Subscribe to Plus Now To Get A Few Bonus Freebies

Subscribe to Plus Now To Get A Few Bonus Freebies

The vast majority of PlayStation Plus subscribers aren’t thrilled about the October freebies.

PlayStation 5 players have been able access the World War II shooter Heck Let Loose. However, it has proven to be a highly divisive release that is not clicking for many players. PlayStation 4 subscribers feel “insulted” and have complained about Mortal Kombat X, PGA Tour 2K21, and other games.

Many PS4 subscribers are annoyed that they received Mortal Kombat X instead of the enhanced Mortal Kombat XL, which is essentially the exact same game but with additional content.

“Ridiculous. This game is six years old,” wrote to one Mortal Kombat X user. “They gave us a standard edition, which is an insult!” They could have given a more complete version of the game, which is a shame.

“It is insulting to give us X instead of XL, when the game’s so old. Most people who like fighting games would already have bought it or Mortal Kombat 11 by now,” said another user before acknowledging that “it could have been worse.”

Good news! Those of you who have already redeemed Mortal Kombat X can claim additional content free. Although it isn’t quite as good as Mortal Kombat XL‘s, it’s still better than nothing.

kabirsingh84 pointed out that there are tons of free add-ons available for Mortal Kombat X. These can be downloaded from this store. Although these are mainly bonus skins and other items, they are still free. Take advantage of the opportunity to get what you want while you still have it.

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Fall Guys Leak Claims Halo-Themed Content is Coming to the Game

Crossover content is always a crowd pleaser. Fans love to see their favorite characters in places they might not expect. This is why Sora was revealed for Super Smash Bros. This month, Ultimate caused waves that were as large as mountains. The more crossovers that are coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it seems.
Fall Guys is no stranger to cross-platform properties. Just last month, the game received a skin for Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Fall Guys is not tied to any one console’s exclusive cosmetics. If a Twitter leak proves to be true, it could be that the fun will shift to Microsoft, particularly to its flagship Halo franchise.

Three cosmetics with Halo themes are headed to Fall Guys, according to @FgPancake on Twitter. The file names for three new items are leaked. They appear to be named after the grunt, chieftain, and Master Chief. This would be a significant step towards ensuring that Fall Guys have more Xbox representation to match Sony’s exclusives.

Pancake suggests that these skins may be released alongside Fall Guys’ Xbox version. This would make sense. It’s only fair to expect Fall Guys to get more famous Fall Guys.

This leak is also good news for Halo fans hoping to become Master Chief. Pancake, though not associated with Mediatonic has claimed many leaks that ended up becoming reality in the past, so it would be safe to assume that this would also be true.

Mediatonic and Devolver Digital would make smart business decisions by including Halo-themed cosmetics in their games. Fall Guys has a massive PlayStation playerbase, so it would be a smart move to try and get more Xbox fans to give the fun party game a shot.

If that is what the intention is, Master Chief is one of few Microsoft mascots who has such a wide appeal. One reply to the tweet claiming the leak said, “Sir,” when asked about Master Chief’s activities in Fall Guys. Woo!

Fall Guys was the game that gamers talked about for a while. It was streamed on Twitch and YouTube by many of the most prominent names in Twitch and YouTube right after it launched. The smart launch strategy for PlayStation Plus was combined with a cute aesthetic and clever game concepts to create a fun atmosphere that all ages could enjoy. The game’s popularity grew as it was embraced by other properties. Everything from the Doom Slayer and the Rot from Kena Bridge of Spirits has been added to it.

Although Fall Guys isn’t as popular as it used to be, there would be a resurgence of interest if Mediatonic partnered up with Netflix to produce some Squid Game content. The Korean series has been a huge success, much like Fall Guys. It is unlikely that the debate about its deadly games will slow down. The TV series and the game share a similar premise. Some Squid Game-inspired stages or outfits could be a great Season of Fall Guys content.

