Rumor Bloodborne 2 Coming to PS5 Along With the First Game

Bluepoint Games was recently acquired by Sony. This studio is best known for creating critically-acclaimed remakes and other PlayStation games. Bluepoint Games announced that they were working on a brand-new game. However, it wasn’t clear if this was a new IP. According to the latest rumors, Bluepoint may be making Bloodborne 2 as their new game.
Colin Moriarty, host of the Sacred Symbols podcast, has this rumor. Bluepoint Games’ Moriarty stated that Bluepoint Games will bring Bloodborne 1 to PS5 and that they will release Bloodborne 2 once that is done. Moriarty stated that they are re-releasing Bloodborne for PS5, but that there will be a sequel to Bloodborne.

Many insiders and leakers suggest that Bluepoint Games is currently working on a Bloodborne remake or remaster for PS5, but few claim that Bluepoint’s next Bloodborne game will be a sequel. According to Millie A, a leaker, Bluepoint’s original game was on the same scale as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Insomniac Games. This would be unlikely if they are truly working on Bloodborne 2.

It’s difficult to know who’s correct information until Bluepoint Games reveals the details. Many people claim that the studio is working on a Bloodborne remake. However, there is less evidence that the studio is planning to make a Bloodborne 2D. For now, fans will have to wait and see.

While some might not like the idea that a Bloodborne sequel is being developed by another studio than FromSoftware, From Software does not seem to be interested. According to reports, FromSoftware is developing a new PS5 exclusive title, which could be an original IP. However, that remains to happen. The studio is currently focusing on Elden Ring’s shipping, with the highly anticipated game due to launch in January.

It remains to be determined if Bluepoint Games will make Bloodborne 2 or something entirely different. It’s not even a year since the Demon’s Souls remake was released by the studio. However, it’s difficult to imagine that fans will receive answers any time soon. But hopefully they won’t have too much to wait to learn what’s next from Bluepoint Games.

Bloodborne is one of From Software’s most original creations in the Souls-like category. It’s still very popular, even though it’s over five years old. Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake has been a constant request from Bloodborne fans, and they are always looking for leaks or rumors.

This makes it more likely that people will want to return to the original game. For anyone who is interested in giving Bloodborne a shot, there are some misconceptions that should not be taken as gospel.

Many people believe that all From Software games are slow like Dark Souls (and DS1), but that is not true. In order to make the first DS feel slow in combat, players had to decide when to attack. Those who chose poorly were punished. They had to be systematic in their decisions. This design choice still has an impact on new games to this day.

DS2 and DS3 however, are much faster by design. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are completely different beasts. Bloodborne was specifically designed to encourage players to play in a different way than DS1. A player can lose their health if they are hit by an enemy. However, they can recover that health by hitting any nearby enemy enough times before the “temp heat” bar completely degrades. Bloodborne is therefore faster than Dark Souls and also more responsive.

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Far Cry 6’s Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg is Leading Players to Their Death

Far Cry 6 contains Easter eggs for other Ubisoft games. Far Cry 3 is strongly mentioned at the end. There are references to Pagan Min, Kyrat, Far Cry 4, and even one of Far Cry 5 bliss plants in an FC6 mission. Assassin’s Creed is a different franchise that leads players to their deaths.
Assassin’s Creed has been around for a while, as many people know. The franchise’s first game, Valhalla was released in 2007. It was the last entry to the series. There have been some changes in tone and style, but there are still some elements that remain the same. The Leap of Faith, which sees the Assassin flip, dive and land safely in a pile of hay, is a symbol of the franchise.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla teaches Eivor how it works from Hytham. However, no one teaches Far Cry 6’s Dani Rojas. Players can still find themselves on a ledge beneath a pile of Hay, and an eagle’s screech can be heard behind them. This is a strong signal for Assassin’s Creed players and a signal that they should perform the Leap of Faith. However, it is for Dani Rojas players who are doing it to their death.

There are many clips online. The first one was from Kotaku. However, they all end in the same way. Far Cry 6 doesn’t have a Leap of Faith, Dani Rojas isn’t an Assassin. Ubisoft could have made this work with all the Easter eggs, but it’s much more fun that it doesn’t.

Far Cry 6 fans were clearly enthused by this. Many joked about it, citing Star Wars’ “it’s not a trap” quote and joking about the “faith” in this Leap of Faith being misplaced. Some others pointed it out as a missed chance for a Far Cry 6 trophy/achievement. Suggestion names were “Splat!” and “Requiescat In Pace.”

