Spider-Man Is J. Jonah Jameson’s Fever Dream In Creepy Digital Fan Art

This creepy fan art is digital and shows off a Spider-Man version that may be a fever dream to J. Jonah Jameson. Twitter user @Ronaldwookie92 created the art. This strange digital art was posted on Twitter on November 30, 2012.

Born in Malaysia, the artist sticks to original creations that he sells under NFTs. The majority of the artwork is the same style used in Spider-Man fan art. VR Quil is used to create the art before Blender. His original creations range from wild tribal warriors wearing tiger helmets to dragons vomiting flowers. A medieval-looking Spawn is pinned to his banner. The Spider-Man rendering appears to be his only fan art.

The Wookie Art Diarrhea animation shows Spider-Man upside down, in a typical Spidey pose. His webs, which look like barbed wire, are tightly wrapped around him. His web-shooters are another neat feature. They wrap around his wrists similarly to those worn by Scarlet Spider. The animation shows bubbles rising from him and floating upward. The webs also wave, and the animation tilts to show the dynamic Spider-Man pose. His NFTs have a large following. Many were disappointed that the Spider-Man fan artwork would not be available for purchase. It was captioned, “pumped for this movie!” !”

While there have been many monstrous Spider-Man versions in the past, the fan art retains the look and design of Spider-Man’s original character. The costume’s texture gives it a creepy look. Spider-Man looks a lot like a person in biology textbooks, except that their skin has been removed, and only their muscle tissue is visible. It’s easy to see how this Spider-Man costume is made of his muscles—even his signature red and blue scheme.

This Spider-Man version is more creepy and bizarre than frightening, so it’s easy to imagine J. Jonah Jameson seeing this when he closes his eyes. He doesn’t consider Spider-Man to be a frightening creature. Jameson views Spider-Man more as a threat, so Jameson would be apt to view Spidey as just being unsettling and strange rather than monstrous.



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Elden Ring Trailer Could Be Shown Publicly Soon

Based on speculation and an audio-based easter egg found in Demon’s Souls, the trailer for Elden Ring could be out soon. From Software’s latest title will combine the legendary RPG difficulty of the developer with the worldbuilding and writing skills of George R. R. Martin, a renowned fantasy novelist. The title is exciting, but fans have only been given a short teaser with very little information about the story or the combat. Despite this lack of information, Xbox head Phil Spencer claimed playable.

Fans of From Software’s famous difficulty formula have had a great year. Legendary developer, From Software has created a new “Soulslike” genre of games. This genre is becoming more popular by the day. Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo released a new franchise, Nioh. This brings Souls-like gameplay to Feudal Japan. It pits players against mystical demons as well as yokai. Thanks to DLC, the latest game in the franchise was very well received by critics and has thrived in its post-launch life span. Bluepoint’s remake Demon’s Souls has been available to Soulslike traditionists who could purchase a PS5. This allows them to revisit the roots of the genre.

Elden Ring remains elusive despite all the titles. Streamers who are eager to see the trailer have started looking for clues. An easter egg was found in the Demon’s Souls remake. This is the second easter egg discovered after players discovered the secret hidden door. The game’s nexus hub emits an alarming clanging sound. Internet personalities such as Andy Cortez and Imran Khan speculate that the clanging sound is similar to the hammer in the Elden Ring trailer. YouTuber Lance McDonald believes a more detailed announcement is imminent. He cites anonymous figures from the industry who have been asked to help with the final touches to the game, which indicates that it’s almost ready for public display. Although it isn’t a reliable source, it’s something.

Fans have waited long enough for an Elden Ring reveal. From Software’s new title is so frustrating that many players are now using the internet to create fun content. Some even go so far as to build full-playable demos. Although this is an amazing feat of internet creativity, it doesn’t fulfill players’ actual need for the game.

