Battlefield 5 Had More Active Players Over Christmas Than Battlefield 2042

It seems that 2018’s Battlefield was more popular than the Battlefield over Christmas. Battlefield 2104 was largely unsatisfactory and has been controversial. Fans were disappointed with the franchise’s return in the modern-day, which has led to bugs and missing features that have caused many to return to earlier entries.

Battlefield 2204reviews at the time of release were mixed or negative. It is not fun due to bugs and design choices but also because there isn’t enough content. This has made it difficult to keep players interested. Many other games are competing for player attention. Many of them succeed through regular content updates. GTA Online Warzone Halo Infinite and many other titles have been able to stay relevant by offering new activities for players. New data shows that Battlefield2042 is falling behind its rivals in this regard.

SteamCharts data suggests that Battlefield5 had more active players than Battlefield 2042over Christmas. 2042 had a higher player count throughout the game, while BF5 saw sharp rises and falls in players. Battlefield5 also managed to attract over 25k players during its peak. 2042 meanwhile, had 19k players. Battlefield2042 saw a 70% drop off players within two weeks of its initial release. It’s not clear how long the game can sustain its player base, although it still has tens and thousands of players.

EA has created a plan for expanding the Battlefielduniverse. It will include three teams led by Vince Zampella (founder of Respawn Entertainment). It remains to be seen if EA will succeed in this, but fans hope Battlefield2042 will have a similar success story to DICE’s Battlefront 2. According to some reports, the studio scrapped many different ideas for 2042 and shifted its direction to follow different trends. This may explain why Battlefield 2_ feels a little hollow.

Battlefield 2204 sold a lot. EA will likely consider it a commercial success, and future content updates may give the game some legs to continue its comeback. It seems that players are more interested in older titles in this series. It remains to be seen if EA can convert these players into Battlefield 2204fans.

Battlefield2042 was launched in a turbulent time. Many of the current problems can be attributed to the development issues for the game that may have been originally a battle royale game. The most recent Battlefield2042 update brings many fixes to various issues. Many players are already writing off the game as a failure in the beloved series. A few components of 2042 seem to have been designed for battle royale games, and more information continues to point to this being true. The game is reportedly moving to a traditional Battlefield model in the middle of development.

An attempt was made to bring a battle royale into the series using Battlefield VI’s Firestorm Mode. It was added to BF5 late because Criterion Games developed a firestorm. The battle royale genre was already a huge success and was fast becoming saturated when the base game was launched in 2018. Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and the recently released Apex Legends dominated this fledgling genre. The woes of BF5’s base game and Battlefield 5’s Firestorm mode making a mess led to the battle royale’s rapid failure.

Many were puzzled by the release of two battle royale game modes by Electronic Arts, publishers of Battlefield 5 and Apex Legends. This was especially so when one was free-to-play and designed specifically for this genre. This seems like a situation that even economists would find undesirable. However, EA seemed determined to make Battlefield a contender for the BR space and had similar goals for 2042. It entered preproduction just a few days after BF5 was released. Battlefield 205 was not a battle royale. However, the foundations for one are there and you can see how some of its mechanics were intended.

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