ACNH Player Reveals Easy Way To Get Villagers To Leave Your Home

One player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons shared a simple trick to prevent villager visits at home. This new feature allows players to see ACNH villagers in their houses. It was introduced to the 2020 game as a substantial update. After the update, players may be visited at home by random islanders who can comment on their decor and play games.

The community was very interested in the possibility of villagers visiting players at their homes in Animal Crossing. Many people feel that the game’s villager characters lack personality compared to other AC games. Many fans believe that random visits by villagers could help fix this. The new Animal Crossing feature is quickly becoming an irritation for many. Users are unable to decorate or craft when villager visits their home. Players have found solutions by creating outdoor crafting areas and Animal Crossing storage space to minimize time at home.

Redditor and Animal Crossing player. The best tip to get rid of unwanted villager visitors to a house is to make it quick and easy for them to leave. The user stated that if a player stands in a room other than their main one when a villager visits, they will assume the house is empty and leave quickly if the player remains where they are. Players can prevent unwanted guests from dropping in on their homes by ensuring they are not in an area connected to the front door.

There is so much to do on the island that Animal Crossing players don’t have time to spend at home. One of the most common reasons players are not at home while decorating or designing their homes is because they have to choose wallpapers, flooring and move furniture. A wandering villager interrupting a home interior remodel can immediately stop the work. This is just one reason why many fans have become frustrated with the new visitor mechanic.

The_Rambling_Otter’s tip means that Animal Crossing players won’t have to stop what’s going on when a villager visits. As long as they are set up in another room, they’ll be fine. Users can set up crafting stations in separate rooms to avoid unwanted villager visits. However, those who decorate their main room will still be affected by their noise. Perhaps Nintendo will develop a better method to deal with villager visits in the future Animal Crossing patch.





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God of War launched last week on PC, and it’s very good. Our 90% review said that it is “the best version of an amazing game” and that it runs so smoothly you may not need to buy a new GPU. God of War can run like an ace on AMD’s Ryzen 7 5700G integrated graphics with a little tuning and tweaking. The game has also received an “overwhelmingly positive rating” from more than 10,000 Steam users throughout the weekend. It’s not bad at all.

There is no perfect launch. Some users report memory issues even on the most powerful rigs. Sony discovered that most complaints were coming from users with 12th-Gen Intel CPUs and integrated graphics. Although disabling integrated graphics was an effective but not optimal workaround, a hotfix for Steam’s experimental branch is now available that should provide a more user-friendly solution.

You will need to right-click God of War in Steam’s Steam library and choose “Properties” in the pop-up menu. Next, select “Betas” from the left-hand menu and change to “Experimental.” It may not appear in the drop-down menu. Restart Steam and try again.

This branch is experimental. Sony warns that this branch is experimental because we haven’t completed all of our quality assurance testing. This means that there may be instability we don’t yet know about. If you are willing to help, download the new build and let me know how it goes.

Based on the comments in this thread, the fix appears to be working for some players, but others are still struggling–hopefully, Sony will be able to come up with a more comprehensive fix soon. If you’ve tried the experimental branch but want to go back, you can follow the same steps, except choosing “none” instead.

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Doctor Strange’s Wong Just Beat One of the Strongest X-Men in One Move

Preview for Strange Academy #15, Doctor Strange’s longtime ally Wong defeats Magik, one the most powerful X-Men, with one move. Wong shows how to disable and defend against influential magic users. He can destroy Illyana Rasputin’s demonic Soulsword and ends his duel with the X-Men’s big gun. Wong barely moves a muscle. This is an excellent example of how undervalued Wong is.

The mutant Magik was first introduced in 1975’s Giant-Sized X-Men #1. it is one of the most powerful X-Men. Her abilities extend beyond her mutant power of teleportation and include a variety of capacities related to her status of Ruler of Limbo, a demonic Hell-like dimension. Wong was first introduced in 1963’s Strange Tales #110. He is a highly-skilled martial artist and has spent decades with Stephen Strange. It is no surprise that he is experienced in magic defense.

