YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that NFTs and cryptocurrency offer a “previously inconceivable opportunity to grow the relationship between creators (and their fans)” on YouTube, a week after Twitter enabled support for NFT avatars.

Wojcicki did not announce any plans to add blockchain functionality on YouTube. However, calling NFTs “opportunity”, it makes it sound like the site has something in its sights. Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s head of gaming, announced today that he will be leaving YouTube to start a blockchain company. Jamie Byrne, senior director of creator partnerships for another blockchain company, also announced today that they are leaving YouTube. This shows that other YouTube employees are interested in NFTs and cryptocurrency. Except in the unlikely circumstance that Wyatt and Byrne, who are leaving YouTube today, were the only people drinking crypto hype.

Wojcicki said in an open letter that YouTube’s 2022 plans were “always focused on expanding YouTube ecosystem to help creators capitalize upon emerging technologies, including NFTs while continuing to strengthen the experiences creators have on YouTube.” It is likely that the site will elaborate on its blockchain plans within the next year.

Shorts, YouTube’s answer to TikTok, is the main focus of the letter. Wojcicki revealed that YouTube has received 5 trillion views for Shorts and stated that the company’s teams are working to make it easier for users and creators to create gaming-related Shorts. Wojcicki also stated that YouTube is “focusing more on live discoverability and additional chat features” in the gaming category and plans to add gifting functionality for members this year.

Discord, along with YouTube and Twitter, once considered NFT integration but ended up stating last November that they do not have plans to. We recently looked at current and future projects to see if NFTs are being used in games. There is a lot of talk about this topic right now.

However, I wonder if big companies like YouTube will get into NFTs if YouTube is a huge company. It’s easier to overcome the backlash when you can point at a giant company like Google and say “Well, they are doing it.”

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John Goodman Says SNL Audition Is One Of The Worst Things He’s Ever Done

John Goodman believes his SNL audition was a low point of his career. Saturday Night Live or SNL is short for. The show’s unique mix of comedy sketches and skits has made it a popular late-night American TV program. It has aired 46 seasons. Many SNL sketches, including the movie classics Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World, have been made into feature films thanks to the show’s popularity.

His 40-year career has seen him win Emmys and Golden Globes. Goodman’s career is now complete with the revival of the classic sitcom Roseanne and subsequent sequel series The Conners allowing Goodman to return to one of his most beloved characters, Dan Conner. Goodman continues to grow his acting resume with a lead role in the comedy series The Righteous Gemstoneswhile also reprising his voice as Sully in Monsters Incspinoff Monsters at Work.

However, it hasn’t always been easy for the legend Goodman. He confirmed this during an interview on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. Goodman recalled some of his career lows and highs. He said that auditioning to be a member of the SNL casting was particularly difficult. Goodman described it as the “most humiliating thing” that he had “ever done before people.” Goodman said he “wrote something 15 minutes before” attended the interview. It was no surprise that Goodman didn’t win the role. You can see the complete video below.

Fortunately, Goodman’s failure to join the SNLcrew wasn’t permanent. He has hosted the sketch show 13 times so far. This makes him the third most successful guest host. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, both acting legends, have surpassed Goodman with 15 and 17 appearances.

Goodman’s brilliant and genuine reaction to his unprepared audition is a testimony to his good nature, an essential aspect of being a successful SNL host. Goodman’s solid hosting record means that SNL could be renewed for another 47-season season. Goodman will not appear on SNL again, but his future looks bright with season 3 of The Righteous Gemstones already in production.




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Minecraft Player Builds Epic Battle With Massive Tanks


Minecraft has many large builds. One player took it to the battlefield, creating an entire battle scene with tanks and all. The survival sandbox game Minecraft has been a massive success with players who enjoy creating elaborate works of art like this Minecraftreimaging Picasso’s Cats or players who love gardening.

Minecraft is an excellent way for players from all around the globe to get together and share their building skills. While some players build huge, functional buildings, others create smaller, more intricate towns. Minecraftbuilder has endless possibilities, and each day brings new and better structures. Mojang’s latest updates have made it easier for players to create unique builds. The Minecraft community helps bring unique gameplay. Each player has access to various Minecraft MODS and texture packs they have created. This allows them to dive into the game with other tools to make whatever they want.

Reddit user Alex-00AK shared their massive battlefield build in the Minecraftsubreddit. The form included at least nine battleships, four landkreuzer, four landkreuzer, and seven small tanks. Each battleship has a turret that shows a lot of detail, including smoke and fire coming out of the barrels. The track marks left by the tanks and the debris from the vehicles’ plows are visible on the ground. The tanks are highly detailed, as seen in many large Minecraft builds. Multilevel battleships can be seen through the glass at different levels. This build required a lot of effort, mainly to get the tanks and ships as close to natural as possible.