The Game Awards will be a great opportunity to showcase Elden Ring’s gameplay. Many game developers use the Awards to promote new titles and content. Has teased some reveals that will be revealed at the event to get players excited for the launch of season 3. Although the hints that hint at an upcoming Elden Ring reveal seem a bit thin, it is still a sign of Soulslike games.



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ACNH Player Keeps Beloved Villagers’ Signatures When They Leave


A Animal Crossing player made it a tradition of signing the signatures of villagers who leave their island. It can be difficult for players to deal if a villager leaves an island. This can be a great way to remember those who are lost.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has a slightly different way of letting go villagers than in past games. Animal Crossing New Leaf allows villager to move out at will if they are not told to do so before their move date. The player decides whether or not villagers move out in Animal Crossing. A villager can have a thought bubble placed over their heads, and a villager may bring up the possibility of the villager moving out. Animal Crossing Villagers will not move randomly if the player isn’t on their island.

Reddit user stormyandPerc gives villager the chance to sign a rock on their island. In remembrance, villagers like Antonio and Dora are given special signatures. Fang’s signature, however, is placed at the corner of each rock in a darker shade than the rest. This is a different way of remembering villagers. Some comments say it’s more healthy than erecting a burial ground for them.


There are many Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers. Some players will spend millions of bells to get, while others players would like to free their village as quickly as possible. Many a Tier list has been created by fans to determine which villages are most appealing and which are the best . Fans still love Raymond and Barold, but many players prefer to avoid Barold. There are many villagers that players can develop personal attachments to, so opinions about villagers can be very diverse.

Some players will let their villagers go to allow new villagers to come in, while others may simply not like the village they have. Some players are eager to rid themselves of unwanted villagers while others miss their villagers. It makes sense to pay tribute to villagers who have left . This is a simple but poignant way to remember villagers who have left their marks on a rock.


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Walking Dead Has To Have A Definitive Ending (Despite New Shows)

The Walking Dead is nearing its end, ahead of the premier of season 11. However, the fact the franchise will continue to be viewed in many possible spin-offs shouldn’t stop the original show having a final episode. Like every other production that lasts this long, The Walking Dead lost some of its stars, including Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln. Despite this, the series was able to continue with the support of familiar characters like Carol, Daryl, and Maggie.

The Walking Dead universe is not new to spin-offs. The first spin-off Fear The Walking Dead aired in 2005, when the show was still in its fifth season. The Walking Dead World Beyond was also created five years later. However, it lasted only two seasons. As the original series nears its end, there are a few spin-offs being considered. Two of these have been confirmed. The first is focused on Carol and Daryl, while the second, Tales of The Walking Dead is an anthology series about both established and new characters.

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With so many spinoffs being announced or under consideration, ‘s final days of The Walking Dead will be challenged to not get overwhelmed by all the possibilities for the future of the franchise. The Walking Dead’s final episode should not be a pilot show for the next season. It should provide closure for all characters and storylines, particularly those who have been with the show since the beginning. The ending of the main series is already affected by the announcement of the Daryl/Carole spin-off. It reveals some of the fates of important characters. A satisfying end to The Walking Dead is difficult to achieve with more than a decade worth of legacy. This is another reason why it should be the main focus of the writer.

Rick’s fate is another challenge. Although Rick hates being on an assemble-show one could argue that he was always The Walking Dead’s main character. A series of movies about Rick Grimes were announced following Andrew Lincoln’s departure. There have been no updates. The final episode of The Walking Dead will be the most difficult. Even though Rick’s story is not allowed to be closed due to the proposed films, those closest should at least mention the character.

The Walking Dead deserves a proper end after 12 years of being on the air and a huge success that not many productions could relate to. While the brand’s potential to grow into a successful franchise should not be overlooked, it shouldn’t be impeded by its main goal: telling its own story. The long-awaited The Walking Deadseries conclusion is nearing. We can only hope that it will be a fitting end to the show’s legacy.




