Awesome Games Done Quick Sets New Fundraising Record In 2022

Amazing Games Done Quick has raised more than $3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is a new fundraising record in the history of Games Done Quick. The fundraisers see volunteers speedrunning through retro- and modern games blindfolded while commentators explain their strategies and tricks.

Games Done Quick is a group of gamers who have been working together for charity for more than ten years. Each year, two main events are held: Awesome Games Done Quick in January to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Summer Games Done Quick to support Doctors Without Borders (or Medecins Sans Frontieres). Games Done Quick also organizes memorable marathons to help victims of past disasters or the current COVID-19 epidemic.

The Fatales marathons have been a way to celebrate women in speedrunning. The organization has donated to Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2.7 Million last year for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is a far cry from 2022’s record, likely because the event was conducted entirely online after the pandemic.

Games Done Quick celebrated the achievement on Twitter after the marathon-length 24-hour speedrunning race (via ). Amazing Games Done Quick raised $3,416,729 to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is the most giant fundraising total Games Done Quick achieved since January 2020, before the pandemic. More than $3.4 million will save lives by early detection and prevention of cancer.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation aims to reduce the number of cancer deaths by 40 percent by 2035 through its advocacy, education, and outreach. This goal is possible thanks to Games Done Quick’s record-breaking fundraising.

Amazing Games Done Quick 2022 donations ran a speed run, achieving their first $1,000,000 in record time. Games Done Quick’s donation tracker shows that the event attracted over 28,000 donors and received over 49,000 donations. There were 149 runs during the week, including an incredible blindfolded Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice playthrough. As last year’s marathon broke speedrun records with its 28:35 Run of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Jaxler’s 44:18 Pumpkin Jack run, and ShadowthePast’s 17:21 Webbed run, this year also saw some more accomplishments.

It is fantastic to see the gaming community unite and set new records. They support a great cause, whether they are speedrunning, commentating, or just watching on Twitch. Sometimes streams can make a charity speechless. Games Done Quick doesn’t seem to be stopping their fantastic fundraising anytime soon. The next event, an all-women speedrunning race Frost Fatales, will be from February 27th through March 5th. The Summer Games Done Quick 2022 event is still to be announced.



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Activision will delay Call of Duty: Warzone’s next Season by a few more weeks to fix bugs. Today’s blog post revealed that Vanguard and Warzone Pacific season 2 launches had been moved from February 2 to February 14. This is a wonderful day for Warzone updates.

“We understand your frustrations, and we hear you loudly and clearly. The post states that we have deployed several updates to date. But, more work is needed. Since December’s launch of the Caldera map and Vanguard guns, Warzone has been struggling. The game’s performance has been impacted on consoles in particular.

The official Trello page for Warzone keeps track of some of the most bizarre issues popping up. These include a crash on Xbox that occurs if you press the home key too hard and operator skins that make players invisible from long distances.

Although Warzone has a history of persistent bugs, this is the first time that a planned update has been delayed. We will use the extra development time to deliver updates. This includes optimizations to gameplay and game balancing (including weapon/equipment balancing), fixing bugs, and improving game stability.

It is possible to speculate that the delay could be due to the strike at Warzone software developer Raven Software. Raven Software laid off a third of its quality assurance team (those who check for bugs before updates rollout) within a matter of days following the launch of Warzone Pacific season 1 Call of Duty will soon have new masters, as Warzone’s future looks dim. Microsoft announced yesterday that it would acquire Activision Blizzard in its entirety for $68.7 Billion.

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God of War launched last week on PC, and it’s very good. Our 90% review said that it is “the best version of an amazing game” and that it runs so smoothly you may not need to buy a new GPU. God of War can run like an ace on AMD’s Ryzen 7 5700G integrated graphics with a little tuning and tweaking. The game has also received an “overwhelmingly positive rating” from more than 10,000 Steam users throughout the weekend. It’s not bad at all.

