Battlefield 2042 is finally available after a week of restricted access. Many players have begun to explore the Portal editor, which allows them to download the game and start playing it immediately. This mode, which is new to the series allows creative fans to create their games. One fan recently used the new feature to create a game that involved the wingsuit.

Battlefield 2042 brings many new gameplay features to the Battlefield series. The wingsuit is one of the most extreme items. Players can glide quite a distance in the air when they play as Sundance, the specialist. Wingsuits can cover large areas quickly and can be used to catch enemies off-guard, making for exciting gameplay moments. One player devised a clever way to help players get used to gliding.

Reddit user andygmb posted a Battlefield 2042 video. They revealed that they had made a custom wingsuit training course. This was done to assist those who wanted to learn how to use the new ability. The gameplay video showed the training course in action. The video began with a player standing at the top of a tall skyscraper. After a short moment, the player jumped from the top of the structure. Then they glided through a series of rings that were placed among tall buildings. The course required the player to adjust their flight path and to make precise movements to get through all checkpoints.

Andygmb also displayed the training course. However, it revealed an interesting detail about the creation process. The creator claims that they created the rings using bots. Battlefield 2042 featured these bots as an alternative to other visual elements since andygmb stated they could not be used in the Portal mode. The creator also revealed that he plans to make the code available for future training courses for anyone interested.

Many Battlefield 2042 players on Reddit have been enjoying the new Portal wingsuit training course by andygmb. The creator’s design received over 6,200 votes in just one day. This new creation was praised by fans for showcasing the potential of the new Portal mode.

It will be interesting to see whether andygmb creates more training courses for Battlefield 2042 after this course has been completed. More content regarding the Portal mode will likely be made available as more players have had access to the game since the launch of the game on November 19.

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