Although the original poster didn’t mention how long it took to build this colossal battlefield, the amount of detail makes it seem like it did. This build was marked as being made in creative mode. This means that the player has unlimited access to all materials and does not have to mine or craft them. Minecraft players can choose survival mode or creative mode to build their creations. However, the latter is not less impressive.

It’s always exciting and impressive to see what Minecraft players think up next. The Minecraft community is constantly creating new and exciting structures. Every update and pack brings new builds and inspiration to other players.


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Researchers are currently conducting clinical trials to implant chips in the brains of people who have spinal cord injuries to give movement back to them.

According to The Guardian, Elon Musk’s cofounder of Neuralink neurotech company is working on some cool tech to benefit humanity. Musk claims that the chips of his company, which are currently being tested on humans, will allow someone with paralysis “to use a smartphone with their brain faster than someone who uses thumbs.”

This tech was demonstrated last year by Neuralink, who wired a monkey’s brain to play Pong. Pager, a macaque named Pager, does a great job. It was a positive display of emerging tech.

Neuralink is now looking for a clinical trials director to take the next step in this process, human trials.

The advertisement for the position in Fremont, California, states, “As the clinical trials directorthe director of the clinical trials some the most innovative doctors, top engineers, and also work with Neuralink’s first clinical trial participants.” You will be responsible for leading and building the team that enables Neuralink’s clinical research activities and creating the required regulatory interactions in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment.

It can sometimes be challenging to take the richest man in the world seriously, even when he’s doing the right thing. He’ll present potentially life-altering tech like this one day, then the next, he will start a strange unjustified Twitter battle or reveal something similar to the very odd cyber track from a few decades back. Musk previously stated that we would have implants in humans by 2020. However, I think he should be able to take some credit for the years we’ve had.

“I believe we have a chance to restore full-body function to someone with a spinal cord injury using Neuralink. Neuralink works well in monkeys. We’re just doing a lot more testing to confirm that it is safe and reliable and that the Neuralink device can still be removed safely.

If the human trials of Neuralink prove successful, its development should be much quicker, thanks to better feedback. This technology will likely be available soon. It may help a monkey play Pong well, and it could also shake up the gaming industry.

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Shang-Chi VFX Team Hints at Where Bruce Banner Is During Credits Scene


The film’s post-credits scene, which features Weta VFX ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ VFX crew, gives hints about where Bruce Banner is. The film had a limited narrative, but Destin Cretton needed to connect it to the larger MCU. This was achieved primarily by familiar faces appearing onscreen, such as Banner from Mark Ruffalo, who seemed significantly different than the last time he was there.

The humiliating defeat he suffered in his one-on-1 fight against Thanos (Josh Brolin) at the beginning of Avengers, Infinity War led to the Hulk refusing to appear for the remainder of the film. Five years later, in Avengers Endgame’s snap, fans were shocked to see Smart Hulk, a version as physically powerful as Banner but have Banner’s consciousness. Although the film did not explore creating the hybrid persona, it seemed like the hero was permanent. He was back in his human form when he appeared during ShangChi and Legend of Ten Rings_ post-credits scene.

The official entry of Shang-Chi (Simu Liu), and Katy (Aquafina), into the Avengers’ universe by Wong (Benedict Wong) raised many questions. Wong also met with Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Banner. The first three appeared to be all in the Sanctum Sanctorum. However, the two remaining members joined them via hologram. These holograms were the same ones used by the Avengers in Avengers Endgame. Sean Walker, the Weta VFX supervisor, explained how the scene was created while speaking to Variety. It turns out that Carol Danvers’ suit was entirely CGI. The Banner was also present in his laboratory during the discussion.

Avengers Endgame did not detail how Banner could meld his two distinct personas to create Smart Hulk. This mystery will remain until MCU Phase 4. The appearance of Banner in the ShangChi and the Legends of the Ten Rings made matters more complex as it seemed like Banner couldn’t easily switch between his forms. This is likely to be something that the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series Sheulk will reveal about. Walker’s claim that Banner was in his laboratory is supported in the first official glimpse of the show. He and Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) can be seen in their facility.

If Hulk is operating in his laboratory, it would suggest that most of the remaining heroes are scattered and doing their own thing. Banner could have quickly taken control of the Avengers facility in Upstate (if it hasn’t been damaged already) and managed it as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), following Thanos’ snaps in Avengers Infinity War. However, he relies on his resources, and there is no system to support the new generation of Avengers.



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After six months of being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Daemon X Machina was released on PC in early 2020. Marvellous developed it as a third-person mech fighting game. However, we found it to be quite repetitive.

You’ll soon be able to play it in a risk-free setting, as it’s next week’s Epic Games Store freebie. It will be available between January 27th and February 3rd, and it will be following the Epic Games Store’s current free game, Relicta.

Daemon X Machina is a repetitive series, but it has a lot to offer. This is the closest thing you’ll find to From Software’s Armored Core series for quite a while. It was created by Kenichiro Takuda, an Armored Core veteran, and although it is brighter than From’s previous mech series, Daemon X Machina has some of its feel.

