In the West. However, the event was not described until later games. The hero has the option to give the Totem Of Tiber Septim (a symbol of victory) to any major faction in the Iliac Bay. This will allow them to activate the Numidium, which is a giant golem that can be activated by all factions.

The activation of Numidium caused a Dragon Break. This caused time to fracture and all subsequent events took place before the timeline reconverged. This was done in practice to allow Bethesda not to establish one option as canon. However, the core concept behind the Warp in the West laid the foundation for later descriptions of the Elder Scrolls.

Urag gro–Shub, Skyrim’s College of Winterhold describes how the scrolls reflect all possible futures and all pasts […] all of which is true. Even the lies. “Especially the falsehoods.” The Elder Scrolls, like Dragon Breaks and the Elder Scrolls, lean on the fourth Wall to a certain degree.

Morrowind was a further example of the series’ flirtation in metafiction. Vivec, one third of Morrowind’s Tribunal, has earned CHIM. Characters in the Elder Scrolls universe can gain CHIM when they realize that they are just figments in dreams of an unconscious godhead but still assert their individuality. The godlike powers of CHIM enable Bethesda canonically to retcon the legends, as was the case when Tiber Septim turned Cyrodiil into a tropical rainforest.

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This weekend, Gotham Knights’ latest trailer was unveiled at DC FanDome. This trailer is purely a story and focuses on the Court of Owls, who appear to be the main villains. The Penguin gives clues about the spooky conspiracy, and then the Penguin shows us the four Bat-family members we’ll be playing in Gotham Knights. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin all fall into their clutches.

The Court of Owls, wealthy elites dressed in Venetian masks that resemble owls, were introduced in a 2011 comic book story. The trailer shows that they are not only an Eyes Wide Shut club of gazillionaires but also have well-armed assassins (called Talons by the comics).

Gotham Knights are being developed by WB Games Montreal–responsible for Arkham Origins and bits of Arkham Knight–and though the plot kind of resembles where you’d expect the Arkham series to go after Arkham Knight, it’s not set in the same version of the DC universe. This is a different continuity. Gotham Knights will be out in 2022. A Steam page was recently created.


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Fall Guys May Bring Back Scrapped Game Idea Due to Squid Game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which was released in 2020, features several games where players compete against each other until one is left. This is similar to the premise for the popular Netflix series Squid Game. This comparison suggests that a crossover between Fall Guys and Squid Game could be possible. It seems like something is in the making.
Joe Walsh, one of the game’s designers, spoke to Techradar about the scrapped levels for Fall Guys. The team is currently having difficulty coming up with new game modes. The popularity of Squid Game has led to the possibility that the studio may revive an idea it had, which is very similar to one of their games.

Squid Game offers children’s games with similar themes in a brighter setting. However, it has a darker undertone. Red Light Green Light was a Fall Guys game mode that was featured in the first round. It was scrapped because the studio wasn’t sure how it would work as a videogame format.

Walsh elaborates by saying that it is more difficult to stay still in real life than in video games. The only thing gamers need to do is set the controller down. It was impossible to make the game work. After seeing the popularity of Squid Game, the team is now willing to try again at implementing Red Light Green Light into this game.

The developers have plenty of examples of fan-made Squid Game. First, Roblox has multiple versions of Squid Game that include versions of Red Light Green Light. These versions work well. Developers can also use Fortnite codes to play Squid Game with a controller.

It makes sense that Fall Guys’ developers would like to capitalize on the popularity of this game with all the fan versions. There is no information at the moment about a second season of Squid Game. Developers would be wise to act quickly. This new mode could spark interest in the already saturated Battle Royale game market.

Netflix’s newest offering in K-Drama is Squid Game. It’s also the most powerful entry to the horror movie genre. It combines the politics and tension of Battle Royale with the gore and violence of Hunger Games. It’s an exciting experience that teaches as much as it thrills.

It’s worth the effort. It’s filled with tropes and elements, just like many horror series and films. Swiss cheese would be the best representation of the series’ logic, plot and story. Although it has many flaws, it is still delicious. To add to your post-viewing ruminations it’s time for you to reflect on some of the show’s rational missteps.