The preview for Strange Academy #15 was written by Skottie and illustrated by Humberto Ramos. It shows the main class taking part in their first Mystical Defence 101 course. Illyana is his sparring partner. The faculty of Strange Academy have been subject to multiple attacks over the past year, including the death and attack by Mister Misery and battles against Dormammu. It is not surprising that they are passionate about teaching students magic defense. Illyana is an Adjunct Professor at Strange Academy. She has been instructing the students in magic defense, which she is familiar with. However, her brief duel with Wong demonstrates that reason is as important as offense. Enjoy the preview below, which AIPT shared.

Wong and Magik are engaged in a sparring match. Illyana seems to be unafraid of Wong’s fully-powered Soulsword as she charges at him. Wong waves his hands, casting a magical defense spell that completely depowers the Soulsword. Wong defeating Illyana is impressive enough. However, his ability to disable the Soulsword’s magical properties, which are meant to interrupt the magic properties of the things it slices, is especially wild considering that the weapon is often considered to have magical properties. One of the most powerful In the whole Marvel Universe.

Wong teaches students that Magik made the error of “Bringing a sword…to a magic battle.” He also tells his defense students t”You must be prepared for all types of attacks and know which defenses to use.” It’s not about brute force or size. Wong then has the students engage in their warring. One student is quite surprising. Madelyne, also known as the Goblin Queen, fifightsadelyne PrPryorhe has control over Limbo. Not They don’t want her Soulsword malfunctioning while they are fighting! Wong is often overlooked as a sorcerer.

It’s refreshing to see him win the Great Captain of Krakoa, gain respect from his students and Magik herself. While Magik and Wong may be able to cross swords, Wong is not seeing that something is seriously wrong with the student body. Calvin Morse, a shadowy power broker, makes dangerous trades. Hopefully, Wong H’s detective skills will rival his fighting ability, which he has been able to defeat. X-Men One shot at’s Magik Strange Academy #15 Retailers will be notified on January 19.

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Mario Kart Video Shows The Game’s Most Unlucky Player

A recent Twitter video shows the unluckiest player in the Mario Kart franchise. Thanks to Nintendo’s ability to keep the Mario Kart series current with new courses and characters while keeping the original format, the series has remained immensely successful over the years. The most popular Mario Kart title, Mario Kart8, was the Mario Kart racing game in the United States. Many fans still love to play older games, even though there have been many games in the racing series over the years.

Items are a hallmark feature of the Mario Kart franchise. These items are available for players to pick up by driving through boxes marked with question marks. They can be used in a variety of ways. Some items can increase a player’s speed, while others can slow down or prevent them from getting ahead. There are many colors in the Mario Kart franchise, which can target players. These include the red, green, and even the feared Mario Kart Blue shell.

One Mario Kart enthusiast who goes by the Twitter handle Tyomatee posted a video showing the unfortunate events that caused a player to lose a race in Mario Kart Wii. The video shows the player riding a motorcycle as Princess Daisy and crossing a swinging wooden bridge just before finishing. The player is hit twice with the red and blue shells as they drive across the bridge. After that, another red shot is thrown at them. After regaining their composure, the player is pushed to one side by another and then hit with a third red shell. The player is then pushed off the bridge and made by another player. Lakitu brings the player back onto the track and Mario Kart’s Bullet Bill takes them off the track.

Mario Kart players know that the CPU or another player will often use an item to stop the player. However, in the video of tomatoes, the player isn’t hit only once or twice by an object. The player is controlled by multiple items, which are used against them intentionally and others that simply happen to hit him. To make matters worse, the racer was hit twice by several players, causing them to fall off the track. This clip proves that the Mario Kart driver is genuinely the worst player.

Now, it is being speculated that Nintendo will announce that it is developing Mario Kart 9.. New items will be available if the game follows the old formula. We hope that the more recent game won’t be as luckless as this Mario Kart racer.





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Breath of the Wild Player Dunks A Korok Rock With Clever Puzzle Solution

One creative The Legend of Zelda player solved a puzzle by throwing a rock instead of dropping it. Open-world games in Nintendo’s fantasy series are known for giving players the freedom to accomplish their objectives as they wish. Zelda: The title’s non-linear open universe contains many hidden details and offers many gameplay options.

