Back 4 Blood – Achievements & Trophies List

The Ridden, a deadly parasite that has infected the majority of the population, is now extinct. You can either play solo or with your friends to take on the Ridden and their hordes in brutal Co-Op gaming. You control the fate of civilization, so get out there and fight for it!

The critically acclaimed team behind Left 4 Dead has created a spiritual successor. It combines intense Co-Op and FPS action. To help you complete Back 4 Blood, we have compiled a comprehensive achievement list. This list contains all the information you need about the 56 achievements and how they can be unlocked.

Good Luck, Completionists!

Here you are! This Back 4 Blood achievement list will help you get the most from this brutal zombie shooter. This isn’t going to be an easy task. You will complete every map on the most difficult difficulty and kill over 50,000 zombies during your playthrough.

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