Back 4 Blood: Cross-Play with Friends

Back 4 Blood is undoubtedly one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2021. It’s a co-op shooter with zombies and it’s much more fun when you play with friends. How do you setup cross-play in Back 4 Blood

Playing cross-play with your friends in Back 4 Blood is easy. After you have completed the tutorial, it is recommended that you go to your menu and find Partie. This is triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox.

Go to Friends and then choose Add Friends so long as they have their Back 4 Blood username.

On the same screen, you can locate your Back 4 Blood username. It should be their name on their platform. Then, a four-digit identifier similar to Discord.

If they are not able to be added, ensure that their settings are enabled so that they can accept friend requests from everyone.

After they have been added, all you need to do is invite them to your party. Back 4 Blood supports cross-play on all platforms, including PC, Xbox and PlayStation. It even comes as a default feature when you use public matchmaking.

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