Breath of the Wild Player Shows Off Technique to Practice Parrying

Legend of Zelda player recently demonstrated a safe and unique way for Link to practice parrying. Most players will find parrying useful, as the sequel to the 2017 Game of the Year in 2021 was announced. While no official title has been released, a rumored release date is November 2022.

Nintendo’s Zelda franchise took inspiration from the Dark Souls series. This allows players to deal damage and delay enemies’ attacks using a parrying mechanic. This skill is difficult to master and can be frustrating for those who struggle to learn it. There are few safe ways to practice it without Link getting hurt. It is not essential to win the game. However, it can be extremely useful and trivialize BOTW fights which would otherwise be harsh.

Reddit user Routine-8200 is here to help. A clip was shared by them recently showing how players can practice parrying. It involves Buliara, the Gerudo captain-of-the guard. A player can go up to Buliara and attack, prompting her to strike back. The combatants can neither damage the other, but Buliara’s attacks are still possible to evade despite their non-lethal nature.

Players who want to use this safe practice have to be aware that it may take a while to get to the Gerudo captains of the guard. Even common enemies in Breath on the Wild can hit hard. This makes it frustrating for less-skilled players. Most players are already familiar with the combat system by reaching Bulsara.

Breath in the Wild still shows the depth of its world four years later. As more design elements are discovered and displayed by fans, Breath in the Wild continues to shine even after these years. The Breath Of the Wild world is among the most extensive and detailed gaming. Fans are certain that the sequel will have some of this same richness. Hopefully, Breath Of The Wild 2 will strike the perfect balance between providing familiarity and giving players something new and thrilling. This is a difficult task.

The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild world is full of Easter eggs. This includes a callback from the original. It’s dangerous for you to go alone line. This BOTW Easter Egg may be familiar to many, but this game’s Hyrule version is so vast that there’s always something new to discover (and miss). If you missed this callback, here are the details on where to find the “It is dangerous to go alone “Easter eggs in BOTW.

Breath of the Wild was released in 2017. It is an interesting game. Players are finding new ways to solve the many puzzles. Glitches can make it more fun as players discover creative ways to overcome obstacles and get past Ancient Shrines. Many BOTW Easter Eggs can be overlooked if players focus only on the main story or fail to explore a specific area of Hyrule.

BOTW will give Link the Sheikah Slate. This is a smartphone-like device that allows players to identify landmarks, view maps, and perform a variety of other interesting tasks. Like certain areas, the Sheikah Slate will display Hylian text that players may not be able to see or understand immediately. One Sheikah Slate detail shows the hidden message: You are not alone.

Players will need to pull up a Sheikah Slate to view this message. This message appears as Link looks through the scope of the Sheikah Slate in BOOTW. The pins will say, “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” and are well-hidden for those who don’t know Hylian. It’s still a great way to refer to the first entry of the series, and it’s also a nice wink at long-time fans in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


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