Breath of the Wild Player Dunks A Korok Rock With Clever Puzzle Solution

One creative The Legend of Zelda player solved a puzzle by throwing a rock instead of dropping it. Open-world games in Nintendo’s fantasy series are known for giving players the freedom to accomplish their objectives as they wish. Zelda: The title’s non-linear open universe contains many hidden details and offers many gameplay options.

The future of the Legends of Zelda franchise sees the Breath of the Wild sees the series’ protagonist Link awaken in the ruined country of Hyrule. The player is tasked with defeating Calamity Ganon and must travel across Hyrule to gain power and restore Link’s memories. The quest requires players to reclaim Master Sword, conquer four giant Divine Beasts, and Breath the Wildallows them to do these tasks in any order that they wish. You can overcome challenges in any way you like, provided that the goal is achieved. One player beat the Two Rings Arrow Challenge by slowing down to make a difficult shot even though it was intended to fire through two completely different rings.

Reddit user @dkmoded created a challenge by dropping a rock. This further illustrates the versatility of Breath of the Wild. In the title’s Korok seed Puzzles, the player must manipulate the environment to gain a Korok Seed. It is tough to throw a rock in a river circle. Dkmoded used the Cryonis power and made a path through the water by throwing the stone onto it and following it. The creative player jumps into the circle and holds the rock to score an ingenious slam-dunk.

Zelda was named Japan’s most popular game due to its emphasis on player freedom, open-world immersion, and free play. According to reports, 50,000 Japanese citizens voted for Nintendo’s fantasy-role-play title. This placed it ahead of other favorites like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy VII.

Many players have found unique ways to complete Breath Of The Wild tasks. Each challenge has many different solutions. Dkmoded discovered a clever and simple way to solve a complex problem by dropping a Korok rock rather than throwing it. The Zeldainstallment’s impressive flexibility allows for creative solutions and even the possibility of actually using them.



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