Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies trailer to debut October 14th

Many players have been anxiously waiting for more information about the Call of Duty Vanguard Zombie. However, Treyarch has not revealed much beyond basic information. We already know that the story of the zombies will continue from the lore. It will continue to improve on the core gameplay. Demons, oh my! Demons are a great idea! We have had demons, zombies, hellhounds, and even mechs.

When will the trailer be revealed?

The unveiling will occur at 8 am PT / 11am EDT / 4 pm BST on October 14. This is precisely when Electronic Arts will show off the new Hazard Zone mode in Battlefield2042, a rival military shooter. It will be interesting to see who gets more attention and popularity!

Activision says that Vanguard Zombies will feature a mix of Dark Aether and zombies. We’ll see the trailer to find out how demons will play. They won’t be regular monsters living in hoards. If anything, they’ll likely be more like a boss.

War of the Dead: New Zombies map

Activision had confirmed that zombies would return, and then the leaks began. It all began with the leaked map of the next zombie’s map by Call of Duty insider theMW2Ghost. It was clear that this map had some surprises in store: “Imagine Outbreak and Onslaught having a baby.”

We are curious how this new map will be played considering the unique play styles each map has. Outbreak introduced a new, ‘open-world” element to the previously closed-off zombies maps. The onslaught was, however, a controversial addition to the previously closed-off zombies maps. Treyarch has since updated the mode and received feedback from the community. The zombies game was created by Onslaught. It allowed for zombie-fighting on multiplayer maps, with restricted space.

The multiplayer experience has been seen by many players, so it’s time to learn more about the zombie’s experience. We will keep you updated on the latest and greatest aspects of this experience.

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