Although the Fall Guys’ Seasons have not yet taken on a specific theme, Squid Game deserves a whole Season of attention. Imagine a battle pass with items inspired by the show. A victory pose would see a bean holding up the Squid Game piggybank, or an emote watching cute beans throw some Ddakji. Battle Pass cosmetics may include Squid Game profile items as well as different-numbered jumpsuits similar to those worn by Squid Game participants. Another memorable skin could be created by including the episode 8 tuxedos.

The more costly Fall Guys cosmetics require players to spend crowns each piece. This could allow Soldiers and The Front Man access. A Fall Guys bean would look fantastic in the iconic pink Soldier outfits, as well as some square, triangle and circle face plates. The Front Man’s unique black mask will make him stand out among other Fall Guys skins currently in the game. These outfits will be a great incentive for gamers to continue playing Squid Games, as other communities have already created skins for the game, such overwatch’s Ana becoming a Soldier.

However, the most exciting part about hypothetical Squid Game content are not the costumes. Mediatonic could instead create multiple stages that reflect the games featured in the Netflix series. It is clear that the Squid Game would be a good idea. Fall Guys beans can die if they are removed from the game’s playing space. It is already a mechanic that allows players to grab each other, so letting them push each other during this stage would make it work.

The most intriguing game idea is Redlight, Greenlight, which is featured in the Squid Game’s first episode. A giant Fall Guys bean, which could be used as a motion detector and giant killer doll, could track the movement of players as they attempt to cross the finish line. Fall Guys’ pushing, which allows beans to slip and fall, would be at its highest here. Players could even kill each other if necessary. It would be different from Fall Guys races to move slowly and carefully, and it would be intense for other players to be eliminated as the game progresses.

The possibilities for such a crossover are endless with Fall Guys’ Tip Toe able to have a visual redesign that matches the bridge from Squid Game’s seventh episode. Although Squid Game’s violence needs to be reduced to fit Fall Guys’ E rating, there’s still plenty of potential. Squid Game is getting a lot of love, and it could be the subject of a video game. With Netflix’s plans to offer gaming on its service, a crossover with Fall Guys would be a great idea for now.

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Adidas Reveals Xbox 360 Themed Shoes

Sneakerheads and gamers alike are enjoying Adidas’ latest collaboration, a line special Xbox-themed sneakers created to celebrate the console’s 20th anniversary. Adidas has revealed the first model of the anticipated collab, which is a tribute to the original Xbox. Now, Adidas will reveal the first look at the next pair. It’s modeled after the fan-favorite Xbox 360.
Complex reported in May that reports of the partnership between two major brands surfaced. Anonymous sources told Complex that Adidas would launch shoes with Xbox branding in June. Although the timing of the release may have been a little off, the anonymous sources proved to be accurate.
The Xbox 360 Forum Mid shoes, which are currently only available on Adidas’ Canadian website is a sight to see. The new design is based on the Adidas Forum Mid model and features an Xbox 360-inspired design. The sole is a light electric green and the upper is bright white. The Xbox 360 Forum Mids are also a tribute to the system’s components, with the upper straps featuring the silver disc drive slot. The iconic Xbox logo, in its 360-era version, is what ties the look together.

The Xbox 360 Forum Mid shoes, which cost C$200 or approximately $160 USD, go on sale October 30, at 10:59 a.m. These shoes are joined by the Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers, which were announced just days ago. The two pair of kicks make for a dynamic range of footwear. The Xbox 20th ForumTech shoes are brighter than the Xbox 360 Forum Mids. They feature translucent highlights and black paneling. These models are not the last Adidas shoes to be released. The Xbox Marketing Manager stated that additional shoes in honor of Xbox’s legacy would be released “overthe next few months.”

