Static is Setting Up a Massive Milestone Crossover

In high school, Virgil Hawkins, AKA Static, met Raquel Ervin, AKA Rocket. This made a Milestone team up seem natural. The Dakotaverse started to emerge in 2021 with Static: Season One and Icon and Rocket Season One and Hardware: Season One. The heroes are now collaborating and setting the wheels in motion for their Justice League.

Readers might not have known that Raquel Ervin (and Virgil Hawkins) attend the same high school if it wasn’t already been covered in the series. Dakota City is fully imagined and has many characters, locations, and events shared in the three ongoing comics. Milestone’s world-building was a step ahead of its time in the 1990s and continues to impress with its current comics. Hardware was a crucial player in the past, despite his brief appearance during static: Season One Virgil and meet another hero in Icon and Rocket #5, written and illustrated by Reginald Hudlin and Leon Chills, with art Andrew Currie and Doug Braithwaite.

Raquel and Virgil sit in the same classroom and have a short conversation in the hallway. Virgil reveals that he is Static to Raquel during their discussion. He is aware that Raquel is Rocket, and he wants to establish ties with fellow Dakota superheroes. This scene occurs after the end of Season One, when Virgil has fully developed into his superhero self. Confidently, Virgil says to her, “I can be somebody you can talk about stuff like this.” Your other life. The one who is a hero… Because I am Static.” Although she doesn’t seem interested, Virgil’s initiative is sowing the seeds for a future team-up with Icon or Rocket.

Raquel Ervin, who is unfazed, has become preoccupied in high school when Ant interrupts her. Virgil is harassed by a few students as he displays his ability to fight bullies in the hallway. He nearly lost his temper in an altercation with a student using his electromagnetic skills. He quickly disarms the students who are harassing him by shocking them off-panel. The issue took place after Static’s first seasons. This moment exemplifies Virgil’s rise as a hero.

It is also a sign of Virgil’s growth that he is willing and able to share his identity with his fellow student-superhero. The Milestone creative team had previously teased that the first three seasons of the titles might be converged with an event. Static and Rocket are now aware of their secret identities. Hardware and Raquel have become friends with Virgil.




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Minecraft Player Builds Epic Battle With Massive Tanks


Minecraft has many large builds. One player took it to the battlefield, creating an entire battle scene with tanks and all. The survival sandbox game Minecraft has been a massive success with players who enjoy creating elaborate works of art like this Minecraftreimaging Picasso’s Cats or players who love gardening.

Minecraft is an excellent way for players from all around the globe to get together and share their building skills. While some players build huge, functional buildings, others create smaller, more intricate towns. Minecraftbuilder has endless possibilities, and each day brings new and better structures. Mojang’s latest updates have made it easier for players to create unique builds. The Minecraft community helps bring unique gameplay. Each player has access to various Minecraft MODS and texture packs they have created. This allows them to dive into the game with other tools to make whatever they want.

Reddit user Alex-00AK shared their massive battlefield build in the Minecraftsubreddit. The form included at least nine battleships, four landkreuzer, four landkreuzer, and seven small tanks. Each battleship has a turret that shows a lot of detail, including smoke and fire coming out of the barrels. The track marks left by the tanks and the debris from the vehicles’ plows are visible on the ground. The tanks are highly detailed, as seen in many large Minecraft builds. Multilevel battleships can be seen through the glass at different levels. This build required a lot of effort, mainly to get the tanks and ships as close to natural as possible.


Although the original poster didn’t mention how long it took to build this colossal battlefield, the amount of detail makes it seem like it did. This build was marked as being made in creative mode. This means that the player has unlimited access to all materials and does not have to mine or craft them. Minecraft players can choose survival mode or creative mode to build their creations. However, the latter is not less impressive.

It’s always exciting and impressive to see what Minecraft players think up next. The Minecraft community is constantly creating new and exciting structures. Every update and pack brings new builds and inspiration to other players.


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Researchers are currently conducting clinical trials to implant chips in the brains of people who have spinal cord injuries to give movement back to them.