There is no perfect launch. Some users report memory issues even on the most powerful rigs. Sony discovered that most complaints were coming from users with 12th-Gen Intel CPUs and integrated graphics. Although disabling integrated graphics was an effective but not optimal workaround, a hotfix for Steam’s experimental branch is now available that should provide a more user-friendly solution.

You will need to right-click God of War in Steam’s Steam library and choose “Properties” in the pop-up menu. Next, select “Betas” from the left-hand menu and change to “Experimental.” It may not appear in the drop-down menu. Restart Steam and try again.

This branch is experimental. Sony warns that this branch is experimental because we haven’t completed all of our quality assurance testing. This means that there may be instability we don’t yet know about. If you are willing to help, download the new build and let me know how it goes.

Based on the comments in this thread, the fix appears to be working for some players, but others are still struggling–hopefully, Sony will be able to come up with a more comprehensive fix soon. If you’ve tried the experimental branch but want to go back, you can follow the same steps, except choosing “none” instead.

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GTA Online PlayStation Lobbies Could Worsen Due To Jailbreak

GTA Online PlayStation Lobbies Could Worsen Due To Jailbreak

A notable dataminer has reported that modders could be appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online lobbies on the PlayStation 4/5 due to hackers jailbreaking the PlayStation 4. Hackers continue to plague the online sandbox of Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto Online. Hackers have been able to access other players’ IP addresses, create mod menus, even harass them with cheats over the years, spawn items and harass others in lobbies. This situation is likely to get worse after the PlayStation 4 was jailbroken. Hackers can now run homebrew applications, so external scripts are not required to cheat as much as the PC.

Online cheating is a problem. Developers behind popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty and PUBG have announced significant efforts to stop hackers from ruining casual player experiences. Activision announced in August that its Ricochet anti-cheat system was being developed for Call of Duty and Call of Duty Vanguard. This could address the ongoing problem and be licensed to other developers, similar to Easy Anti Cheat and BattlEye. However, hackers continue to find ways around anti-cheat systems, and franchises are still suffering. Activision is suing EngineOwning for supplying thousands of hackers with undetectable, cheap cheats.

A new report suggests that Grand Theft Auto Online could be in trouble. It seems that hackers and modders may be making their way into the multiplayer game. A recently deleted tweet by Tez2, a reputable data miner, and GTA informant, revealed that mod menus might soon be available on both PlayStation 4 versions due to the PlayStation 4’s recent jailbreak. Although hackers are at greater risk, the data miner mentions that creating mod menus is too complicated and risky for hackers to make worthwhile.

Although Rockstar’s online game mode is losing players due to hackers turning its lobbies into dangerous playgrounds every day, similar problems persist in Red Dead Online. Since its original release, the title has been known for having an ongoing pool of cheaters who have made it difficult for casual players to access Red Dead Redemption II’s online mode. Red Dead Online is a secondary title. However, this is the moment Rockstar Games started cracking down on hackers. This included removing KKK NPCs from other players.

Rockstar’s online game mode is still prevalent, but the studio seems unaware of hacking-related problems. Without proper supervision or a strengthened anti-cheat system, these problems could continue for many years. Grand Theft Auto V Extended & Enhanced is due on current-gen consoles in March. This means that a new wave may be coming to the title. Rockstar should direct its attention to Grand Theft Auto Online before then.





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Although Elden Ring may be the most desired Steam game, Dying Light 2 is still the most wanted. Techland’s open-world zombie game is highly anticipated. Techland claimed that the game would contain up to 500 hours of content, which caused some controversy. However, even this high estimate doesn’t consider what will be made available for completionists on launch day.

Techland announced recently via its official Twitter account Dying Light 2 will get at least five years’ post-launch support. This includes new content such as events, locations, and storylines. Dying Light 2 appears to have an expansive open world. It has a significant horizontally and vertical space, given the game’s emphasis on climbing and parkour. Techland may have plenty of land to use in the future to add new quests or objectives.