The future of the Legends of Zelda franchise sees the Breath of the Wild sees the series’ protagonist Link awaken in the ruined country of Hyrule. The player is tasked with defeating Calamity Ganon and must travel across Hyrule to gain power and restore Link’s memories. The quest requires players to reclaim Master Sword, conquer four giant Divine Beasts, and Breath the Wildallows them to do these tasks in any order that they wish. You can overcome challenges in any way you like, provided that the goal is achieved. One player beat the Two Rings Arrow Challenge by slowing down to make a difficult shot even though it was intended to fire through two completely different rings.

Reddit user @dkmoded created a challenge by dropping a rock. This further illustrates the versatility of Breath of the Wild. In the title’s Korok seed Puzzles, the player must manipulate the environment to gain a Korok Seed. It is tough to throw a rock in a river circle. Dkmoded used the Cryonis power and made a path through the water by throwing the stone onto it and following it. The creative player jumps into the circle and holds the rock to score an ingenious slam-dunk.

Zelda was named Japan’s most popular game due to its emphasis on player freedom, open-world immersion, and free play. According to reports, 50,000 Japanese citizens voted for Nintendo’s fantasy-role-play title. This placed it ahead of other favorites like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy VII.

Many players have found unique ways to complete Breath Of The Wild tasks. Each challenge has many different solutions. Dkmoded discovered a clever and simple way to solve a complex problem by dropping a Korok rock rather than throwing it. The Zeldainstallment’s impressive flexibility allows for creative solutions and even the possibility of actually using them.



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Halo fans mourn the end of Halo 3.

The Xbox 360 online services for classic games are being closed today, leaving Halo fans to mourn the loss of their beloved series and reminisce.

Halo 3: Halo 3: STOP, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 have been affected. Campaigns and single-player content are still available, but online matchmaking has been removed. Other online services, such as file sharing and challenges, will also be disabled.

The entire sunsetting plan can be viewed below, thanks to a post at Halo Waypoint.

Superfans can still enjoy games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Game Pass. For many, it’s not going to be the same.

The Halo subreddit is now reminiscing over their time with Halo and paying tribute to the good times and friends they made.

PoloSword had a great time hopping on the servers with random people. It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable gaming experiences of our lives.

SgtBeanboi created a memorial to the Xbox 360 Halo versions. It’s fitting to pay tribute to such a well-known series, and it’s great to see so much dedication after so many years.

In a very emotional video, Sir_Entity shared a final game, during which it appeared that a ceasefire had been called. Both teams were seen sitting in the ocean, teabagging and shooting into the skies. This is what makes it so unique. !

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Ozark Recap: The Most Important Episodes To Rewatch Before Season 4


Ozark season 4 will soon be available on Netflix. This means you have the opportunity to rewatch the most important episodes of one of the best anti-hero crime series ever. Ozark season three was released in March 2020. After almost two years, Ozark will return to Netflix on January 21, 2022, without any new content.

Ozark’s main antagonists, Omar Navarro (Felix Solis), was last seen with Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman) in Mexico. They were there to witness the second baptism of Omar Navarro’s infant son. Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer), Navarro’s main antagonist, is executed by him in front of the Byrdes. They are then covered in Helen’s blood and welcomed into the cartel. The preview trailer for Ozark season 4 shows the Byrdes in the bathroom, trying to get their heads together after their bloody baptism into Navarro’s cartel.

Ozark season 4, which will conclude the series, will feature 14 episodes divided into two parts. Part 1 will air on January 21, 2022. Part 2 will be available later in the year. Ozark season four will begin under new paradigms, which tilt the balance of power between Mexico and Missouri. These are key Ozark episodes that you can rewatch before getting into the final season. It’s been nearly two years since these paradigms were established.

“Sugarwood” (Season 1, Episode 1)

Marty’s friend and cartel money-launderer Bruce Liddell (Josh Randall) is caught by Del (Esai Morales), a Navarro cartel lieutenant. He swindles $8 million in cash. Marty saves his life by using Bruce’s promotional flyer to devise a plan for laundering $500 million in five consecutive years in the Lake of the Ozarks. Marty’s original plan lays the foundations for the Byrde ventures in Ozark series 3. Marty has paid back $8 million Bruce stole. Del saves his life by sending the Byrdes to Ozarks to pay the $8 million within three months. This pilot is a wonderful reminder of why the Byrdes got into this mess.