Anastasia Maillot updated this page on October 11, 2020. Squid Game has grown to be bigger than anyone could have imagined. Squid Game has appeared in every corner of the Internet, from fans posting their own versions of the dalgona cookies to mini-games posted on platforms such as Roblox that feature the famous Red Light, Green Light sequence.

Fans and critics have had a lot of fun discussing the plot. The discussion has led to some interesting points being added to this list, whether it is the reference to tragic and important real-life events in South Korea like the Ssangyong Motors case or the unique plot that preceded the Hunger Games. Be aware that spoilers may follow for viewers who have not yet seen the series.

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Skyrim Fan Recreates Tundra Homestead in Minecraft

Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is a game that has been re-released on many consoles. Its rich lore and gameplay are not the only thing that keeps it going. But the modding community who devote themselves to modding the game with extra content or tweaks. Bethesda also introduced the Creation Club in 2017 which allows users to download mods that were approved by the studio. One fan managed to recreate a CC build in another popular game.
Candle_Kobold uploaded a few images to the Skyrim Subreddit recently and managed to recreate the Tundra Homestead building from the game in Minecraft. Although it might appear that it’s a well-constructed home built in an open-world sandbox, there are some elements that link it to the Elder Scrolls home. The roof gable has a dragon head on it. There is also a small tower at the back.

The Tundra Homestead is located east of Whiterun and has a similar style to the Hearthfire homes. It is part of the Elianora Home Bundle. It is designed to be a place of refuge from the stress of adventures and battles. The home comes fully furnished and includes a crafting station. In Minecraft, the user meticulously recreated the home and paid attention to details, especially the exterior, to faithfully copy the original building.

It is not the first time that the worlds Skyrim and Minecraft have been combined. A fan recreated the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Minecraft last year. It includes the impressive riddle at the entrance. Similar to Candle_Kobold, the Minecraft recreation was created with dedication, time and skill. It is nearly as exact as the Elder Scrolls version.

Modding and customization are easy in both games, so it is not surprising that fans will create elements of each. This not only shows how much Skyrim is loved by fans, but also shows how versatile Mojang’s IP. It shows the almost limitless possibilities of Minecraft’s crafting and building games, as well as the talent behind many of them.

Players will have a lot of options during their adventure through Skyrim Special Edition. While some decisions may seem trivial, others could have an impact on the game’s outcome. Players will strive to make positive decisions. Some players might be tempted to choose the wrong path when making decisions.

A variety of evil actions can be committed by players, including putting a bucket on a merchant’s head and robbing him. Skyrim has some unique choices that can make the Dragonborn truly evil.

The College of Winterhold main questline will see players tasked to retrieve three books that could shed light on The Eye of Magnus. The books were taken by Orthorn, a former college member. They are now being kept at Fellglow Keep.

Players will be greeted by a group necromancers and mages hiding in the Keep. They are conducting experiments on various creatures including Vampires. Orthorn will be locked in one of the cages. Players can either rescue him or make him a temporary follower. In the latter case Orthorn will join players to confront The Caller, the leader of the mage mages.

The Dragonborn is offered the books by the Caller if they will leave Orthorn as her new subject. Players can accept her offer and avoid confrontation with The Caller. However, Orthorn will be left behind. If a player makes this decision, he will undoubtedly be subject to barbaric experiments by her.

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Pokemon Fanart Combines Squirtle and The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Since the initial 150 designs were released in 1990, the Pokemon franchise has added hundreds to its roster. These creations have been further enhanced by the fanbase who has added endless fusions to their collection. One Pokemon fan decided to recreate Squirtle using a Creature From The Black Lagoon twist.
In the United States, the Pokemon franchise was popularized in the 1990s with Pokemon Red & Pokemon Blue. There are currently just under 900 Pokemon available for players to encounter in the games of the franchise. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, a classic black-and-white horror film from 1954 that features a scaly humanoid being hunted in the Amazon, is memorable.

This particular creation was created by u/CraigRosnerArt and perfectly captures Squirtle as well as the Creature in the classic black-and-white monster movie. This new Squirtle, now called the Creature From the Kanto Lagoon is both adorable and horrifying. The original blue color scheme of Squirtle has been changed to the Creature’s green in the movie advertisements. This new Pokemon has scales on its tail, arms and shell. Its eyes are now a mixture of yellow and orange. The creator mentions that other combinations may be possible.

