The Mass Effect community celebrates N7 Day on November 7. BioWare has participated in the Mass Effect celebrations at different levels in previous years. Last year, BioWare used the occasion to announce Mass Effect Legendary Edition and confirm that a new Mass Effect was being developed. Although BioWare was not present this year, it shared a teaser image confirming that “Mass Effect will continue.”

This picture shows four team members leaving a shuttle and walking toward a crater that looks like a death’s head from the top. One of the four characters is a Krogan, and they are walking towards what may be a geth in the ground. Is this Legion? Fans will be able to pick apart the details and discover other clues about the next Mass Effect.

BioWare also posted a blog that provides a deeper look into player data from the Legendary Edition. The previous infographic highlighted the popularity of Bro Shep soldiers, but this one highlights some surprising stats, like the fact that 15% did not recruit Garrus during the first game. It’s possible to miss Garrus by following a particular order. However, it’s possible that many people who have rewatched the series intentionally dodge Garrus to see how different it is with him out.

This infographic is spoiler-free for Mass Effect 3. It shows that Destroy was the most popular ending choice. 45% of players blatantly deleted EDI and used the geth to eliminate the reapers. At 30%, Synthesis was second, with only 17% choosing to ascend to immortality to use the reapers to clean out their mess in Control. However, Refusal was chosen by 8% of the players.

This post also mentions that Mass Effect emoticons were added to Steam’s point store. A Mass Effect section is available on Giphy. Soylent Cosplay has created an official guide for Liara cosplay, and that the Legendary Edition can be purchased at Origin, Steam, and the Microsoft Store. The post ends with the obligatory reminder that “We are, obviously, hard at work creating the next adventure in Mass Effect universe.”

Modders have restored the Pinnacle Station DLC that was lost during N7 Day. Mods today also include one that clarifies which Mass Effect 2 dialogue options are flirting and another that allows you to continue playing even after your entire squad has been killed in the suicide mission.

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