Although Xbox is the most prominent console brand with its 20th anniversary Adidas collaboration, it’s not the only one that is getting into the custom footwear trend. Paul George, a superstar basketball player, teamed up Nike and Sony to create PlayStation 5-themed shoes a few months back. The PG-13s are based on the Nike PG 5 basketball shoe model. They feature all the best attributes of the PS5, such as the loading screen, logo, outer shell and gradient blue glow. Even the shoe’s upper has a small print of the button symbols from PlayStation.

Adidas’s line of Xbox 20th Anniversary shoes is certain to sell quickly. Those interested might want to set up notifications to be notified when the shoes go live. The Sole Supplier offers retro console shoes with lots of thoughtful detail, for those who wish to own a less common console.

Microsoft has announced a limited-edition line of commemorative items to mark the 20th anniversary the Xbox. New commemorative accessories include headsets, charging stations and controllers. There will also be 20th anniversary Xbox merchandise.

The new controller is the most notable of all the products that were recently announced. The translucent black controller, which features the Xbox 20th anniversary logo and some of the classic colors, is a throwback to the original Xbox Debug Kit, according to Xbox Wire’s reveal announcement.

Microsoft’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset features the transparent black design. It makes it seem like translucent gaming hardware is making a comeback. The headset features translucent plastic and the brand’s iconic electric green logo. Microsoft also announced the throwback style for the special edition Forza Horizon 5, controller.

Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand For Xbox Controllers is the final piece of hardware in the anniversary range. Razer has produced many controller chargers that are compatible with Xbox. This one however features the anniversary logo. It can be used to display your controller and charge it while it isn’t in use. The combination purchase of both the charger stand and the controller will be a memorable way to commemorate the anniversary.

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According to THR, Minyoung Kim, a Netflix Asia executive, said that a Squid Game videogame was being considered. Netflix claims that Squid Game is currently the most-watched Netflix show, surpassing The Witcher’s 76 million viewers.

Kim spoke to THR about Squid Game’s runaway success. The Korean battle royale drama follows a group of debt-ridden social outcasts who agree to give up their lives to take part in a massive competition worth USD 39 million. Anyone who fails to meet a challenge is instantly killed. This is usually done by casually administering a headshot by the masked guards of the shadowy organization that runs the show.

Kim stated that Netflix is currently examining what next will be for the Squid Game IP. Netflix is currently looking into a possible videogame adaptation and “consumer products,” a fancy term for merchandise. Squid Game’s producer and director are still in discussions about a second season. Kim, however, tempered fans’ expectations by reminding them that the show was only launched one month ago.

Many of the PC Gamer’s team have completed Squid Game’s initial season. Tyler wrote a glowing review, and I found it to be a moving and emotional journey. It explores a familiar theme, trying to survive in capitalist hellscapes. The contrast between the tragic characters and the cold indifference shown in each kill is striking even in a media landscape not short of extreme violence.

Kim did not speculate on the potential game adaptation of Squid Game. The show pits characters against each other (and sometimes teamed up) in surreal, colorful contests based on Korean children’s games. The show’s masked guards were a big draw for everyone when it launched. Mediatonic’s Fall Guys was a cartoony series in which humanoids race through obstacles and fall off platforms to their death.

Battle Royale, a direct result of Koushun Takami’s 1999 novel Battle Royale, and the films that followed, have seen tremendous popularity in video games due to Fortnite and PUBG. It’ll be fascinating to see how Netflix adapts Squid Game to a game that you would want to play again and more, considering so much of Squid Game is emotionally charged drama between competitors, their bonds, and the layers behind the competition.

Although it’s unlikely that Netflix will ever commission a Squid Game, I would bet that they won’t make it past the end of the year without a CEO uttering the phrase “Squid Game metaverse.”

Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos made a connection with games this week, using the idea of videogame violence to defend Dave Chappelle’s controversial comedy special.

