Bob Saget’s Wife Pens Touching Tribute to Her Late Husband


On Friday, Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s spouse, posted a touching tribute to her husband at the funeral service for the Full House comedian, actor, and television host. Saget is best known for his stand-up comedy and was also the beloved TV dad Danny Tanner, who was featured on the ABC sitcom Full House from 1987 through 1995, as well as ten episodes of its Netflix sequel series Fuller House. He was also the older Ted Mosby/narrator on How You Met Your Mother and was the original host for America’s Funniest Home Videos through the 1990s.

Saget, 65, was found dead in his hotel room at Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes on January 9, 2022. Although the exact cause of his death is unknown, The Orange County Sheriff’s ruled out foul play and drug use. Saget had just performed a comedy show in Jacksonville the night before his death. Many of his co-stars and fans took to the internet to grieve after the news of Saget’s death. Saget’s widow has now spoken out, the first time she’s done so since her husband’s funeral.

Rizzo (42) posted a touching tribute via Instagram to Saget on Saturday, January 15. With the caption, “My sweet husband,” she included a photo of her and her husband. After much reflection, I realized that I had been robbed of my time. Rizzo said she was trying to imagine how lucky she was to have been the one to marry THE MOST INCREDIBLE MAN EARTH. Rizzo’s tribute to him is below.

In every tribute to Saget shared by celebrities and comedians who knew him, words like “kind” or “loving” were used. Many of these people attended Saget’s funeral. It was “a perfect farewell.” His wife described Saget as “he loved,” which was evident at the service.

The death of Saget was shocking and devastating for Full House fans and those who loved his work. Celebrities, friends, family, and loved ones continue paying tribute to Saget. It’s essential that you follow his example, show your love for those you love, and help to honor his legacy. As Rizzo mentioned, Saget and his family were indefatigably grateful for the Scleroderma Research Foundation. In 1994, Saget’s sister Gay died from scleroderma. She was only 47 years old. Saget was involved in the foundation before Gay’s diagnosis. Saget later became a member of the board. Saget died on his sister’s 75th Birthday. To continue his love, fans can make donations to the foundation.



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