It doesn’t matter what, other players should be aware of it. Far Cry 6’s Leap of Faith ends in death. But for many, it can be a very attractive moment.

Far Cry is Ubisoft’s most beloved open-world franchise. Since the original Far Cry, a plot-driven sandbox series that was released 17 years ago, few significant changes have been made. Far Cry 3 was the pivotal moment in Ubisoft’s history. Far Cry 3 was the pivotal moment in Ubisoft’s history.

Many critics and fans feel that Ubisoft’s open world games are becoming too formulaic despite their huge commercial success. They believe a real revolution is required to revive these franchises. Far Cry 6 is a good example of what works. However, the numbers and reviews seem to show that it still sells well. While players might not be expecting a dramatic change, others may argue that the series’ success does not justify such drastic changes.

Far Cry may have its flaws, but there are arguments to reform Far Cry’s core gameplay mechanics. However, the Ubisoft formula is still very effective at creating interactive environments that are rich in things to do and secrets to discover. Every year, Ubisoft releases are eagerly awaited by countless players. While the game’s rich collection of icons, collectibles and waypoints can break immersion, Far Cry games are still a believable experience that makes players feel like they are part of the real world.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Might Have Core Issues if Players Can Catch Arceus

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have had a busy year, with many Pokemon announcements and releases. The most talked about of all were the remakes and remasters of Generation 4 games — Pokemon Brilliant diamond and Shining Pearl — as well as the brand-new Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The Pokemon Legends project is even more ambitious than the originals. Legends will be the first open-world Pokemon game, even though it’s not an entirely open-world experience as Breath Of The Wild.

It’s refreshing to see Pokemon Legends: Arceus as a prequel. This is a refreshing approach to Pokemon games where it can be difficult to find lore when trying to compare the various regions and the games timeline. This poses a problem with Pokemon Legends Arceus due to how it handles Arceus and what happens with the Legendary Pokemon story-wise. Arceus was actually available in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. This means that players can catch it.

Players could get Arceus in Generation 4 games, and this could also be true with Pokemon Bright Diamond and Shimmer Pearl. This could have huge story implications if players are unable to catch the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Arceus should be explained to players if it is indeed available. Arceus’ availability is problematic because it is a Legendary Pokemon (a rare Pokemon that is not common) and also the creator of the Pokemonuniverse. It means that players who catch it in Pokemon Legends would have to wait until Generation 4 is over before they can remake the game.

Online battles can be a bit problematic because players may use the same Legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon are unique and cannot reproduce. This has not been addressed lore-wise. It’s an obvious side effect to Legendary Pokemon being made available to all players who purchase the game. It’s only right that Pokemon Legends Arceus’ narrative includes it. This will be a key element in the unfolding events and how the first Trainers from the Hisui area got to live side-by-side with their Pokemon.

Pokémongames are about the relationship between Trainers and their Pokemon. This is also evident with Gym Leaders in the series. It’s possible that Arceus could be caught by players in Pokemon Legends. This would mean that the Pokemon will one day live in the wild.

If Arceus is not available in the Switch game, there’s a counter argument. It would be the title Pokemon. Pokemon Legends would be setting itself up to disappointment if it didn’t allow players the chance to catch the mythical creature. Each Pokemongame should have a cover creature, usually a Legendary, that is involved in the main plot. Cover Pokemon usually join the list with the available Pokemon towards the end of the game, especially if there are multiple versions.

A game with as much ambition as Pokemon Legends, Arceus might not succeed if it did not have a playable version. It also should allow players to capture it after a fierce battle. Arceus appearing only for story purposes might be distracting from the story. However, if the encounter with the Legendary Pokemon doesn’t resolve, then a battle against the Pokemon could prove too crucial to pass up for players. This would cause the above problems and could have a negative impact on the overall reception of the game.

Game Freak must balance the best of both, which can feel like it would ruin the story. Another option is to allow players to fight against other Pokemon or the few Trainers of with Arceus at their side. This would make it an allegiance between the parties, as they wouldn’t necessarily have caught it in the traditional way. Pokemon Legends will not live up to its hype and disappear when it dies down. This is especially true if the fans are disappointed with the appearance and participation of the titular Pokemon.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Trailer Reveals Launch Date

Few franchises have had a lasting impact on gaming as Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series. The series’ combination of historical fiction with hack-and-slash gameplay is a classic on every console generation and is now being incorporated into other popular franchises such as The Legend of Zelda. The latest expansion for Dynasty Warriors9 will make it debut on next-gen hardware in early 2022.

