Call of Duty: Warzone Players Are Demanding Combat Scout Changes

Warzone was launched in 2020. Raven Software has made many changes to the game over the five seasons of battle royale. Players have many reasons to return to the game, including map modifications for Verdansk and new weapons. The community has not been happy with all the changes. Some fans have been calling on the developers to fix Combat Scout perk.

The Combat Scout perk was released with Season 5’s Tempered perk. It provides vital information to players on the battlefield. This perk is activated when a player damages an enemy. The wounded opponent will be highlighted briefly. This intel can change the outcome of a fight as the squad members who have it can also see the injured enemy. Some believe the Combat Scout perk is a way to balance the current meta.

Reddit user zfluffz posted a picture of the Combat Scout perk. They attempted to prove this by making a video. Warzone : Call of Duty Perk was OP. The clip began with the player shooting at an enemy who was hiding in a barn. The injured player fled behind a wall after they had successfully shot the opponent. Fortunately for the enemy, zfluffz could still see their location thanks to the Combat Scout perk. The highlighted enemy was then shot multiple times through the wall and knocked down.

This video by zfluffz has sparked discussion among members of the Warzone Community. Many players agreed with them, noting that the perk forced players to select Cold Blooded perk which prevents players being detected. Some players suggested that Combat Scout would be even more effective in shooting through walls of highlighted enemies if they had Full Metal Jacket.

zfluffz was not the only one who disagreed. They stated that Combat Scout was not an issue as long as there were perks to offset it. Others argued that players were forced to use the same perks each time. They argued that fights became less exciting and more predictable.

Fans continue to debate the efficacy of this perk. However, others are preparing for Season 6 Warzone. The new season, which launched on October 7, adds new content such as new operators and weapons and changes to Verdansk and the Gulag. It will be interesting to see how the developers address fans’ concerns about Combat Scout in this new season.


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Apple Reportedly Made More Money from Games Than Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo Combined in 2019

While Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all had a lot of gaming revenue, none of them can compare to Apple’s 2019 earnings. A recent report shows that Apple out-earns all other companies combined because of its revenue share.

In 2019, Apple made $8.5 billion from gaming, despite the fact that Apple does not make games. This figure is a result of the 30% cut on all App Store purchases, with the developers and owners of mobile games taking the largest share. Apple can remain a strong player in the gaming industry without having to develop games.

A recent report shows that mobile gamers spent $45 billion in the 2020 fiscal year on App Store gaming. The majority of this spending was from China and the United States with 31% and 26% respectively of the revenue. These top mobile gamers accounted for 64% of the App Store sales and spent nearly $2,700 annually.

Apple received $13.5 billion from the $45 billion it spent on the App store in 2020 fiscal year. This is an increase year-over year. These estimates show that the $13.5 billion represented only about 5% of Apple’s total revenue for 2020, which was approximately $275 billion. Apple’s revenue came from iPhone hardware sales which accounted for half of the revenue in fiscal year.

Although Apple’s 2019 earnings included money spent in Fortnite, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple for 2020. The game was taken off the platform. Apple appears to be doing well despite losing the Fortnite-Bucks money which was generating Apple approximately $354 million in revenue. Analysts predict that mobile gaming revenues will continue to grow as more games are added to the platform.

The service category, which includes advertising, extended warranties, Apple TV and Apple Music, is included in the 2019 and 2020 Apple sales figures. They generated $53.8 billion in revenue for the 2020 fiscal year. Analysts predict that the global gaming industry’s revenue will nearly double from 2016, to $198 billion by 2024. Some projections predict that mobile gaming revenue will grow to $103 billion by 2024.

Epic Games challenged Apple’s revenue share during its recent lawsuit against Apple. This means that more companies might be inclined to Epic Games’ revenue share. These sales figures are not clear at the moment. Some gamers might be surprised by Apple‘s gaming profits, but the platform’s success shows why Google Stadia and Xbox are eager to move onto mobile.


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Halo Infinite Reveals Rockstar Energy Collaboration

Xbox is letting the world know its marketing plans to generate more excitement with Halo Infinite now that is here. New special edition cans will feature Halo infinite imagery and artwork by Master Chief for each Rockstar flavor.

Marcos Waltenberg, Director of Xbox Global Partnerships, announced via Xbox Wire that five Rockstar Energy Drink flavors will feature special artwork: Original, Sugar Free Fruit Punch, Silver Ice and Blackberry Goji. These flavors will be available beginning October 1st, and will continue until the release Halo infinite December 8th. The last flavor will be a limited-time deal for customers from the United States and will become available December 1st. Each can was designed by fans and artists from the UK and the United States. Each can will feature a unique design by Master Chief to make them stand out on shelves.

To unlock many in-game rewards, fans can also redeem codes for ‘s Multiplayer game mode. Players can search for codes in specially marked Rockstar Energy cans and redeem them to unlock special rewards such as double XP and Challenge Swaps. A sweepstakes will be held for fans to enter for a chance at winning a prize package that includes an Xbox Series X console and a digital copy Halo Infinite.

There is also a Grand Prize that will award a Jeep Gladiator SUV. One lucky winner will drive away with a Jeep that stands out on roads and off-roads thanks to the collaboration between the car manufacturer, Xbox with Rockstar Energy drinks. Only residents of the United States can win this grand prize.

Microsoft and Rockstar Energy drinks have been collaborating for years. They struck similar marketing deals for Halo, and other brands in the past. CD Projekt Red joined forces with Rockstar in 2020 to bring you a special flavor Cyberpunk2077 known as “Samurai Cola”. Specially marked cans with characters from the game were given codes that could be used to redeem $1 rewards in the Microsoft Store.

