Breath of the Wild Player Defeats A Lynel Naked & With Just A Stick

One Legend of Zelda player has defeated one of the game’s most fearsome Lynel foes, despite Link being naked at the time and using only a stick as a weapon. Breath Of The Wild is a massive game with many enemies. There are bokoblins, octoroons, and others who have returned from previous titles. The Lynel, however, is widely considered to be one of Breath of the Wild’s most formidable combatants. It can overwhelm players if they don’t have the right equipment for battle.

Breath in the Wild changed the Zelda formula and offered players a new version of Hyrule. Players could explore the harsh Gerudo desert and the fiery depths of Death Mountain at any moment during gameplay. After completing the tutorial section of the Great Plateau, players were able to solve the mysteries at their leisure, often in amusingly original ways.

Breath to the Wild player Technotsorry embraces this freedom. Reddit user, Technotsorry, shared a video showing their battle prowess. The Link was naked and was armed with only one tree branch. Technotsorry used the Stasis Rune to freeze the Lynel between strikes. Technotsorry emerged victorious in this epic battle for all time, despite the odds. Technotsorry’s tree was severely damaged in the battle and is on the verge of becoming unusable.

Technotsorry’s videos are fun to watch and are very entertaining. However, most fans want to know more about Breath of the Wild’s next sequel. Although many theories are floating around the internet about the potential contents of Breath of the Wild 2, very little has been officially disclosed. They have covered everything, from the identity of Ganon’s incarnation beneath Hyrule Castle to the possibility of an additional spiritual world.

The most recent trailer for Breath of Wild 2 has been compared to The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword was originally released in 2011 as part of Nintendo’s 25-anniversary celebrations for the Zelda Series. It was reissued last year for the Nintendo Switch. Many people have wondered if the rerelease of Skyward Sword was a clever move by Nintendo. The company used Skyward Sword to refresh fans’ memories of Hyrule and the mechanics of flight in a Legend of Zelda video game. No doubt that Nintendo will soon reveal more information about Breath Of The Wild’s sequel. While Legend of Zelda fans waits for more information on Breath of the Wild 2, it may be a fun way to pass the time.

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