The Creature is now part of the legendary monster roster along with Count Dracula, the Wolfman and other iconic monsters. This combination makes it perfect for Halloween. The original Creature from Black Lagoon design looks exactly like a humanoid, with large scales and large gills around the neck. u/CraigRosnerArt has perfectly transferred this over. The new name matches perfectly with u/CraigRosnerArt, which mentions the Kanto area where Squirtle was first encountered by Pokemon players.

These fan-made Pokemon combinations are a reminder of the iconic status that both Squirtle and the Creature form the Creature From The Black Lagoon are to their respective fanbases. This design is a result of nostalgia and the fact that Squirtle as well as the Creature prefer to be in the water, which is why it works so well.

One could argue, however, that Halloween has more memorable Pokemon and iconic monsters than Squirtle. You could also use ghosts, werewolves, or vampires. There are many other Pokemon that are as famous as Squirtle from the first generation. However, the spooky new version of Squirtle was created by u/CraigRosnerArt.

People often picture Pokemon as large when they see their designs. You would think that monsters would be too large to shrink down to fit into your pocket. You might be surprised to see that many of the Pokemon in the Pokedex are smaller than you think. Some of the sizes have been taken by Pokemon anime, so it is not surprising that Pokemon like Groudon are only 11 feet tall.

Take a moment to gaze at the twenty largest Pokemon known and avoid grabbing your neck.

Updated September 21st, 2018 by Allison Stalberg Some of these large Pokemon are legends, while others are based on huge animals or plants. Large Pokemon are not just about their height. There are many other questions as well. Which type of Pokemon is the largest? What are their base stats and abilities? What are their base stats? The number of legendaries who claim the crown for the largest Pokemon is proof that sometimes bigger is not always better.

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Amazon Games’ New World launched with great success. There have been a few hiccups, but players are beginning to ask the crucial questions after a few weeks. Fraser Brown, PC Gamer’s resident war correspondent, wakes up each morning praying that he can join a war. However, he is consistently kicked out at the last minute. This is the most entertaining experience I have had with New World. Sarah James quietly grinds away, trying to build her empire and plan to destroy these little fools. Alan Dexter is about 150 hours into his work, and I am beginning to wonder if this is something that I enjoy. He is. He is.

To the delight of everyone, we have players building wicker baskets out of their homes to spell the naughty word to show their creativity. One player joked that it was “must have been an Aussie.”

Some of the things that go on around houses are more inventive. New World’s main selling point has always been player dwellings. However, many players have issues with implementation and want certain parts to be changed. Some players aren’t ready to wait for developers to act and expand their homes, such as a roof terrace.

JoFknLines writes that yesterday was the first day of building my roof deck for my third floor. However, it wasn’t very attractive or accessible. “Today, I spent hours working on it and finally achieved what I wanted, an applicable 3rd floor that works. Despite not having a high house score because of the bed spam, I found it to have the best way to accomplish everything.

Although I don’t know what bed spam is, I love MMOs for the positive player behavior they encourage. JoFknLines explained that every extra bed outside is an -8 to my decoration score. I would like this, but it doesn’t matter if it restricts my freedom to do what I want in my house.

There’s now a player who can think for themselves. You might be curious about the house height limit. The roof can be built on but not above the chimney’s height.

The classic, the oldie, is the best, the most popular activity since PvP was invented. Scams are not allowed, although there are many—massive ambushes of innocent players.

I don’t think there is anything to be said about gank squads. However, this one did hide well. It is a bit annoying when you get to the end, but it is a game that can be pretty entertaining.

The bots are here, and Amazon Games is waging war against gold farmers. TrevzorFTW, the community manager for the game’s forums, wrote:

“Adventurers, beware! We are very interested in your reports on bots and gold farmers. We are committed to fair gameplay for all. We are taking steps to remove thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt the game. We could help you if New World were removed from your Steam Account in error.

Watch out for the PCG New Worlders, who are looking for suspicious activity (and even wars) in your area.


