Call of Duty’s Festive Fervor Event Adds Elves & Krampus

Activision announced that Call of Duty: Vanguard will be getting Festive Fervor, which includes Krampus and elves, as Christmas draws near. The series continues to embrace the holiday spirit with this new event after Warzone got Donnie Darko and Scream skins for its Halloween event.

Call of Duty is an 18-year-old series with over 30 titles on different generations of hardware. It continues to innovate and offer new and exciting content to gamers. Crossovers with other properties and seasonal events are a staple of the series. The games keep improving on the original series’ strengths, including the popular Zombies mode, which is now included in every mainline Call of Duty version. The Call of Duty development teams excels at matching tie-ins and features to each game’s setting and time of year. For example, Indiana Jones and Captain America could be coming to WWII-era Vanguard. The season is beginning to settle in the Northern Hemisphere.

GameSpot reports the Festive Fervor event launched on December 16. It brings Krampus, Elf Team Six, and other cosmetic changes to fit the season. The elves will start a new mode in Elf Team Six’s vanguard, where gamers can earn both overall match scores and progress in killstreaks. They can hunt down Elf Team Six members, randomly appearing in multiplayer maps. Krampus will punish players who aren’t up to the task. The Krampus will appear and punish the player with the lowest objective score. However, he is easily defeated. This might not be enough to deter the Call of Duty hackers, but it could be a fun way to encourage participation.

The Festive Fervor event will also include Armageddon mode. This mode is a variation on the Drop Zone mode from previous titles. Gamers must fight for control of zones where gift-wrapped care package drops. Warzone will be getting fir trees placed on maps. These special supply boxes can be spawned if the zone is held long enough. Also, a Krampus version that targets players randomly and offers a permanent reward for being killed will be spawned. The Warzone elves will shout at gamers who get too close to them, ending any thought of stealth. Each game will receive map reskins to match the event’s theme and winter-themed rewards.

It’s a great time right now to be a Call of Duty enthusiast, as new content is arriving quite frequently. Warzone’s Pacific Caldera Update has some fantastic new weapons. And now, there’s the Festive Fervor to complete the holiday season. These seasonal events and updates prove that the Call of Duty developers still have many ideas to keep the game moving forward.

Vanguard was released as the latest installment in the series. Call of Duty continues to show why it’s one of the most popular FPS games and the largest franchise in gaming. The series is a well-known name in gaming.

The Call of Duty franchise is more than just a name with such a long history. Fans who are invested in the history of these games will find a wealth of information.

Call of Duty was initially being codenamed “MOH Killer.”

Before Call of Duty grew to prominence, EA’s Medal of Honor was the dominant name in the first-person shooter genre. Infinity Ward was tasked to challenge this dominance in the early 2000s with the development of a new FPS game. They codenamed it the “MOH killer” (per Gamespot).

It took some time for the game’s popularity to match its rival, even though they had given it a name. Medal of Honor isn’t quite at the same level, though some of its older video games received terrible reviews, despite being a well-known name.

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