Officially available October 1st to December 8th, the specially designed cans and contest will continue until the end of the yea

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Xbox Series X Fan Creates Console Wall Mount With 3D Printer

The new era in gaming was inaugurated last year. The launch of the Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5, has opened up new possibilities for gamers. These include quick load times via SSDs. These powerful systems come at a price, however. It can be difficult to find a place for these consoles. One next-gen player found a clever way to store their Xbox Series X.

A Reddit user named Gary_BBGames posted a picture of their gaming setup. The image featured an Xbox Series X sitting on a 3D-printed wall mounted. This wall mount, which was inconspicuously designed and colored black, blends well with the rest of your room. The stand’s holes provided adequate ventilation and cable management. Gary_BBGames stated that the wall mount was chosen for the Xbox Series X as their entertainment unit was too small.

Gary_BBGames shared the process of creating the 3D-printed wall mounted for their amazing Xbox gaming system. The wall mount consisted of two parts, each taking approximately seven hours to 3D-print. Although they didn’t design the mount, they said that Shapr3D was used by the person responsible. Gary_BBGames was asked why they didn’t buy a wall mount from Amazon. He said that the materials required to print the mount were only a few dollars and that it would take less time to produce than shipping one from a retailer.

The new stand by Gary_BBGames is very popular among the Xbox community on Reddit. Many like the clean appearance that the wall mount gives to the Xbox Series X. Some people were impressed by the creative setup of Gary_BBGames, while others were afraid to attempt it. Reddit users thought it was possible for the console to fall from the stand. The creator assured Reddit users that the mount, which was 3D printed, was strong and that there was a carpet underneath the console.

As many gamers continue to search for their next-gen consoles, news about the fan-created 3D printed wall mount for Xbox Series X is important. These new consoles will be hard to find, with the expected shortage of chips continuing into 2022. It will be interesting to see if those who are able to purchase a new console, or have one already, use a 3D printed wall mounting like this one by Gary_BBGames.

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Twitch Streamer Asmongold Says He Doesn’t Want to Do World of Warcraft Raids With Randoms Anymore

The streamers of the popular game World of Warcraft tend to have differing opinions about playing the game with others. Streamers tend to be very strong believers, even if they are not playing World of Warcraft. This can lead to divisions among viewers, random players, and those in their own groups. While streamers like Forsen might spend a lot of time with viewers, Asmongold has a different opinion.

Asmongold was playing New World during a stream and was asked by viewers why he didn’t participate in raids with random players (in World of Warcraft Class). Asmongold’s streamer community expects him to be raiding more, with Blizzard constantly updating World of Warcraft Classic. Asmongold is polite, but stern in his explanation. He explains that he doesn’t like raiding anymore. The streamer begins with a concern statement and then explains why he did what he did.

Twitch streamer Jeremy began his explanation by saying, “I get so mad whenever they don’t do the things I want.” He goes on explaining, calling himself a jerk and stating that he only likes raids when everything is perfect. He is honest and thoughtful in his self-retrospective perspective. Asmongold might find another WoW content instead, with World of Warcraft just adding Solo Island Expeditions.

Asmongold continues to explain, while grinding resources in New World. “I know myself, and I think, maybe it is better not to do it (playing with random players),” Asmongold said. Save everyone the hassle. It is not about other players. He wants to understand if he would enjoy the game in the circumstances he cannot control. Asmongold will probably find other content with games such as World of Warcraft and the possibility to play New World.

Many in the community are shocked at comments like this, World of Warcraft being Asmongold’s most popular game. Asmongold recently criticized a new WOW update. This led viewers to believe that the streamer is abandoning his claim to fame. Instead, Asmongold is streaming New World with no camera. This unusual combination of actions comes from the controversial World of Warcraft streamer. These signs may indicate a shift in streamer content.


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Realistic Artwork Shows How Geralt Could Look In A Next-Gen Witcher Game

Geralt of The Witcher is a beloved character among readers, TV show fans, and gamers. He’s always engaged in delicate dances of international politics or solving mysteries like a medieval Batman. It is almost a given that the The Witcher franchise and its main character will continue their place in popular culture, even in the future generation of videogames.

One can only wonder what the White Wolf The Witcher will look and feel like, as graphical fidelity improves with every successive generation of video games. One artist put all their talents into the project, creating a Geralt that is so real it looks like he could jump off the page.

Massimiliano Bianchini, a 3D artist, shared their ideas on how a next-generation Geralt might appear. The Butcher of Blaviken is a formidable figure. Two versions were presented by the artist: one showing Geralt with a hood on and one showing his face. Both show the experienced Witcher, with whom audiences are very familiar.

Although Geralt doesn’t wear a hood often, it suits him well and does not diminish the stoicism Geralt is famous for. Both versions have a lot of life, with the realistic details such as Geralt’s hood and dirt on his skin. This version is slightly less polished than Henry Cavill’s more refined rendition of the Witcher.

Geralt’s eyes are the most striking feature in both versions. They are both vivid in color and intense. The glowing yellow-yellow glow of the Witcher’s eyes instantly draws attention away from Geralt, despite being hidden beneath his hood. The expression Geralt’s focused gaze as he looks ahead is just as striking as the eye-catching expression. Geralt has seen so much more than anyone else in his life, and Geralt will probably see even more. It doesn’t matter what Geralt looks like in the next generations of pop culture. His pragmatic and focused approach will be a constant reminder of his audience for many years.

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