This is a positive development for the much-anticipated release. It doesn’t seem to be dependent on battle passes or subscriptions. Techland also announced that Dying Light 2 would receive at least two additional paid story DLCs via Twitter. Dying Light 2 will release on February 4.

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D&D Quest Prompt Leads To Hundreds Of Great DM Ideas

D&D Quest Prompt Leads To Hundreds Of Great DM Ideas

After posting a Twitter prompt, Dungeon Masters were swamped with hundreds more Dungeons and Dragons quest suggestions. Dungeons & Dragons is a classic fantasy role-playing game where a group of adventurers set out to complete quests set by the Dungeon Master. The role of the DM is to create and facilitate the narrative. This job involves creating names and locations, designing story beats and dungeons, combat running, and more.

Although the job of Dungeon Master can be a rewarding one, it isn’t easy. It is also not easy to become overwhelmed by the volume and magnitude of the work involved. Adventures in D&D are as straightforward as fetch-quests – going to a location to retrieve a mythical relic – or as complex as uncovering and exposing a global network of spies who have infiltrated courts around the globe. You can play through simple combat encounters or put players through intense intrigue and exploration. It is up to the DM to create these adventures and guide the party through them. Putting this together by yourself can be a lot of work, so it is beneficial to have DM resources for mapmaking and generating names.

OregonRolledA20 posted a prompt for seven-word quest ideas on Twitter and received hundreds of responses. In the D&D community, there is a long-standing social media trend of asking players to post prompts. They can respond with short adventure intros or characters based on a brief theme or picture. Although this post fits neatly in that category, the responses were far beyond what is usually possible.

Although many of the replies could be dismissed as jokes, it is possible to see that a keen Dungeon Master can make a profound and enjoyable adventure from almost all the ideas. This thread has a lot of creative and unique ideas for any DM looking to create an unforgettable D&D experience or plot idea for their Dungeons& Dragons game.

While the job is excellent, the Dungeon Master role can be overlooked by many, especially those who have not yet taken on the title. DMs need to be aware of their limits and not feel guilty about borrowing material for their campaigns. Everything has been done before, so DMs should not feel guilty about reusing existing content to make their Dungeons & Dragons game unique.





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Awesome Games Done Fast is a speedrunning charity marathon that allows players from all games to display their quick game strategies. Stardew Valley’s speedrunning category this year was about completing the town community centre with glitches. And oh boy, did the hacks flow.

Stardew runner Olenoname Speedrunner was this year’s Stardew runner. He rightfully warned his run with the warning, “This run’s going to move pretty fast, and it will get started quickly. So I hope you are ready.” He then destroyed his farm.

Olenoname started Stardew in a very different way from what we would expect. He deleted all his tools and magically created a lot of items in his inventory. Then he started to throw bombs around his farm. This is faster than cutting down all the trees one at a time.

Olenoname and his fellow commentators explained that this glitched speedrun is based on Olenoname using one trick before he starts playing.

Stardew Valley is where friendly neighbours often stop by and give you gifts. Olenoname explains that item codes are used to control receiving items in a dialogue. If an NPC addresses his character by his name, he can trick it into giving him the same long list of items by naming his character using a long list of coded item codes. Mega Bombs are one of the items, so he uses aggressive tree clearing techniques.

Olenoname spends some time raising chickens and growing his crops, despite all the item glitches. The run is just 17 minutes long. You can see the beginning of the video.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see more Stardew done quickly in the Stardew Valley Cup hosted by Eric Barone back in September.

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A US-based insurance firm, Geico is known for its Cockney gecko as the mascot. Valve created a pair of puzzle games featuring a malevolent AI in a US-based video game firm. Ever wonder what would happen if they were to merge? You haven’t because they wouldn’t.

