BOTW Player Celebrates The New Year With Fireworks Using Farosh’s Scales

A Legend of Zelda player uploaded a video showing in-game fireworks to welcome in 2022. This was possible due to the creative use of a remote Bomb and several of Farosh’s Scales. Breath of the Wild players discovered many creative ways to improve the game. This is due to its dedicated fanbase looking for new ways to enjoy the Zelda installment. Breath of the Wild still has many activities and goals for players to explore, even after it’s been completed 100%.

Another feature is creating stunning visual displays of fireworks by using Breath of the Wild’sdragon pieces. Breath Of The Wild features three different dragons that roam the map. Unreal, a red dragon is found in the Akkala Region. Farosh, a green dragon, lives in the Faron Region. Naydra, a blue dragon, is located in the Lanayru Region. A player discovered last January that layering dragon skins over a bomb and then pushing them up with Revali’s Gale creates a firework-like display of sparkles throughout the sky. Another player is using this technique to celebrate the New Year.

Reddit user Im_Crep recently uploaded a gorgeous video showcasing the dragon-parts-fireworks strategy, ringing in 2022 in Breath-of-the-Wild-style. Im_Crep started by putting several Farosh’s Scales on top of a bomb and then flew into the sky with Revali’s Gale. The wind blew their playable Link away, and he detonated a bomb behind him. This caused the scales to scatter in the air and sparkle like fireworks. This is a great way to celebrate 2022. In-game celebrations work well despite safety precautions and social distancing.

It is an excellent way to celebrate holidays and remember special occasions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many gamers take to video games such as Animal Crossing or Minecraft to celebrate 2022. One Animal Crossing player celebrated New Year in their island’s Town Hall. However, a scorpion attacked and robbed them of their celebration. The scorpion attack occurred in-game, even though the celebration was not in real life.

The spectacular fireworks display by Im_Crep in Breath of the Wild is a reminder of all the undiscovered mechanics found throughout the Nintendo title. Zelda titles often contain hidden gems and fun glitches. Fans of the series have many options to explore their titles for great ideas for celebrating occasions like this.

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