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Far Cry 6 Has an Interesting FC5 Easter Egg

Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in Ubisoft’s long-running series. It arrived earlier in the month and continues the trend of pitting players with larger-than-life villains in an open-world setting. Players are now taken to the Cuban-inspired island of Yara in order to become Guerrilla Fighters against Anton Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito. Although the game doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, it does bring some new features to the table or improve on existing titles such as Far Cry: New Dawn.
Far Cry 6 does not seem to be connected to any of the previous Far Cry games in terms its story. However, Ubisoft provides plenty of clues for long-time fans. These games include subtle nods to other Ubisoft franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed. However, this release makes it easy for fans to find links to previous Far Cry games. The Far Cry 3 connection is made in the post credits scene. However, the Bliss flowers has found its way back into the series.

Bliss was the drug Joseph Seed used to brainwash and convert people to his cause in Far Cry 5. It is a drug made from white flowers. Long exposure to the drug can cause hallucinations. One Far Cry 6 player discovered a small callback to The Bliss Flower in a mission called The Seeds of Love. Side quest: Players are asked to help Lorenzo Canseco, Sierra Perdida, reunite with his seven children.

Far Cry 6 players discover a white flower at Oceguera Farm while searching for the fourth child. It is contained in a small container with the symbol Joseph Seed’s Eden’s Gate cult. The player interacts with the flower and experiences familiar hallucinations as well as green mist while following a woman dancing through the jungle. Players will eventually find Lorenzo’s daughter, Riel, as they follow the ghostly woman encased with green mist.

Although subtle, Far Cry 5’s flower appearance is striking. Ubisoft has previously revealed that the upcoming DLC will allow players to experience gameplay as the Far Cry 5 villains Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min. Although there is still much to learn about the content, it appears that the gameplay will shift the perspective. Players will be able to step into the shoes and experience a twist on The Rook Islands (Kyrat), Hope County (Matrical), as well as a modified version of The Rook Islands, Kyrat, or Hope County, Montana.

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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Trailer Reveals Haunted Sectors and New Cosmetics

Destiny 2 is a live-service game that continues to grow and change. This includes new expansions, seasonal content and periodic updates. Bungie has been able to incorporate limited-time events that are based on real holidays since the series’ inception. These include Festival of the Lost and The Dawning, which is a winter season event. The Tower, the social hub, is decorated with candles, spooky background sounds, a twisted tree in central, and many cosmetics that players can unlock.
Bungie has kept a tight lid on the Festival of the Lost this year. They only revealed that the Dinosaur armor, which was voted by the Destiny 2 community, would be available alongside a Day of the Dead ghost. This collaboration was between Bungie’s community artist Luis Miguel Yepez Franco. The Haunted Forest was a twist on Mercury’s Infinite Forest section, but this year’s event is a new take on this holiday season.

Bungie has created three horror missions for this year’s Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2. According to the latest blog update the three stories involve an Exo merging into a Vex Mind to become something new, a Guardian of Nessus being hunted to find their Ghost, and headless creatures patrolling the Moon, inexorably searching for their Ghosts. To earn more lore or loot, players will be required to find lost pages from the Book of the Forgotten.

Festival of the Lost would not be complete without cosmetics and loot. There are new masks that can be collected. They feature characters and creatures such as Ada-1, Ada-1, the Pyramid ships, Ada-1 and the Penguin souvenir statues. To keep with the theme of the dinosaurs, players can also get the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and new Ghost shells. Wearing masks can earn candy and Eva Levante at Tower will unlock new masks. This year’s loot is available for purchase or earning by players until November 2.

Bungie has made sure that players have plenty to do in Destiny 2, even though the current season is twice as large as a normal one. This is due to the Witch Queen expansion delay to February 2022. Bungie will release a 30th Anniversary Update that includes the Festival of the Lost storyline and the current Savathun storyline. It also adds Bungie-themed armor and gives players access to a new matchmade dungeon for 6 players and the return of the fan favourite rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn.

