Battlefield 2042 Hovercrafts Defy Gravity & Can Climb Anything

One Battlefield2042 player discovered that the hovercrafts could be easily driven up tall buildings and through sheer walls. Battlefield 2104 is the futuristic first game in the series, dating back to Battlefield 2142 15 years ago. It brings the series into a near-future climate crisis setting with several new vehicles.

Many have played Battlefield2042 since the technical alpha in August. Only a few gameplay details were revealed during that time, but an open beta followed the beta in October for those who pre-ordered and EA Play/Xbox Game Pass subscribers. EA’s Battlefield2042 beta was the most successful early-access event. It led to many exciting discoveries and saw more than seven million people playing around with the game’s mechanics. As the Battlefield2042’searly-access version is made available to a new group of players, more possibilities are now being discovered.

Reddit is a place where players can post their thoughts. Z Snyder found that Battlefield 2042 Hovercrafts can be climbed up to any flat surface. This does not require any exploits. Z Snyder shows their team driving straight up the sides of a skyscraper or other structures (including a rocket). The trick was easy to replicate, and they could do it multiple times during a match. This method can even be used to climb a radio tower, which can also be reproduced on narrow surfaces.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Battlefield 2204 for free for 10 hours. This allows many more players to take advantage of the early access period to learn new tricks. Today, November 12, is the start of the 1-hour trial. Any progress made in that period will be carried over to the full version. Battlefield 2144’s Gold and Ultimate editions are now available for play. The standard edition will be released next week, November 19.

Despite Battlefield 2204 HTML2_’s persistent errors and other technical problems, the series community continues to find new and exciting things to do in the game. The hovercraft trick is handy, as it allows you to easily reach difficult-to-reach control points or jump across large areas of a map. It’s a shame that this isn’t fixed – it’s not game-breaking, and players will probably find many clever uses for it. If all the famous shenanigans from Battlefield3‘s fighter planes were allowed to continue in the game, climbing hovercrafts might also survive.

Battlefield 4042 has just been launched into early access. The full release will be available on November 19. There are a few known bugs and issues that still need to be fixed. It has fully adopted a live-service model and promised to deliver seasonal content. So, ongoing support was expected. DICE developers are aware of some issues, whether they were discovered early or through internal testing. They are currently working on fixing some of them.

Battlefield2042 can be played on various platforms, including PC, Xbox One, and Series S and X. Most of the issues are shared across all platforms. However, there are a few bugs that may only affect one platform. While there may be a day-one patch to address some of these issues, many other bugs will remain after November 19. Voice chat is disabled in Battlefield 2042 launch. This appears to have been a DICE feature deliberately delayed. This is not surprising to long-time fans, as rocky launch periods have been a part of Battlefield games for a while.

EA has not yet identified any game-breaking bugs. Photosensitive people may be affected by issues that are close to being game-breaking. Playing on PS5 can lead to the map’s lighting flickering erratically if you are inside the Weather Station that was destroyed on the Manifest map. The flickering was also a common problem in Battlefield‘s beta. The majority of the other issues are not significant problems and can be fixed in the next few weeks. However, there maybe more. These lists will list all known issues regarding Battlefield2042 and avoid criticism of the game’s design. Some might blur the lines as 2042 not having a scoreboard seems more like an oversight than anything.

Battlefield 2042: Maps

  • All platforms – Players often get stuck on any world geometry, regardless of the map.


  • All platforms – Server issues can lead to large silos being damaged on the map, resulting in rubber banding.
  • All platforms – The B1 objective is no longer available as a spawn spot when an enemy team contests it.


  • PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 – Visual flickering can occur in sporadic cases.


  • All platforms – A player joining late in the round may cause the map’s destruction state not to be correctly synchronized.
  • All platforms – The B1 objective is no longer available as a spawn spot when an enemy team contests it.

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