Dynasty Warriors was first released on the original PlayStation in 1997. It was originally intended to be a fighting game that featured historical figures from China’s Three Kingdoms period from 220 to 282 AD. The hack and slash combat introduced in the 2000 sequel became synonymous with the series. It emphasized crowd combat and incredible abilities for players. Many spin-offs of the series’ success would take the series gameplay into other historical periods or media franchises like the Warring States period in Japan or the mecha-anime franchise Gundam.

The series will make its PlayStation 5/X/S debuts with Dynasty Warriors9 Empires. A sequel to 2018’s Dynasty Warriors9, Emperors will allow players to unify China through a combination of diplomacy and combat. A trailer from Koei Tecmo confirmed the February release and gave players a taste of the new expansion.

Players will need to be more strategic in defeating their opponents in Dynasty Warrios Empires. Koei Tecmo hinted at what this might involve. This would include forming alliances with key figures in the world to help players gain their power and expand their influence before they take to the battlefield. This will show in the players’ fortresses, which they have built over time.

Once they reach contact, players will be given the task of defending enemy fortresses. This is the familiar gameplay for Warriors players. They will have to defeat hordes and take territory in order to establish their foothold. If they want to win, castles will be the focus of all battles. Players will need to rely on siege tools like siege towers, batteringrams, and trebuchets to ensure their victory.

The game’s character editor allows players to personalize their characters. You can modify everything about your character, including the body, face, fair, and armor, to make it the ideal warrior for the battlefield or throne rooms.

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Bluepoint Games Rumored to Be Working on a Bloodborne Project

Since its launch in 2015, fans have longed to see Bloodbornereturn. Bluepoint Games is working on a Bloodborne remake that may allow fans to hunt again.

Bloodborneis an iconic title that was released early in the PS4’s life span. FromSoftware, creators of Demon’s Souls, and Dark Souls created Bloodborne. It redesigned the gameplay from those games and encouraged players to play aggressively, rather than defensively. It was in good standing with Sony before Bluepoint Games were acquired by PlayStation. This allowed for many classic games to be remade, including Shadow of the Colossus, and Demon Souls last year. Blast Master was the last original project of the studio, which has remained focused on remakes and remasters.

Colin Moriarty teased that Bluepoint Games might be making a Bloodborneremake. On Twitter, he wrote: “I’m hearing that Bluepoint Games may have been on a trip to Yharnam.” Yharnam, Bloodborne is the setting. It’s a decrepit, gothic metropolis that was once swarming in people but now teems with the sick and beasts. It confirmed that its next title will be a completely original title after it acquired Bluepoint. However, the latest rumors suggest that they are working on a remake and a new title.

Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls remake was a clear indication of their ability to create a Souls-like title. The Demon’s Souls remake was able to improve the game’s mechanics so it can compete with Dark Souls while maintaining the original vision and atmosphere. There are rumors about Bloodbornesequels or remakes appearing every few months. However, With FromSoftware still hard at work on Elden Ring and multiple people claiming that a remake at Bluepoint Games is in the works, this is your best chance to see this beloved world once again.

Bloodborne will be the next game to get the remake treatment if this rumor is true. It is the remake of Naughty Dog’s Last of Us. This game was also released on PlayStation. Some feel that The last of Us and Bloodborne do not really need to be remade. The Last of Us may be a little easier to understand because it is a PS3 game. However, Bluepoint will most likely knock it out of its park with whatever project it is next.

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Pokemon GO Fans Are Sharing the Weirdest PokeStops They’ve Seen

As Pokemon Go grows and evolves, players have come across many interesting PokeStops all over the globe. A group of Pokemon Go enthusiasts is now sharing some of the most bizarre, unexpected, and funny PokeStops that they have encountered while on their mobile Pokemon adventures.

PokeStops can be placed at top of real-life landmarks. This allows players to collect resources and face the antagonistic Team GO Rocket. While cities often have many PokeStops , Pokemon Go players from smaller communities might have difficulty finding PokeStops. Both types of environment seem to have their share of odd and unusual PokeStops.