According to The Guardian, Elon Musk’s cofounder of Neuralink neurotech company is working on some cool tech to benefit humanity. Musk claims that the chips of his company, which are currently being tested on humans, will allow someone with paralysis “to use a smartphone with their brain faster than someone who uses thumbs.”

This tech was demonstrated last year by Neuralink, who wired a monkey’s brain to play Pong. Pager, a macaque named Pager, does a great job. It was a positive display of emerging tech.

Neuralink is now looking for a clinical trials director to take the next step in this process, human trials.

The advertisement for the position in Fremont, California, states, “As the clinical trials directorthe director of the clinical trials some the most innovative doctors, top engineers, and also work with Neuralink’s first clinical trial participants.” You will be responsible for leading and building the team that enables Neuralink’s clinical research activities and creating the required regulatory interactions in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment.

It can sometimes be challenging to take the richest man in the world seriously, even when he’s doing the right thing. He’ll present potentially life-altering tech like this one day, then the next, he will start a strange unjustified Twitter battle or reveal something similar to the very odd cyber track from a few decades back. Musk previously stated that we would have implants in humans by 2020. However, I think he should be able to take some credit for the years we’ve had.

“I believe we have a chance to restore full-body function to someone with a spinal cord injury using Neuralink. Neuralink works well in monkeys. We’re just doing a lot more testing to confirm that it is safe and reliable and that the Neuralink device can still be removed safely.

If the human trials of Neuralink prove successful, its development should be much quicker, thanks to better feedback. This technology will likely be available soon. It may help a monkey play Pong well, and it could also shake up the gaming industry.

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Kirby & The Forgotten Land Will Have the Biggest File Size in Series

It has been revealed that Kirby and the Forgotten Land will have some of the most extensive files in series history. Considering the game’s scale and the big world, this file size is not surprising.

Kirby’s Forgotten Land is a significant step forward for the series, as it marks the first 3D entry. The world is more important than ever, and Kirby has more to discover, even though levels still appear to be linear. The trailer shows new copy abilities and a 2-player co-op. The Forgotten Land’s 3D environment and the size of Kirby are also highlighted by the giant boss battles Kirby will face.

Nintendo lists the game’s file size at 5.8GB. This is via Nintendo Life. This file size is more significant than Super Mario Odyssey, 5.6GB. It is also twice as large as Kirby Star Allies, 2.8GB.

There are also Super Mario Odyssey and Kirby that are larger than Kirby. Shining Pearl and Pokemon Bright Diamond are 10GB, despite not being as large as Super Mario Odyssey. Metroid Dark is smaller than a Call of Duty Update at 4.1GB and runs at 60 frames per second. Call of Duty is a larger Metroidvania than Metroid Drag. However, it can run at 60FPS with a relatively small file.

The Forgotten Land and the world of Kirby are massive, as can be seen from the trailers. The latest trailer shows Kirby running through huge environments, similar to those in Super Mario Odyssey. This file size signifies that Kirby’s world and possible content will be significant. It would be even more impressive if the game received DLC either in free updates or paid. It’s not surprising Kirby; the Forgotten Land has been one of the most anticipated games in the series for the many advances it’s made.




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MCU Art Shows How Hilariously Different Spider-Man & Loki Variants Are

A new piece Marvel Cinematic Universeart highlights the comical differences between Spider-Man’s and Loki versions. Hugh Everett’s multiverse theory, or “many worlds,” has been used in many media, including novels, comic books, and movies. Sony’s animated funny film Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse opens up portals to other universes and brings different Spider-People into the worlds of Miles Morales (Shameik Moon). Into the Spider-Verse is one of the first mainstream superhero movies that used the multiversal concept. It’s also the movie that introduced the multiversal concept to mainstream movies such as Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The multiverse concept in the MCU was rumored to have been mentioned as far back as Thor The Dark World, with a subtle nod towards alternate Earths written on a chalkboard drawn by Erik Selvig. Things took shape only after Avengers Endgame and then Phase 4’s Disney+ Loki. The series is about The Avengers’ Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who escapes with Tesseract in Endgame’s time theft. Concepts like alternate timelines or variants are officially introduced after being arrested by the Time Variance Authority. Episode 5 features Loki meeting many alternate versions/variants, including Kid Loki and Classic Loki.