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Batman’s Kingdom Come Armor Looks Even Better in Animated Series Style

The iconic armor Batman wore in Kingdom Come is even more beautiful in Batman: The Animated Series. Alex Ross, an artist, once imagined how the design might look with Bruce Timm’s signature style of art.

The Mythology by Alex Ross,collects his work with DC Comics over his career. He also reveals concept art and covers as well as other artwork he did for the publisher. The book also includes a section on his work on Kingdom Come with Mark Waid. This is where he imagines the future DC Universe. While new heroes continue the Justice League’s legacy, original Justice League members have changed their perspectives and seen the world from a different perspective. The beloved Batman: The Animated Series began airing shortly before the epilogue to DC Universe was released.

Alex Ross shows a sketch of his Kingdom Come Batman. It is based on the animated series. The armor is sleek and looks like the Batman: The Animated Series action figure variants. Ross wrote next to the design, “My Bruce Timm Style of Batman’s Armor,” in 1995, while he was working at Kingdom Come. Bruce Wayne grew older and needed more action-heavy armor to win the war against crime. While the younger Bruce would not need such armor, his older self from Batman Beyond would later use a high-tech suit.

Ross allows viewers to visualize the suit in action, even though the weaponized suit was censored. Bruce’s future DC Animated Universe suit is simpler and doesn’t need the bulky armor or spiked gauntlets. His Batman Beyond costume doesn’t require wings. He can fly with rocket boot. His built-in glider, however, is something that Batman would have used in modern times.

A Kingdom Comeversion may be possible as Batman’s animated series adventures continues in comics. Ross’s drawing was purely for fun. However, it makes it possible for future versions of the characters from the graphic novel to join the DC Animated Universe. Although they have two completely different ideas for a future DC Universe Kingdom designs, many would be pleased with the Kingdom design of Bruce Timm.


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Blizzard isn’t willing to reveal many details about its upcoming survival video game. The only title it has given us for the game is “Unannounced Survival Game.” Enigmatic! It’s enigmatic!

Craig Amai is leading the development of the Unannounced Survival Game. He stated that the game was a “humble pitch” created on his computer. According to Amai’s LinkedIn profile, he quit World of Warcraft in July 2017 and began leading the survival game team seven years and four months ago.

Amai has been with Blizzard for a long time. His resume shows that he started at Blizzard in 2004 as a senior gaming master. He offered various capacities of in-game customer service, primarily for World of Warcraft. Later, he became a senior WoW designer and a lead quest designer. He worked on the MMO until he began to work on the survival game.

Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra stated on Twitter that he has “played many hours’ of the survival game with the dev team. I also noticed that Geoffrey Virtue (executive producer of Teamfight Tactics at Riot) co-led Blizzard’s survival game between 2019-2021.

Virtue stated that the game would have a significant impact on the industry.

Blizzard’s survival-game game has been in development for five years. However, we don’t know how long it took to develop the game. Projects can sit in the development phase for ten years before release. Microsoft recently bought The Elder Scrolls 6. It was teased for the first time in 2018. The Elder Scrolls 6 is currently in design, while Bethesda works on Starfield. Likely, TES6 won’t be released until several years after it goes into full-scale production.

Blizzard’s survival game seems more than just a collection of documents and a prototype. Amai posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a lead content design about a year ago. This is the kind of job title you would expect to see in a game’s production. Blizzard announced this week that the project was in an “early phase” and is currently hiring several artists and level designers to produce the game’s content.

Blizzard’s survival title could be years away. The studio has already released Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. Still, if Amai wants to embrace online survival, he should release an alpha version now and upgrade to beta six years later after the game has sold 20 million copies. This is the traditional way.


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Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Story Made Actor Cry While Recording

Attack On Titan Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for said that Eren’s story moved him to tears during recording. On January 10, the second season of Attack on Titan premiered. After receiving critical acclaim, the anime’s four-season run will be completed. Critics have praised the story, themes and voice acting as well as animation. Attack on Titan has been viewed as an essential part of anime. Many artists and cosplayers take inspiration from its unique design, and imaginative world-building.