Reddit user StrideeFPS began the discussion by sharing a picture of a gift they received at the Spongebob Squarepants Mailbox PokeStop in New York. He also asked other players for their opinions on the strangest PokeStops they’ve encountered. Many of the responses seem to be seasonal with October starting and Pokemon Go‘s Halloween events near. Other players stated that they visited PokeStops attached to memorials. One even commented that it felt like sending out headstones by sending gifts from these PokeStops.

One German player stated that every second PokeStop in their city is a part of a memorial for people who died in concentration camps. This may give the game a morbid flavor. Another user claimed that their town has a PokeStop at a funeral home. A second player reported that a PokeStop was set at a Christian family’s building and that it printed “HAPPINESS ISN’T SUBMISSION TO God”. The PokeStop image in question is apparently a photo of the wall altered to read “HAPPINESS IS SUBMISSION TO GODZILLA.”

Another player mentioned a PokeStop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota called “Is it bison poop?” with a description that read “Yes it IS.” One user from the UK claimed that a playground device looked like a bouncy squidhead, which was dubbed Boing Cthulhu by the app. This may have encouraged fans to wonder if team GO Rocket members would be seen there as cultists. Another German player claimed that he found a PokeStop at the North Korean Embassy in Berlin. One user event reported that a PokeStop was placed on top a Columbus, Ohio plaque that was created to commemorate nothing that happened at the site.


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Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Stained-Glass Togepi for Halloween

Pokemon has been a popular video game franchise for more than twenty years. Pokemon enthusiasts have been making tributes to their favorite Pokemon for well over 20 years. A fan of art decided to make a stained-glass Togepi for Halloween.

Many Pokemon events feature cute Halloween costumes. However, Togepi is not often listed on the official Halloween roster. Reddit user kmglasscreations used fan-made Halloween Togepi designs to inspire a stunning piece of stained glass fanart just in time for Halloween.

Togepi, a small, round Pokemon is hidden within a white eggshell with red and blue markings. Although its exposed head, arms and feet are normally shown as cream, this Halloween Togepi has grey skin and an orange Jack O-Lantern. Togepi has had the Jack-O-Lantern top removed so that Togepi can see through its head. However, Togepi still has a black, leering face visible from Togepi’s chest, creating a creepy atmosphere.

This is one of the most popular creations according to kmglasscreations. Fans may find it easy to understand why. Although this isn’t the first time that a Pokemon enthusiast has made stained glass fan art it might be the best. It has very sharp angles and color definition on the Jack-O-Lantern top. These sharp edges appear to be rounded according to the creator, at least for glass pieces. The illusion of sharp angles is created by cleverly shaped foil pieces, not something that is incorporated into the glass.

The stained glass Halloween Togepi seems to have been as well received by Pokemonfans, as the official stained glass-themed Pokemoncollectibles. One fan called the Halloween Togepi adorable, while another said that they loved it. Another fan called the project amazing. Kmglasscreations is a well-known brand for creating stained glass fan art inspired from video games. This Halloween Togepi matches their established brand. The Halloween Togepi and the artist’s other work, including more stained glass Pokemon, can be purchased on their Etsy shop, KMGlassCreationsShop. They have some other Halloween designs that they offer as of this writing.


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Assassin’s Creed 4 Fan Decorates Old Workplace With Incredible Art

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag is the most popular of the many games in the Assassin’s Creedseries. This huge shift in setting made Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag more enjoyable. This, in many ways, made it memorable for many Assassin’s Creed fans. One fan has Black Flag artwork at their old workplace.

Many games can be found on the Assassin’s Creed timeline. They have different characters and settings. The first few entries of the series focused on Altair and Ezio’s stories. Assassin’s Creed 3was a first game in the series that diverged from these two characters. However, it wasn’t until Assassin’s Creed4: Black Flagthat the series’ formula was truly reinvented for a large number of players. The Black Flag is still fondly remembered to this day.

Reddit user drew4511 shared an image of impressive wall art that appeared to have been spray-painted. The art features a gold version of the Assassin’s Creed icon and a golden skull at the center. This skull is located in the Assassin’s Creed4: Black Flag logo. The user claims that the art was part of an old garage where he used to work.

It’s incredible to see how many games have been released under the Assassin’s Creedbanner. Black Flag wasreleased almost eight years ago. A fan still has artwork of the game on their wall from their former workplace. Many fans still place Assassin’s Creed 2 on a pedestal, even though it was released more than a decade ago.

