Blizzard introduces a new store pet to the game included in the Dragon Themed Bundle.

Blizzard released a baby Faerie Dragon Pet called Blinky. The Blizzard Shop can be purchased for $10 (or €).

Blinky is also part of the Dragon Pack. This bundles together 5 store mounts, Blinky and the Soul of the Aspects pet at a discounted price of up to 60 percent.

The price of items already owned by players will be reduced at checkout, so they don’t miss out.

Blizzard has come under fire for releasing more store items this year than ever before, including the Sunwarmed Furlined Mount or the new Store Transmog set, which looks better than the new tier sets . All of these items are released as World of Warcraft is suffering from a severe lack of content and extended patching.

Blizzard introduces a new store pet to the game included in the Dragon Themed Bundle

Blizzard may introduce store items that hint to themes in the next expansion. Players are now discussing the possibility of dragon islands finally arriving to World of Warcraft. However, these are just player conspiracies, and we will have to wait until an official announcement.

The Dragon Isles may be an earlier piece of scrapped content in World of Warcraft’s past, as has been mentioned by Blizzard in some media pieces such as the 2014 Documentary “Looking for Group”.

This island, which was located north of Tirisfal Glades, was all that was known. It was expected to be a 65-70+ zone for raids.

Many players believe that one of the Dragonflight leaders may have connections to the island.

Although this is speculation based only on limited information from the past 17 years it is a real concept. Players have been discussing it for some time so it’s possible that it will ever happen.

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