Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the great legacy of the 2014 near-future shooter. To pay your respects, press F. This in-game prompt is found in an early cutscene, in which the player attends the funeral of a fallen comrade. Conan O’Brien mocked the scene in a Clueless Gamer segment, which we included in our list five years later of the 69 most bizarre moments in PC gaming’s past decade.

This narrative misfire became a gold mine on the internet. There were many memes. Twitch streamers asked for Fs on the chat. This guy created a large F button that you can use to slap like a game-show buzzer. We pressed F for Adobe Flash shortly after the final update was live. It even has its own Wikipedia entry.

“Press F to Pay Respects” has endured in ways very few memes do. Now, as was predicted–a meme that will never die because the day it does, we will all press F in its memory, and it will rise again. It has been brought back to our consciousness by Call of Duty: Vanguard. You can achieve the “F” achievement by blowing yourself up with your grenade.

F is a less dramatic confirmation.

This achievement is a little meta Easter egg. But what I love about it is how Sledgehammer (the one who developed Advanced Warfare and Vanguard) is making fun of itself. Both the achievement and the meme are self-inflicted injuries and will never go away.

Vanguard also has an interactive option that allows you to use F. Although I may be wrong, I believe that we will continue to pay respects to the past without any dramatic limpidity.

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