“Blue Cat” (Season 1, Episode 2).

The Byrdes move into the neighborhood. Marty and Wendy’s children Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) & Charlotte Byrde(Sofia Hublitz) fail to secure $8 million. It ends up in possession of the Langmores: Ruth, Julia Garner, Wyatt (Charlie Tahan), Three, and Boyd (Christopher James Baker). Marty and Wendy learn that Rachel (Jordana Spiro) owns the Blue Cat Inn and the restaurant. This could be the basis for a huge money-laundering operation. This episode introduces many of Ozark season3’s cast members, including FBI agent Roy Petty. Roy follows Marty to Ozarks after investigating the cartel’s activities in Chicago.

“Tonight We Improvise” (Season 1, Episode 4).

Marty decides to expand his money laundering operations by pursuing the Lickety Splitz. Ruth Langmore manages to break into Marty’s Lickety Splitz safe. The Byrdes then acquire the strip club at Bobby Dean’s expense. The Snells eventually kill Bobby. The Lickety Splitz was a money-laundering operation for Jacob (Peter Müller) and Darlene (Lisa Emery). Now have their eyes on the Byrdes. Marty teaches Jonah how to money launder.

“Coffee, Black” Season 1, Episode 9

Wendy uses her influence on Sam Dermody (Kevin L. Johnson), a real estate agent, to launder Del’s $8 Million on time. The cartel then sends the Byrdes 50 million. The Byrdes purchase a funeral home because this is only 10% of the $500,000,000 Marty promised to launder. Agent Roy Petty forces Ruth to kill Russ Boyd and his uncles Russ to protect Marty.

“The Toll” (Season 1, Episode 10).

The season 1 finale was why Ozark became one of the most popular TV shows in 2020. Mason Young (Michael Mosley), refusing to use his church for heroin distribution to the Snells’, Grace (Bethany Anne Lind), their baby Zeke (Tessa Melendez), is taken hostage in their home. Buddy kills Garcia (Joseph Melendez), a cartel operative, to allow Wendy and her children to escape the Ozarks. Marty was brokering a mutually-beneficial plan between the Navarro cartel, the Snells. It involved a casino on the vast Snell property that would handle both money laundering and distribution for both sides. Darlene takes a racial insult to Darlene’s racism and shoots Del in her head. Marty’s plans for a casino are thrown into disarray. Marty and Wendy are reunited with the children.




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Full House Star Bob Saget Dead at 65

Full House Star Bob Saget passed away today at the age of 65. Saget was born on May 17, 1956. He first entered the entertainment business in 1980 with the short Devices. After playing a few roles on television, Saget was cast in the hit sitcom Full House, where he played the role of patriarch Danny Tanner over 8 seasons. Later, he would reprise the Netflix sequel series Fuller House. This show aired for 5 more seasons. Saget was only in 15 episodes, along with original stars Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin.

Saget was also the voice of the Full House franchise; he voiced Ted Mosby, the older Ted Mosby, and provided narration for all his stories. From 1989 to 1997, he hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos. Saget has appeared on numerous television shows, often even as himself. He was a guest star on four episodes of HBO’s Entourage. He was most recently a contestant in The Masked Singer.

TMJ reports that Saget died on Sunday, January 9th, at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Florida. He was 65 years old. After Saget was found in his room by security, the sheriff’s office and fire department responded to the scene at 4 PM. Although a cause of death was not released, it is believed that Saget was declared dead on the spot. Saget performed Saturday night in Jacksonville as part of his I Don’t Do Negative tour. He wrote, “I didn’t know I did a 2-hour set tonight. This shit is making me happy again.

Saget was a talented comedian who performed various stand-up shows throughout his career. His 2014 comedy album What’s the Talkin’ About earned him a Grammy nomination. He had several dates planned for his current tour. Saget has appeared in many films over the years, including Dumb & Dumberer: How Harry Met Lloyd. The film Killing Daniel is his final screen appearance.

Saget’s humor and warmth will be remembered fondly as he played the role of Danny Tanner. Saget was a father figure to many who grew up watching Full House. It was a difficult decision to lose him, especially considering how abrupt it was. He’ll be missed, but he has made a mark in the entertainment industry and the hearts of viewers all over the world.



