Battlefield 2042 PC Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Ray Tracing & DLSS

The latest PC trailer for Battlefield 2042 shows the game in action with ray tracing enabled and NVIDIA’s impressive DLSS technologyonlogy enabled. Battlefield has been a showcase for PC gaming’s best in terms of performance and visual fidelity. It’s not surprising that Battlefield 2042 will continue the tradition despite the ambitious nature.
The new entry in Electronic Arts’ FPS series tentpole was announced earlier this summer. It will be the largest to date in terms of scope. The Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC will be able to host up to 128 players online in matches that include Conquest mode. DICE’s Battlefield Portal, a community-driven platform, is also a major change. How will this all play out on high-end PCs? NVIDIA has just released a trailer that teases all the possibilities.

NVIDIA GeForce has uploaded the latest Battlefield 2042 trailer to their YouTube channel. The first-person shooter Battlefield 2042 runs on PC with NVIDIA DLSS, Ray Tracing and Reflex Enabled. This reduces system latency dynamically. The video’s text at the beginning notes that the gameplay footage was recorded on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series. It’s quite a sight to see. The following video shows the latest trailer for Battlefield 2042:

As shown in the trailer, the RTX will enable enhanced ambient occlusion. NVIDIA’s innovative efforts with DLSS should prove to be a boon for frame rates and graphical performance. Reflex technology optimizes latency so that competitive players don’t have to worry about latency. If everything goes as planned, these enhancements almost guarantee that PC will be the best place to enjoy this year’s Battlefield installment.

Battlefield 2042 was originally scheduled to launch on consoles and PC on October 22. However, the delay of one month allowed the developers to deliver their vision. EA and DICE hosted open and closed betas for Battlefield 2042 weeks after the delay announcement. However, performance issues like stuttering or frame rate drops made many players nervous about the release. A new report from DICE suggests that Battlefield 2042’s beta build may be a little older than DICE initially indicated. Battlefield 2042’s beta had bugs and missing features that raised concerns about the final product.

DICE stated that Battlefield 2042 beta was only a few months old, indicating that there are bugs that have been fixed for the final release. DICE confirmed previous claims by EA, the game’s publisher. DICE added that the game was currently making changes to its user interface (such the kill feed), to address some of the most common complaints from players. Some remain skeptical, despite the fact that the beta is older than expected and there’s not enough time to polish the game for launch.

According to a report by Tom Henderson (via Gaming Intel), Battlefield 2042’s beta build could be older than previously thought. According to sources within DICE, Henderson was told that the build dates back to September. This could make it more difficult to fix Battlefield 2042’s beta issues. Henderson noted that the beta trailer does show a more current version of Battlefield 2042, considering that there are objects on the rocket launchpad that were not present in the most recent build.

There is currently no way to know the truth. Henderson is a reliable source, and he mentioned that his sources had given him accurate information in the past. However, Battlefield 2042 developers don’t seem to have confirmed or denied these claims. DICE’s beta track record is not good and the last few games they launched have been difficult. Battlefield 2042 is missing a lot of features, which fans have recently pointed out. This makes the massive shooter feel dated in some ways.

There is no room for error, as Battlefield 2042 is the biggest 2021 game published by EA. EA decided to put the Need for Speed 2 game on hold in order to make sure that the launch went smoothly. Criterion was hired as a support studio for Battlefield 2042. This is a high-stakes shooter. It remains to be seen if EA will let Battlefield 2042 slide out of the financial quarter to allow DICE to polish the game more. If Henderson’s report is correct, it could be for the best.

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