Recently, Idiotoftheeast shared an Instagram piece highlighting the differences between Spider-Man variants and Loki. One group, which includes everyone from Miles to Spider-Gwen to Spider-Men’s Spider-Men, has an affinity to “great power” as well as “great responsibility”; the other can’t seem able to get along. You can see it below.

According to reports, the MCU has always had a multiverse. Variants will continue to be seen on the big screen in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke out about how Multiverse of Madness will “Crack” unlock the Multiverse, which will allow the MCU to get closer to its comic-book counterpart. Although rumors suggest that X-Men, other familiar heroes, may be seen in the film, the first teaser teases Doctor Strange Supreme. The film will also feature at least one Loki variation.




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Halo Infinite Leak Hints Five New Multiplayer Maps Are Coming

According to a leak, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will receive a few new maps. Infinite’s multiplayer mode has been an enormous success, but it has been criticized for its lack of content and the complex microtransaction system. Three hundred forty-three industries are addressing this.

Halo Infinite launched its free-to-play multiplayer component before its campaign began on November 15, 2021. The multiplayer component has received a lot of praise from the gaming community. Many consider Infinite a welcome return to form for the franchise. However, some are not satisfied with the slow, tedious progression system. New cosmetics and unlockables take far too much time to get. There have been complaints about the game’s lack of content due to its limited number of game modes and tiny list of maps. The multiplayer content of Infinite has been enhanced with classic game modes such as Fiesta and new cosmetics such as the Cat Ears Helmet. However, no new maps were added.

According to a Tweet from the Halo infinite Leaks account and News Twitter account, this could change soon. This was reported by. A tweet contained an image that looked like an internal screenshot of 343 Industries showing Blockout versions of five different maps under the heading “Halo Infinite Maps.” These images, which are void of texture and “implicity, represen” what consumers will get if the leak is accurate. The tweet’s body lists the names of the new maps: Solitude, Cataract atweet’sidden.

As with any leak that is yet to be confirmed by an official source, these new maps need to be taken with a grain of salt. 343 Industries continues to work on improving and expanding the game, with new unlockables as well as fixes for Big Team Battle. Infinite’s multiplayer is available for approximately two months nInfinite’supdate with a selection of new maps is not impossible.

It remains to be seen if these maps will please Halo Infinite’s passionate fanbase. These images aren’t enough to give Infinite’spression of the maps. Halo Unfinitaren’t undoubtedly get new maps at some point.




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After six months of being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Daemon X Machina was released on PC in early 2020. Marvellous developed it as a third-person mech fighting game. However, we found it to be quite repetitive.

You’ll soon be able to play it in a risk-free setting, as it’s next week’s Epic Games Store freebie. It will be available between January 27th and February 3rd, and it will be following the Epic Games Store’s current free game, Relicta.

Daemon X Machina is a repetitive series, but it has a lot to offer. This is the closest thing you’ll find to From Software’s Armored Core series for quite a while. It was created by Kenichiro Takuda, an Armored Core veteran, and although it is brighter than From’s previous mech series, Daemon X Machina has some of its feel.

Chris Scullion’s review stated that Daemon X Machina was accessible enough to appeal even to people with little experience in mech games. It takes a few missions to master controlling your mech. Once you do, flying can be toggled on and off using taps of the jump button. The triggers control your weapons. The D-pad lets you swap firearms as needed.

It appears that From Software’s Armored Core, which is a robot-on-robot conflict, may be making a comeback with Hidetaka Mikaziki as the leader. Mollie’s report states that boss battles will be “Soulsy”, and the architecture will still retain the old (read, extremely gray) Armored Core style.

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Activision will delay Call of Duty: Warzone’s next Season by a few more weeks to fix bugs. Today’s blog post revealed that Vanguard and Warzone Pacific season 2 launches had been moved from February 2 to February 14. This is a wonderful day for Warzone updates.

