Bloodborne Meets King of the Hill in Perfect Fanart Crossover

A fanart crossover has been created by an artist who cleverly and humorously reimagined King of the Hill characters as Bloodborne citizens. Although the FromSoftware animated sitcom and the classic FromSoftware cartoon may not seem to have much in common, Hank, Dale and Bill’s characters work well in the frightening world of Bloodborne.
Redditor Simwill_’s stunning artwork mimics the iconic opening of the show, which featured Hank and his neighbors enjoying beer. Hank is dressed as The Hunter and has a beer in his hand. Dale is the Skeptical Man, also known as the Narrow Minded Man. Bill has joined Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant and Boomhouer holds the boom hammer. This simple, yet clever image received over 4,000 upvotes by fans on the Bloodborne subreddit.

Since its inception in 2015, Bloodborne has been a favorite source material choice for talented creators and artists. Cosplays and fanart are especially popular because of the unique Gothic style that Bloodborne has. This makes it one OfSoftware’s most recognizable releases. Players are still waiting for Bloodborne 2 or a PC release, but others have been using the works as inspiration to create their own adventures in Yharnam. Although a Bloodborne 2 or King of the Hill official game is unlikely, fans can still imagine the fantasy thanks Simwill_’s fanart.
FromSoftware’s new title Elden Ring is still being developed. This gives the company the chance to expand the game’s appeal to more players, and make it more accessible for those who cannot get into Dark Souls. Although FromSoftware’s dark fantasy RPGs are a hit with fans, it has struggled to attract a wider audience.

Although it may seem like a bad idea for Dark Souls fans, if executed correctly, the move could result in a number of improvements even Souls enthusiasts may appreciate. To see the positive effects of improving quality of life, one only has to look at Capcom’s success in Monster Hunter World. FromSoftware has already taken steps to make Elden Ring more mainstream by making it an open-world game. However, Elden Ring requires more than just a larger box to appeal to Dark Souls fans.

Dark Souls games are often criticized for being too difficult. While some may feel that the challenge of Dark Souls games is part and parcel of their appeal, too difficult a challenge can sometimes be a barrier to entry. FromSoftware could stop such an issue in Elden Ring by implementing dynamic gaming difficulty balancing (DGDB). This would allow the game’s difficulty to change based on player performance. A simpler solution is to let players choose the difficulty level in Elden Ring before they start the game. This would allow them to adjust it while playing. This would allow people who might otherwise be put off by the difficult nature of Souls games to give Elden Ring another chance.
Dark Souls Games are difficult to get into

FromSoftware games can be frustrating for some, and challenging for others. Players are also subject to losing their in-game currency if they die in Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls. They must continue the difficult section until they reach a checkpoint or defeat a boss. In Elden Ring, players can reduce the currency that is lost after death or donate some of their currency to NPCs who are bank-like to keep it safe. In terms of losing progress, players could increase the number of checkpoints and place them nearer to difficult boss fights to encourage them to continue trying.

A survival mechanics feature would also be a popular option for mainstream gamers. You will spend a lot time exploring Elden Ring’s vast open world. What better way to make the most of your time than to hunt for and gather materials that can be used later to upgrade or craft equipment? Players will be able to create various items on the field, which allows them to spend more time outdoors and not have to return to Nexus-like areas whenever they run out of resources.

It is a good idea to try and please everyone. FromSoftware could be very successful if they opened up Elden Ring for new players, while still keeping the Dark Souls appeal. Whatever FromSoftware’s tried-and-true formula, they will have to appeal to new players if the company wants to expand their reach and grow their audience beyond Dark Souls fans.

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