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Xbox Game Pass Adds 2 More Games Today, Including Day One Release

Xbox Game Pass continues delighting users with its constant addition of new games. Xbox Game Pass users today have two big releases. One is a day-one title.
Xbox Game Pass is a powerful tool that has quickly become apparent to both PC and Xbox users. A simple monthly or annual fee allows players to access dozens of games, as well as those from Xbox’s first-party developers and select day one titles. Rumours suggest that Xbox Game Pass currently has between 25-30 million subscribers. This is a remarkable number and reflects the success of the service. While games don’t stay on the service forever, new titles are added every month, that is part of why so many people subscribe to Xbox Game Pass.

Two major Xbox Game Pass games are available today, including Back 4 Blood. Back 4 Blood, which is available for purchase on other platforms today, is a day-one Xbox Game Pass title that can be downloaded and played on any platform, including PC, PC and Cloud. Although Back 4 Blood may have some similarities to Left 4 Dead’s title, it is still its own game. You can either fight alone or with your friends in a 4 man squad against the Ridden horde. There are many weapons and characters available, each with its own unique abilities and traits.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is the other title that’s available on Xbox Game Pass today. It has been on consoles for almost a year. The sprawling sci-fi looter shooter has won the hearts of millions of gamers. Bungie, the original developers of Halo, has created a fun and tight experience that keeps getting better with each play. Beyond Light is Destiny 2’s latest expansion. It features new story missions that allow for cooperative PvE gameplay as well as lots of new loot, weapons, and other goodies for players to find and collect.

Xbox Game Pass has been a great source of big titles in the past. However, as more first-party Xbox games are released, Game Pass will be more attractive. Back 4 Blood looks wild, especially with the Ridden keeping coming. It is best to bring a friend. Destiny 2 Beyond Light is an older title that has been released on other platforms, but it is still a highly polished title. There is also a lot of content with the expansions to Destiny 2’s expansions. The Witch Queen, the next Destiny 2 expansion is on the horizon. Now is the perfect time to get on Xbox Game Pass and start playing.

Microsoft adds new Xbox Game Pass titles every month to its Xbox Game Pass subscription. However, it also regularly removes Xbox Game Pass titles. Microsoft has confirmed six games to be leaving Xbox Game Pass by October 15, 2021. Another batch is likely to be added at the end.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers want to make the most of their subscriptions and might be curious if they will have the time to finish some of these games before they are removed from the game list. While most of the Xbox Game Pass games that are ending in October are short, there is one that requires a significant time commitment if Xbox Game Pass subscribers wish to complete it.

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Ricochet is the new Call of Duty: Warzone anti-cheat system. It includes a kernel-mode driver that allows Activision to access all of your computer’s memory. The Reddit user, t_hugs3, seemed to be speaking for many Warzone players when he said Activision’s power was “not right”. He also mentioned that they have been so cheated that they can’t give a damn at this point.
“I play Call of Duty because I want to unwind, and not get shitted by a child who spent $30 on an aimbot …” wrote another player. You can do it if a kernel-level driver blocks this.

Riot Games may have hoped for similar reactions to its Vanguard anti-cheat system. It also uses a kernel-mode driver. The discourse wasn’t as generous when Vanguard was made mandatory anti-cheat software in FPS Valorant 2020. Many saw it as an overstep and dangerous, while others thought it was a sign of what was to follow–the widespread adoption of kernel-mode drivers. Since then, Doom Eternal and Genshin Impact have experienced their kernel controversies.
Why kernel-mode drivers are controversial

Riot’s 2020 announcement of Vanguard was not the first time kernel-mode drivers were used in anti-cheat software. Easy Anti-Cheat, for example, also uses kernel-mode drivers. However, Vanguard was the catalyst for major controversy. Riot’s use of a kernel-mode driver was a big reason for this, as it introduced many players to the idea that is hard to ignore.

Normal user-mode software can be isolated from the rest. It cannot send instructions directly to your CPU or alter the memory used for Windows and other programs. Kernel-mode drivers can, however, do what they please.

Riot also made clear that Vanguard’s kernel-mode driver boots Windows to prevent cheats from launching ahead of it. This gives it the sinister appearance of an all-seeing, never blinking, eye. Vanguard was also known early on for interfering in non-cheat software it considered insecure such as certain CPU temperature monitors.