The Assassin’s Creedseries’s earlier entries are often the most popular. The new franchise entries all have unlockable versions for certain character outfits, such Ezio Auditore. The same outfit worn by Edward Kenway in games such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is also available.

It will be fascinating to see what Ubisoft has in mind for Assassin’s Creedmoving ahead. The Assassin Creed Odyssey and Assassin Creed Valhalla have both offered new approaches to the Assassin Creedformula. It’s not yet known when a new Assassin’s Creedgame might be released.


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Destiny 2: Zavala Voice Actor Lance Reddick ‘Debriefs’ Player About Their New Child

Destiny2 is a huge game that’s played by many people. It constantly adds new content through the seasonal model and weekly updates. There are also reworks to game modes and loot. The franchise’s seventh anniversary was marked by the release of the first installment in Bungie’s space magic series, Destiny 2. The company celebrated Destiny 2’s success at August streaming, while unveiling The Witch Queen expansion. This further emphasizes the importance of players’ journeys.

Destiny and Destiny HTML2 were great ways for players to come together and make friends. This was also celebrated back in August by Bungie, who shared several clips of players telling their stories about Destiny2 and why it was so special. Some players made lifelong friendships, while others found support and someone to talk to. Others even found love.

Lucky couple of Guardians received a message from Lance Reddick via Twitter to celebrate the birth of their baby. A Twitter user named @bee___sea found out that her wife was pregnant. Since the couple plays Destiny2 together, bee____sea asked Commander Zavala for a briefing on the situation and possible future missions. Reddick gave a flawless Zavala speech, in which he stated that Guardian David, bee____sea’s husband, must get enough sleep before the baby is born. It won’t be possible to do so for the next two-years.

Later, the wife shared her partner’s response in another tweet, making the entire reveal even more heartwarming. Reddick’s husband responded to the wife via their Twitter account under the name Unsainted13. He stated that the message of the actor was the best way for him to learn about his pregnancy. Reddick also received many genuine congratulations and some Destiny2 memes were added to his message. This was much to the delight of the parents.

This wonderful exchange shows how important games like Destiny2 can be in players’ lives and make them a lifetime passion. It’s not surprising that players will go to great lengths in order to create unique memories of their experience with the game. This is similar to the fan who made a Whisper of the Worm using a 3D printer.


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Fortnite Leak Suggests Mechs Are Making A Comeback

Many elements have changed over the history of Fortnite. The game has had many different elements over the years. Some of them more controversial than others. One of the more controversial pieces of content could soon be back, according to a prominent Fortnitedataminer.

Epic Games just completed celebrating Fortnite’s fourth anniversary last Wednesday. This limited-time event featured a number of special quests Fortnite players were able to complete in exchange for birthday-themed cosmetics and temporarily bringing back Birthday Presents. The leaked item mentioned above has not been seen since Fortnite’s second anniversary.

ShiinaBR, a dataminer and established leaker, has revealed the potential return to Fortnite’s Mechs. Shiina claims that they have discovered a file with a strange name. Titled “FundingStation.Mech.FundedAmount,” the name is undoubtedly referring to the long-vaulted powerful Mechs. The leaker claims that it is not yet known if they will be the 2-person B.R.U.T.E. Mechs from previous seasons, or if they’ll be an entirely new Mech that is more in line with ongoing events in Fortnite’s story. Shiina also noted that Mechs would likely be added later in the season based upon the file text.

Fortnite was the first to introduce Mechs in Season 10. Nearly immediately, players reacted negatively to the B.R.U.T.Es. They were almost universally criticized as being unbalanced or overpowered. Epic Games finally responded to the backlash with a substantial B.R.U.T.E. Epic Games responded to vehement complaints with a significant B.R.U.T.E. It is not clear if Fortnite will reintroduce the Mech in the same form as it was last seen by players, or if there will be a new version.

According to the ShiinaBR file, the mention of funding and the verbiage in it suggests that players could decide to bring back the Mech. Season 8 Fortnite allows players to pick which other-vaulted items they would like to see returned to the game. Gold Bars can be donated by players to “fund” the return of old items. The most recent saw the Shockwave Launchers defeat and the Rift-To-Go. It should be interesting to see if Mechs are something that has been voted on.

If the leak is correct, players will still have a few more weeks to get any mention of Mechs in Fortnite. Players can still try defeating Cube Assassin. However, having a Mech would be a great help.


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