Destiny 2 has been working on The Witch Queen expansion, which will be released in February 2022. Players can expect to see the current Season of the Lost storyline and Savathun’s deceptions. It was revealed that classic Destiny 2 content would be joining the Destiny Content Vault to help all this come together.

Although the vault is a controversial topic with fans, it has a clear purpose: to make space for new content and keep relevant parts of the game. Destiny 2 is a live-service game. This means that it is constantly evolving. However, the vast stories that are presented to players often introduce new locations, unique enemies and a lot of assets developers need to be concerned about. The vault makes these things easier, and it’s clear that Destiny 2 would like to enter Year 5 without as much clutter, given how much Savathun’s Hive seems to be bringing in The Wise Queen.

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Elden Ring was rated MA15+ in Australia. This is the same rating that Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne have. (Interestingly, Dark Souls 2 only received a more chilled-out M). The RPG has “strong fantasy themes, violence, and online interactivity,” according to the description. While none of these is new, it is nice to remember that Elden Ring is still available and will be coming soon.
Based on the rating, what else can we learn? Elden Ring will have strong “themes” of impact and “violence”, but it doesn’t offend in any way when it comes to language or drug use. Violence is clearly the word of the day. A Korean rating in September noted Elden Ring’s “excessive violence,” swords, and “bright blood”. (via Google Translate).

Elden Ring was released on Steam in August, which was a significant milestone for the game’s fans. They are known for being extremely information-hungry. This Australian classification news may seem a little too slight. However, Elden Ring subreddit disagrees with this statement. One poster wondered “what the fuck is the point of a game called Elden ring sans sex?” You might want to think about it.

August saw Elden Ring’s big information drop in the form behind closed-door preview impressions. Wes gathered some of the most important revelations, though there was no extended footage. The Elden Ring will be released on January 21.

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Capcom Launches Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Website

Today marks the 20th anniversary for Ace Attorney. While it might not be as financially profitable as some of Capcom’s other IPs like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, it is still one of the most beloved and well-loved franchises. The future looks bright for Ace Attorney lovers, despite the series’ history being marred by a few dry periods.

This year saw the debut of . It was a duology made up of games that were exclusive to Japan and believed it would never be released in the West. Although there are no plans to release a new Ace Attorney title, Capcom knows how much the series is loved and feels Ace Attorney is important enough that they will celebrate the anniversary.

A Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary website is now available. It is only available in Japanese so Westerners will have to use Google Translate or read Japanese. However, it contains a celebratory message by the developers, a list of games, where they can be purchased, and details about some Capcom projects for the anniversary.

First, there will be an art show called Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters. This exhibit features art by Tezuka Productions of different Capcom characters and artwork by Tezuka of Tezuka characters. The anniversary will feature new Ace Attorney illustrations, but unfortunately it is only being held at Japan.

Second, Capcom’s online shop will sell goods featuring new artwork by Yusuke Nagura and Kazuya Nuri, the character designer/art director. The first is a stylized portrayion of Ace Attorney protagonist Phoenix Wright, and Miles Edgeworth, his rival prosecutor. There are also several other characters such as Maya Fey or Franziska von Karma. The second shows the main cast for the Great Ace Attorney game, with Phoenix’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo in the center, surrounded his friends and associates.

These will be released on November 19th and 17th, respectively. However, they are limited and Capcom will not accept pre-orders until October 31st. The good news is that Capcom ships internationally so Western-loving fans can still get the artwork if they are willing to pay the required fees.

The History section is likely to provide a history of the series since its inception in 2001. The section is not complete and only contains images of Phoenix Edgeworth, Ryunosuke and Apollo Justice. There’s also a message “coming soon”.

However, the website does not indicate whether Capcom is currently working on a new Ace Attorney title. The big Capcom leak last year revealed that another Ace Attorney collection was in development. It includes the fourth, fifth and sixth mainline games as well as Ace Attorney7. Fans are optimistic that Capcom’s plans for The Great Ace Attorney are true.

