Batgirl Movie Image Reveals First Official Look At Barbara Gordon’s Costume

Leslie Grace, the star of HBO Max’s Batgirl, shows us her first glimpse at Barbara Gordon’s costume for the movie. This film marks Batgirl’s second appearance on a live-action feature film. The first was Batman & Robin, portrayed in Alicia Silverstone. Live-action Batman movies have been known to avoid the Caped Crusader’s colorful cast of sidekicks, as they are seen as being out of step with the more strict interpretations of Batman. Warner Bros. seems to be breaking their unspoken rule as the DCEU looks to expand its cinematic universe.

According to D.C. Comics legend, Batgirl is the secret alias for Barbara Gordon. Barbara Gordon is the son of James Gordon. He is also the commissioner of Gotham City’s police department. He is close to Batman. James, in most portraying of the character, is unaware that his daughter is a vigilante and a masked cop. J.K. Grace and Simmons will likely share many scenes in the film with J.K.

Grace now has her Batgirl costume on Instagram in all its glory. This costume fully reflects Batgirl’s comic book roots in the same vein as recent DCEU films. It features vivid purples, yellows, and other colors used to depict the character. Batgirl poses against Gothic architecture, her red hair flowing in the breeze. Below is Grace’s post, along with the full-body shot, which Adil El Arki.

Michael Keaton will assume the role of Batgirl in 2022’s The Flash, which is Ben Affleck’s final film. Keaton will play Batman in The Flash’s first DCEU appearance. However, it is unclear how Affleck will pass the baton to the senior Dark Knight. Regardless of how the circumstances play out, Keaton and Barbara’s older version of the iconic superhero will significantly depart from previous iterations.

Warner Bros. recently announced that Blue Beetle, another DCEU film, will receive a traditional theatrical run. Unfortunately, Batgirl is not expected to get the same treatment. It seems that the studio is still reluctant to stream exclusive superhero movies. The studio still has time to announce one for Batgirl, with filming in Glasgow well underway.




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