Capcom Launches Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Website

Today marks the 20th anniversary for Ace Attorney. While it might not be as financially profitable as some of Capcom’s other IPs like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, it is still one of the most beloved and well-loved franchises. The future looks bright for Ace Attorney lovers, despite the series’ history being marred by a few dry periods.

This year saw the debut of . It was a duology made up of games that were exclusive to Japan and believed it would never be released in the West. Although there are no plans to release a new Ace Attorney title, Capcom knows how much the series is loved and feels Ace Attorney is important enough that they will celebrate the anniversary.

A Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary website is now available. It is only available in Japanese so Westerners will have to use Google Translate or read Japanese. However, it contains a celebratory message by the developers, a list of games, where they can be purchased, and details about some Capcom projects for the anniversary.

First, there will be an art show called Capcom Vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters. This exhibit features art by Tezuka Productions of different Capcom characters and artwork by Tezuka of Tezuka characters. The anniversary will feature new Ace Attorney illustrations, but unfortunately it is only being held at Japan.

Second, Capcom’s online shop will sell goods featuring new artwork by Yusuke Nagura and Kazuya Nuri, the character designer/art director. The first is a stylized portrayion of Ace Attorney protagonist Phoenix Wright, and Miles Edgeworth, his rival prosecutor. There are also several other characters such as Maya Fey or Franziska von Karma. The second shows the main cast for the Great Ace Attorney game, with Phoenix’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo in the center, surrounded his friends and associates.

These will be released on November 19th and 17th, respectively. However, they are limited and Capcom will not accept pre-orders until October 31st. The good news is that Capcom ships internationally so Western-loving fans can still get the artwork if they are willing to pay the required fees.

The History section is likely to provide a history of the series since its inception in 2001. The section is not complete and only contains images of Phoenix Edgeworth, Ryunosuke and Apollo Justice. There’s also a message “coming soon”.

However, the website does not indicate whether Capcom is currently working on a new Ace Attorney title. The big Capcom leak last year revealed that another Ace Attorney collection was in development. It includes the fourth, fifth and sixth mainline games as well as Ace Attorney7. Fans are optimistic that Capcom’s plans for The Great Ace Attorney are true.

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