The anti-Chinese sentiment was also a contributing factor. Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate, owns Riot. It also owns parts of Activision Blizzard, Epic Games, and Activision Blizzard. This led to conspiracy theories about New Cold War spying mixed with concerns about PC security. Riot stated that Vanguard’s driver does not collect or transmit any information. Although it wouldn’t be necessary to use a kernel-mode driver, that didn’t stop internet users from posting.

Riot added a taskbar icon to make it easier to uninstall Vanguard or quit out of Vanguard. But Riot remained firm in its resolve to stop cheaters from gaining control on its turf. Many people accepted the deal. While Valorant may not be completely free from cheaters due to its aggressive anti-cheat strategies–a popular competitive game is-–it isn’t as plagued as Call of Duty: Warzone.

Activision has the advantage of being able to walk a path cleared by Riot. It is a common belief that kernel-mode drivers are more effective at anti-cheat. Activision states that Ricochet can only run while a Call of Duty title is running. It doesn’t make much difference in security, but it does sound better.

Call of Duty: Warzone gamers are so fed up with cheaters that they would allow Activision to use their PCs for satanic summoning rituals. There are still many people who oppose kernel-mode anti-cheat. One popular comment states that Activision has “no business messing around with the kernel”. However, I don’t see any indications that Warzone players are revolting. Change.org has the only Ricochet-related petition that demands that Valve announce a sequel.

One problem is a group of artists who use Call of Duty assets for custom 3D renders or videos. Ricochet could interfere with Greyhound, a tool they use. Ashley Wise is the Call of Duty influencer relations manager. She says she is looking into the issues, but cannot guarantee anything.

If Call of Duty players have joined, the main question is how Ricochet will perform. It doesn’t necessarily include a kernel-level driver, but that doesn’t mean that software cheats can’t use it. There are also other cheating methods, such as using a hardware controller emulator, like the Cronus ZEN, which can be programmed so players have an advantage with automatic input.

Ricochet, like Riot’s Vanguard is more than a kernel-mode driver. Activision describes it as “multi-faceted” and claims that it is also using “new server-side tools to monitor analytics.” This may help detect inhuman inputs. However, as with the 3D renderers, controller emulation could also affect non-cheaters unintendedly. That’s why it’s important to monitor.

Ricochet’s anti-cheat kernel driver for Call of Duty: Warzone will be available first. It will release its new Pacific map sometime in the next few months. After the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5, it will also be available to Call of Duty: Vanguard. It is confusing that the next Call of Duty will have the same name and anti-cheat system as Riot.


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You may have Skyrim: Special Edition set to update the game only when you launch it. This is done via the properties menu. Then you launch it from an exe using your mod manager. If you do not, every time Bethesda Creation Club receives new content, it will break the Skyrim Script Extender(SKSE), a critical plug-in for many of the best Skyrim modifications.
The Anniversary Edition will be available for purchase next month at Skyrim’s 10th Anniversary. It includes everything in the Creation Club, plus 26 additional creations. The Special Edition will give you some creations for free (fishing, survival mode and the Saints & Seducers quest). It will be an update to existing versions of Steam and not a separate entry. Modders will have to deal with it more than regular updates.

One of SKSE’s developers explains that Bethesda decided to upgrade the compiler used for building the 64-bit Skyrim version from Visual Studio 2015 into Visual Studio 2019. This change in the code generation means mod developers will have to start over, finding and writing functions.

While SKSE is updated soon after Skyrim, the support for other plugins is not as good. The SKSE developer wrote that “I could probably sit there over a couple of nights and bang out SKSE,” but his main concern is for all the other plugins out there. Because the plugin ecosystem has been around for so long, people have moved on and left behind code. Every native coder will have to contribute at least some work to AE. This means that the native mod scene will be broken for an unknown amount of time after AE is released.

Even if the worst happens and the mods you depend on are broken, Steam still allows you to revert back to older builds with DepotDownloader. Wabbajack, one of the mod auto-installer team members, has stated that they are working on a downgraded model.

Visual Studio 2019 was used to compile the recent Fallout 3 update, which finally removed its dependence on Games For Windows Live. This means that the Fallout Script Extender is no longer compatible with it, mods that depended on FOSE have stopped functioning, and one of its creators updated the page to state, “I don’t have a time frame for when FOSE will be updated to the new version.”


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