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Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat service (EAC), which detects unfair play in games, will be familiar to many PC Gamers. It was recently made free and will soon be available in more games.

Valve is determined to have as many games on Steam Deck as possible. However, the implementation of anti-cheat technology seems to be a significant obstacle to that goal. Steam Deck utilizes a compatibility layer called Proton which allows Windows games to run on the Linux platform. Epic had announced that Easy Anti-Cheat would be compatible with Proton a few months ago. Developers could enable it with just a few clicks, which was good news considering its popularity. We now know that this may not be true.

Vermintide 2 developer (via GamingOnLinux), it will be difficult for many games. Vermintide 2, which uses EAC, has revealed that it may not be the right type. They replied to a thread asking for Proton support via the Steam Forum. It turns out that there are two versions of EAC. One that uses Epic’s Online Services and one that does not. While this may work for Epic’s Online Services users, it may not be applicable to some newer Epic Titles. Vermintide 2 is one game that uses the non-EOS Epic’s Anti-Cheat.

They believe it would be difficult to convert a non-EOS version into an EOS, and so receive Proton support. However, they are currently investigating whether this is feasible.

Tripwire Interactive and other developers have pointed out that Epic’s Anti-Cheat could cause compatibility issues. However, it’s not the only service that could be problematic. DayZ developers have also stated that it is unlikely that they will be bringing their game on Steam Deck, and many believe this to be because of BattleEye’s anti-cheat software.

This could prove to be a significant problem for Steam Deck, considering how many games it could affect. It’s still a useful piece of hardware, which many people are eager to get. To ensure that developers get enough demand, they will have to be notified by customers. If you don’t want the hassle of this, perhaps the AyaNeo Next premium handheld PC is more for you.

According to Valve, the Steam Deck launch is still scheduled for February. We’ll hopefully find out more when that happens.–Hack

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Alec Baldwin Denies Non-Compliance Rumors In Rust Shooting Investigation

Alec Baldwin denied rumors that the actor isn’t cooperating in the ongoing investigation into the shooting death on-set of Halyna Hutchins, HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_cinematographer. Baldwin, holding a gun that fired a live round while rehearsing for the independent western Rust, killed Hutchins, 42, and injured director Joel Souza. This incident shocked both the public and the film industry, prompting celebrities to call for additional safety protocols on set.

Although Hutchins’ murder investigation has not led to any criminal charges, Baldwin was recently ordered to surrender his cell phone by Santa Fe police. Police are reportedly requesting the phone to search for video, calls, texts, photos, and other information in the Rust investigation. Baldwin has cooperated with this process and voluntarily spoke to the authorities right after the incident. Baldwin has stated that he did not pull the trigger on his pistol and that he would never point any loaded gun at someone and fire the trigger. This raises new questions about how such an awful mishap could have been allowed to occur.

This latest development comes just weeks after Baldwin was initially told to hand over his phone. The 63-year old now denies rumors that he’s not cooperating with the investigation. According to Deadline, Baldwin refused to hand his phone over to Santa Fe police. He disputed the legality of their demands which he feels violated his privacy. Baldwin also refused to comply with police requests and orders, calling such suggestions ” lies.”

They can’t simply go through your phone to take your photos or your love letters or whatever else. Any suggestion that I don’t comply with any requests, orders, demands, or search warrants regarding my phone is a lie.

Although understandably, the personal property should be closely examined by authorities, it is a little odd that Baldwin thinks he should be kept out of the investigation. It doesn’t matter if he pointed the gun at Hutchins, but the fact remains that he was the only person present at the heart of the incident. It is not something any other suspect in serious crimes could afford to refuse to hand over his phone. At this time, it is unclear if Baldwin has found a temporary loophole in the warrant. He insists that New Mexico police must go through New York authorities to search Baldwin’s phone.

While isearch Baldwin’s phoneremains to be determined, wher can feel that the questions and answers keep coming. The long wait for any kind of definite explanation is unbearable for the Hutchins’ family and friends. Alec Baldwin is currently facing lawsuits from the Rust crew. This terrible incident could make matters worse for the once-nominated Oscar nominee.




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