“We understand your frustrations, and we hear you loudly and clearly. The post states that we have deployed several updates to date. But, more work is needed. Since December’s launch of the Caldera map and Vanguard guns, Warzone has been struggling. The game’s performance has been impacted on consoles in particular.

The official Trello page for Warzone keeps track of some of the most bizarre issues popping up. These include a crash on Xbox that occurs if you press the home key too hard and operator skins that make players invisible from long distances.

Although Warzone has a history of persistent bugs, this is the first time that a planned update has been delayed. We will use the extra development time to deliver updates. This includes optimizations to gameplay and game balancing (including weapon/equipment balancing), fixing bugs, and improving game stability.

It is possible to speculate that the delay could be due to the strike at Warzone software developer Raven Software. Raven Software laid off a third of its quality assurance team (those who check for bugs before updates rollout) within a matter of days following the launch of Warzone Pacific season 1 Call of Duty will soon have new masters, as Warzone’s future looks dim. Microsoft announced yesterday that it would acquire Activision Blizzard in its entirety for $68.7 Billion.

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Batwoman’s Joker Actor Was Influenced Most by Jared Leto’s DC Villain

Batwoman Star Nick Creegan said that Jared Leto’s version of the Joker influenced his interpretation. The 28-year old actor became the first person of color ever to portray the villain in cinematic history. Creegan was introduced in November 2021 as Marquis Jet. His backstory is significantly different from his predecessors.

Season 3 of The CW’s series reveals that Marquis is the half-brother to Ryan Wilder’s hero ( played Javicia Leslie). It slowly becomes clear that Ryan’s brother, Marquis, may have had a childhood encounter with the original Joker. Episode 7 shows his darker side when he takes control of Wayne Enterprises after a forceful usurpation of his sister.

In an interview with The Wrap, Creegan said he was inspired by Leto’s portrayal as the DC villain. He stated that he enjoyed Leto’s description of the Joker as “edgier.” He admits that he tried to incorporate minor elements from Jared Leto’s Joker and compliments the gold-colored chains and teeth he wore in Suicide Squad. He explained that his character valued fashion and studied Heath Ledger before creating his famous laugh and crazed eyes. You can read his complete comments below.

“It’s funny because I dress up, back in 2016, or 2015, I dressed as Jared Leto’s Joker on Halloween. The thing I liked most about his Joker was how it was different from every other version. He wore chains and had gold teeth. He was exactly like the Joker’s new, more edgy version.

Marquis is a newcomer to fashion and very into being his person. Many vibes come through, and people can relate to that, especially since Marquis is from New York. I tried to incorporate a few elements of Jared Leto’s Joker while also incorporating the maniacal laughter, and just crazed in the eyes that Joaquin Phoenix saw in Heath Ledger. There are bits and pieces I have taken from many of them, but [I] am still trying to make it as the original .”

Although Creegan’s Joker character isn’t adorned with the same tattoos as Leto’s, there are some similarities in Creegan’s design. Marquis has a more modernized and well-pressed wardrobe instead of the bright purple suit worn in Joker’s comic book. His outfits are still full of color, but they are much more sophisticated and have echoes of Leto’s bling-ladened baddie.


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Tilted Towers is a famous Fortnite landmark. It was a dense, multilevel area with high gear spawn rates and many hiding places. This made it a high-risk drop zone with high rewards and created a great setting for memorable, intense firefights. Although it has seen several updates and variations over the years, it has been missing for a while.

Official account tweets with an emoji of a skyline seem to confirm what dataminers discovered earlier this month: Tilted towers will be returning to the current Fortnite map. This new version will be available in Fortnite’s 19.10 update, which launches tomorrow.

Fortnite’s map constantly evolves so that a fan-favorite murder hole could get lost. Epic can make a huge emotional win by having it back. It is hard to imagine what emoji Valve might use to tease the return of de_dust2’s prime sniper alley in its tweet about the esports event 2024.

You still have a few hours before the 19.10 update goes live to complete Fortnite challenges. We can help you: Check out our guides for finding malfunctioning vending machines, collecting telescope parts, and taking down Timber Pines.

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