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Razer Teams Up With Genshin Impact to Create Co-Branded Gaming Gear

MiHoYo’s action RPG Genshin Impact is still popular. However, they are still enjoying the game. Genshin Impact earned over $1 billion in mobile devices within the first six months of launch. This is not to mention other platforms where the gacha-based title may be played. Fans expected more than token-free rewards and little in the way of monetary value when it was time to mark one year.

After some Genshin Impairment review bombing, MiHoYo extended an olive leaf and increased the rewards, which pleased some players. Despite this minor speed bump, statistics show that the game is still popular and the monthly player count is increasing. It seems that many players, even those who were disappointed by the anniversary rewards are still enjoying the game. It’s great news, as Genshin Impair’s Update2.2 was just announced, and MiHoYo has many interesting characters, monsters and events planned in the next months.

MiHoYo and Razer have teamed up to create co-branded gaming gear, which includes a mousepad, chair, and mouse to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Genshin Impact. The equipment is reskinned from Razer accessories so that potential buyers can check out reviews to determine if they are suitable. Every item comes with a bonus code which can be used to redeem in-game rewards such as Primogems or Mora, Hero’s Wit or Adventurer’s Experience.

The RazerIskurX gaming chair is the most noticeable item. It has been redesigned with synthetic leather in navy and ivory colors. The Razer logo is on the front, with some Teyvat runes running along the sides. On the back, you will see a stylized silhouette depicting Paimon’s head and her name below. A Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse has been added to the second item. It is decorated with stars and a deep-blue color to match its chair. The Razer Goliathus Medium gaming pad features Paimon’s smiley face on the front, and a rubber base on its back. These Genshin Impact Razer accessories aren’t yet available, so prices have not been disclosed. However, interested customers can sign up for the Razer website to be notified whenever they go on sale.

Genshin gamers who are looking for something more personal can visit Razer Customs. This online service allows them to create custom mouse pads and phone cases with official partner designs. Genshin Impact designs are coming soon, although they don’t seem to be available yet. A customized THX Game Profile Genshin Impair is now available via the THX Spatial audio app.


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World of Warcraft: Soaring Spelltome Mount Revealed as Reward for Timewalking Event

World of Warcraftrecently revealed the return of Mage Tower. This is a series of challenging solo challenges that was popular during the Legionexpansion. Blizzard announced new rewards for players who complete the new challenges in Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 via Timewalking . This mount may be familiar to those who voted last year in the ShadowlandsMount Poll.

The poll was conducted in September 2020 during the months before the release of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Players were able to vote on any of five concepts. The winner would receive a free mount. The Wandering Ancient mount won the poll, while the Curious Caterpillar and Soaring Spelltome were never seen. The Soaring Spelltome is back, and it has some amazing, original animations.

The Soaring Spelltome reward will be given to players who earn the achievement “A Tour of Towers”, which is earned by completing seven of the unique challenges in the Timewalking version of Mage Tower. The Mage Tower is only available during Legion Timewalking. This will be added to World of Warcraft’s cycle of Timewalking activities. To get this amazing tome, players must level multiple characters as each challenge can only be met by certain classes and specialization combinations.

The mount is extremely detailed. The Spelltome’s features include arcane particle effects, detailed script on the book pages, and a completely unique model and animations. It is comparable to rare mounts from World of Warcraft‘s harder challenges or one bought from the cash shop. The animations of the player character for the mount pose are not yet revealed, but the unfinished emote is both stylish and flashy.

It’s quite amazing that this mount managed to make it into World of Warcraft after losing the poll. The Soaring Spelltome was in the penultimate place, with only Nerubian Swarmer scoring less than it did. World of Warcraft now has the second poll’s loser added to the game. Players are crossing their fingers and hoping that the rest of the players follow the example. One can only imagine the possibilities for the Slimesaber or Caterpillar mounts, given the amount of detail that went into the Wandering Ancient who changes with the seasons and the incoming Spelltome.


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