Based on the manga, Attack on Titan is about Eren’s fight against the Titans. These giant humanoids seek to end all life on Earth. His mother is eaten by Titans and encourages him to join the Survey Corps. He eventually gains the ability to transform into a Titan in order to defeat them. As Eren grows older, his actions become more extreme. He continues to kill and fight for his people.

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Kaji speaks out in a Twitter thread translated from Attack on Fans about Eren’s emotional development and reactions to season 4 of Attack on Titan. He said that he could not stop crying while he was performing Eren’s part, even though he had to record the lines. He speaks about his deep connection to Eren and the pain he endured. It also influenced his performance. Below is his translation.

“Even though you don’t think about it very much, you will feel the pain he felt. While I was reading the script and dictating some scenes at home, I couldn’t help but think about it. Although I knew the ending of the manga, I felt exactly what Eren felt. I couldn’t stop crying.

Fans have much to look forward to with the highly anticipated end to Attack On Titan coming up. After losing his left leg during the war between Marley and the Mid-East, Eren is back in hiding. Given his Titan transforming abilities, he takes extreme measures to defend Parabis and its residents.

The popularity of anime has increased steadily, with Attack on Titan being one of the most well-known examples. People in the west are increasingly realizing the value of storytelling from other cultures. Eren’s journey has been one the most moving in Attack on Titangiven the many sacrifices he has made. Kaji has been the voice of Eren since 2013. It’s only natural that he would get emotional about his character’s end. This also speaks volumes about what viewers can expect from Attack on Titan ‘s season 4 finale . Based on the reaction of the actor, Eren’s finale is sure to be as exciting and memorable as the rest.



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PS5 Could Get PS3 Backward Compatibility As PS3 Games Appear On PS Store

If new listings on PlayStation Store indicate, the PlayStation 5 may be getting backward compatibility to PS3 games. The PS5 currently supports only PS4 games, which is quite different to the Xbox Series X/S, which plays titles from all other Xbox consoles. Although rumors had circulated that the PS5 would support certain titles, this was not the case at launch of the PS5 in the latter half of 2018.

The PlayStation Store is the only place you can play PS3 games, aside from remastered PS4 Rereleases such as God War 3. Many of these titles, however, require subscribers to the PlayStation Now streaming service. These are only a fraction of the many beloved titles that were released during the PS3 era. A USPTO Report patent filed by Mark Cerny, head Sony engineer, suggests that Sony may be preparing to implement full Backward Compatibility for the PS5. There are also rumors that Sony might include old PlayStation games in a gaming subscription service similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass.

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Eurogamer reports that PS3 game are now appearing on the PlayStation Store with price tags. This may just be a glitch but VGCwriter believes that it could indicate that Sony plans to restore backward compatibility for the PS5 in the near term. These price tags can only be seen if the PS Store is accessed via the PS5 console. The version accessed via a web browser shows only prices for PS4 or PS5 games.

The PS5 is still the most popular console of all time, but there’s no doubt that its robust backward compatibility with Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles gives it an advantage over long-time gamers who might want to play some of their old games. In celebration of Xbox’s 20th Anniversary, Microsoft added 70 classic titles to the Xbox Series X/S backward compatibility list . These include favorites such as the Max Payne trilogy to obscure cult classics such as 50 Cent’s Blood On The Sand.

Although nothing is yet confirmed about any plans to bring backward compatibleity to the PlayStation 5, fans have been asking for the possibility to play titles from the original PlayStation 2, PS2 and PS3 ever since the PS5 was announced. This could indicate that Sony plans to offer more PS3-era games on the PlayStation Store.