They did. “The Gecko Visits Portal” Geico’s new advertisement was released earlier this month. It describes how a gecko got into the Aperture Science labs and is looking for help–from GlaDOS. The evil machine is reluctant to help, and things quickly go wrong in a manner that will be familiar to anyone who has played Portal. But not before the money is saved!

It was a strange, random crossover that happened completely by accident. Valve stated that Geico approached her about collaboration, and Valve accepted it. Geico’s work is not without its moments of randomness. Recent ads for Geico also feature machine learning, an Old West shootout that went wrong, sea turtles and an Animal in an attic. It’s not as effective as Allstate’s Mayhem campaign, but I find it very interesting.

Geico isn’t the first to collaborate in videogames: Geico recently did an Angry Birds crossover.

Geico seems to be targeting older games in its ads. Angie Birds launched in 2009, right in the middle of Portal (2007) and Portal 2 (2011). It’s probably a demographic thing. People looking for insurance today likely don’t play as much gaming as they did a decade ago. This is where the nostalgia lies.

Ah, and Ellen McLain is the voice of GlaDOS in the ad.

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Halo fans mourn the end of Halo 3.

The Xbox 360 online services for classic games are being closed today, leaving Halo fans to mourn the loss of their beloved series and reminisce.

Halo 3: Halo 3: STOP, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4 have been affected. Campaigns and single-player content are still available, but online matchmaking has been removed. Other online services, such as file sharing and challenges, will also be disabled.

The entire sunsetting plan can be viewed below, thanks to a post at Halo Waypoint.

Superfans can still enjoy games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Game Pass. For many, it’s not going to be the same.

The Halo subreddit is now reminiscing over their time with Halo and paying tribute to the good times and friends they made.

PoloSword had a great time hopping on the servers with random people. It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable gaming experiences of our lives.

SgtBeanboi created a memorial to the Xbox 360 Halo versions. It’s fitting to pay tribute to such a well-known series, and it’s great to see so much dedication after so many years.

In a very emotional video, Sir_Entity shared a final game, during which it appeared that a ceasefire had been called. Both teams were seen sitting in the ocean, teabagging and shooting into the skies. This is what makes it so unique. !

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Half-Life: Year of the Dragon mod for Half-Life is ambitious and has one goal. Make the entire game revolve around Spyro the Dragon. (Thanks, GamesRadar+). Why not? Magic Nipples (! This project shows Half-Life’s environments through a third-person view. It picks and selects levels from Half-Life and then remixes them to fit the annoying Dragon’s moveset.

Although the mod is still in development, there are some demos and the trailer below. Magic Nipples writes that it would be a hub world similar to a Spyro game. Then, you would have a selection from Half-Life or expansions. Although I have yet to finalize the list of chapters, I expect something similar.”

Magic Nipples has done several mods with Half-Life. One mod restores a large amount of cut content. These experiences led to them choosing to use the Xash3D engine instead of the Steam version. They told GR+ that they wanted to select Mario as their hero but knew Nintendo would immediately shoot it down.

This sounds like a difficult task. The first modder wins a big lawsuit to replace TF2 with Mushroom Kingdom residents.

This mod’s most striking aspect is how the creator modified the original game to make it more suitable for Spyro. What started as a simple idea has become a complex and intricate project. Magic Nipples states that while I don’t hate Half-Life, some chapters aren’t enjoyable to play as Spyro, even with modifications to his mechanics. “It would also be too taxing to me with the visual bump that I’ve given things so far. This is why I prefer to hand-pick chapters connected with a hub universe of sorts.

Before Magic Nipples did some magic and made the mod look better on Black Mesa, the mod was previously shown in a less impressive form. I was tired of the original Half-Life look after years of looking at it. This new look gives me a greater sense of accomplishment, despite taking more effort. It doesn’t feel like I just plugged in a Spyro model to Half-Life and called it quits.

That would have been great! ModDB allows you to follow the Year of the Dragon’s progress and try out different builds.

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