Call of Duty Warzone Update Nerfs Two SMGs

Call of Duty Warzone received many bug fixes and new content since its launch in 2020. The Judge Dredd Bundle, which gives Call of Duty users the chance to play as the beloved character, is one example of this new content.

Call of Duty Warzone has seen several seasons that have added new content to its game. Some were more popular than others. Season 5 was released in August and Season Five Reloaded was added in September. Season Five Reloaded will get a new update and two weapons will be updated.

According to Season Five Reloaded’s patch notes, there are two SMGs that will be affected by the update: the Bullfrog SMG and the Shotgun Bravo SMG. The Bullfrog weapon is described as one that emphasizes mobility and effective damage range. It also handles weapon handling and has a large base magazine capacity. Changes will see ADS speed decrease by 9%, movement speeds decrease by 1% and ADS speed movement decrease by 2%. According to patch notes, the Bullfrog will be able to compete with its competitors with the addition of the recoil bug fix and the new changes.

The Shotgun Bravo’s effectiveness damage range, magazine capacity and mobility are all highlighted. The weapon’s maximum damage range was reduced from 4.5 meters to 3.5 meters, the second damage range from 8.1 to 5.5 meters, and the third damage range from 13.2 meters to 9.9 meters. These changes will make the Shotgun Bravo feel more like a shotgun in Call of Duty .

The patch notes include the details of all the changes made to the weapons and the other changes to Call of Duty Warzone. A few bugs were fixed in the new update, including the lower recoil of the Bullfrog SMG. Also, the new update fixes collision issues with elements on Rebirth Island which allowed players to look through and shoot through them.

The game mode Iron Trials’84 will see improvements to its issues. The Specialist Token for Buy Stations has been added, while Contract Cash rewards per player are now reduced, Multiplier values remain the same, and there have been other changes. A list of changes to attachments is also shown in the patch notes for three Barrel weapons: the Krig 6, AK-47 and the XM4.

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