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Hogwarts Legacy May Have Been Pushed Back To 2023 According To Report

According to a report, Hogwarts Heritage could face a delay in its release. This open-world RPG adventure is set in the world Harry Potter. Fans of the magic book series and gamers have mixed feelings about the game’s release. Many fans are eager to visit Hogwarts castle, despite controversy and delays.

In recent years, the Harry Potter franchise has been subject to backlash and controversy due to J.K. Rowling’s anti-transgender comments on social media. Many long-time fans have decided to boycott products that pay royalties to J.K. Rowling because of these hurtful comments. This hesitation to support Harry Potter series could impact the development and sales Hogwarts Legacy. Many are unwilling to participate in a project that benefits someone who makes demeaning and hurtful comments.

A recent report by Eurogamer suggests that another delay in the release of Hogwarts Heritage could be imminent. This would push into 2023. This report is supported by the fact that there have been no updates about the game at major events such as The Game Awards 2021. This leaves development progress in mystery for anyone still interested in giving it another shot. Although the report states that the game may be in trouble, no details were given to explain what this could mean or whether Hogwarts Heritage could be canceled. Warner Bros. Games has not confirmed the report, but it is possible that more information will be released in the months ahead, particularly since it is still scheduled for release in this year’s calendar.

Despite its worldwide success, the Harry Potter series has struggled with video game adaptations. Over the years, a series of games that follow the story of the films and books has been released. These titles are available on many platforms. The games did not receive the same attention or excitement as the films and novels, with many of them falling flat of entertaining experiences. Mobile titles like Harry Potter Mystery, have made efforts to provide a unique RPG experience for their fans. Hogwarts Legacy is an attempt to make a player-driven, magical adventure that transcends past narrative limitations.

The possibility to travel to Hogwarts to attend classes in an 1800s setting is appealing to any Harry Potter fan, but it is likely that the new game and the rest of the franchise will still face controversy and struggle. J.K. Rowling defends social media posts that upset her fans. She also draws the ire of prominent actors and creators who were a part the Harry Potter experience. Hogwarts Heritage may see delays or development difficulties in the near future, due to these and other reasons.


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Minecraft Player Builds Epic Battle With Massive Tanks

Minecraft has many large builds. One player took it to the battlefield, creating an entire battle scene with tanks and all. The survival sandbox game Minecraft has been a huge success with players who enjoy creating elaborate works of art like this Minecraftreimaging Picasso’s Cats or players who simply love gardening.

Minecraft is a great way for players from all around the globe to get together and share their building skills. While some players build huge, functional buildings, others create smaller and more intricate towns. A Minecraftbuilder has endless possibilities and each day brings new and better structures. Mojang’s latest updates have made it easier for players to create unique builds. The Minecraft community helps bring more unique gameplay. Each player has access to a variety of Minecraft mods as well as the different texture packs that players have created. This allows them to dive in to the game with different tools and can create whatever they want.


Reddit user Alex-00AK shared their huge battlefield build in the Minecraftsubreddit. The build included at least nine battleships, one large land ship, four landkreuzer (p. 1000 ratte) and seven small tanks. Each battleship has turrets with great detail, including what appears to be smoke and fire coming out of the barrels. The track marks left by the tanks and the debris from the vehicles’ plows are visible on the ground. The tanks are extremely detailed as can be seen in many large Minecraftbuilds. Multilevel battleships can be seen through the glass at different levels. This build required a lot of effort, particularly to get the tanks and ships as close to real as possible.

Although the original poster didn’t mention the time it took to build this huge battlefield, considering how detailed it is, it looks like it was quite a while. This build was marked as being made in creative mode. This means that the player has unlimited access to all materials, and not have to mine or craft them. Minecraftplayers have the option of choosing survival mode, or creative mode to build their creations. However, the build is still impressive.

It’s always exciting and impressive to see what Minecraft players think up next. The Minecraft community is constantly creating new and exciting structures. Every update and pack brings new builds and inspiration to other players.


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