Chris Scullion’s review stated that Daemon X Machina was accessible enough to appeal even to people with little experience in mech games. It takes a few missions to master controlling your mech. Once you do, flying can be toggled on and off using taps of the jump button. The triggers control your weapons. The D-pad lets you swap firearms as needed.

It appears that From Software’s Armored Core, which is a robot-on-robot conflict, may be making a comeback with Hidetaka Mikaziki as the leader. Mollie’s report states that boss battles will be “Soulsy”, and the architecture will still retain the old (read, extremely gray) Armored Core style.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Quietly Pushes Out First Update of 2022

CD Projekt Red’s ambitious sci-fiction action RPG Cyberpunk2077 has just received its first update in 2022. However, it was not celebrated by the studio. This update is ahead of Cyberpunk’s next-gen upgrade. However, there has yet to be a definite release date.

Cyberpunk2077’s legacy has been fraught with controversy. The game’s launch was a disaster. There were many refund requests and scathing criticisms from its consumers. It was also removed from the PlayStation Store. It did not return to the store for six months. The game’s glitchiness, poor performance on the last-gen consoles, and cut content were the leading causes of most of the problems players experienced with Cyberpunk.

The negative publicity around Cyberpunk was exacerbated because CD Projekt Red didn’t allow review outlets to view footage from the console builds of the game. The lawsuit brought about by CD Projekt Red against the Polish developer culminated in less than $2,000,000 to its investors. Although the studio has made some progress, many gamers still feel that much is to be done.

CD Projekt Red has not abandoned Cyberpunk, as demonstrated by a patch that Reddit user *ssCrack_42069 noticed. This patch, which will mark the first time Cyberpunk has seen it since October, was added to the Steam Database on January 14, without any announcements from CD Projekt Red. The build contents are not public, so it is important to note that they are not available for download.


This quiet update is noteworthy for two reasons. It is the first update of the game in months and the first update in the new year. CD Projekt Red had previously stated that next-gen Cyberpunk2077 would be available in Q1 2022. Many fans hope for a larger patch to increase the excitement for the upcoming update. No details regarding his patch were made public at the time of writing.

It is easy to speculate after hearing this news. Cyberpunk2077 suffered greatly for many players due to its tons of cut content like car customization and wall-running, so a patch that reintroduces some of these features would be welcomed. Cyberpunk2077fans need to remember that CD Projekt Red would want the most excitement possible behind any significant update. Therefore, the studio’s silence suggests that this patch will be more focused on stabilizing performance.




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WWE 2K22 Cover Art And Pre-Order DLC Leaked

The leak of several vital details has delayed the game’s March release date, including its cover and bonus content. 2K Games and Visual Concepts have finally returned to the squared circle with WWE 2K22 after a two-year wait due to the disappointing launch of WWE 2K20. They promise that this game will improve the previous installments in the long-running video game series.

Visual Concepts is showcasing the results of its WWE 2K22launch. There are many appealing WWE 2K22trailers that Visual Concepts has shared over the past year. In November, the latest look revealed updated characters models for WWE stars such as Roman Reigns or Rey Mysterio, along with various gameplay features including Create-A-Wrestler and GM Mode. The new MyFaction mode will allow players to create their roster of wrestlers. The WWE 2K22’s2 K showcase mode will be focused on Rey Mysterio’s long and distinguished career in the WWE. This is evident from the game’s choice of the cover artwork.


Nils Ahrensmeier, TechnikNews’ writer, recently shared the first glimpse at WWE 2K22’s cover art via Twitter (via VGC). It features Rey Mysterio in both the standard and Deluxe Edition variants. Ahrensmeier shared some interesting tidbits regarding WWE2K22. He mentioned that there will be a 3-day early access period starting March 8 and that the Deluxe Edition will include a pre-order content package centered around Undertaker. This content, known as the Undertaker Immortal pack, will feature three alternative Undertaker characters – Phantom Mask Undertaker and Lord of Darkness Undertaker. It also includes exclusive MyFACTION EVO cards, MyFACTION Perks, and Bonuses that are Undertaker-themed.

2K Games has struggled to create excitement for 2K22 following the controversy surrounding WWE 2K20. However, this is not the only obstacle the game has faced. The recent WWE firings and releases have had a significant impact on WWE 2K22’s roster. Visual Concepts was reportedly forced to abandon its plans to focus the single-player campaign on the rookie-focused NXT brand. According to outside reports, WWE 2K22 is expected to have one of its most out-of-date rosters. The game eventually cut previous WWE stars like Daniel Bryan after signing on with rival wrestling promotions like AEW.

Visual Concepts sees the logic in focusing WWE 2K22 on established WWE stars like Rey Mysterio or Undertaker. This is evident by WWE 2K22choices of cover wrestlers and pre-order DLC. Although the exact release date of WWE2K22 is not yet confirmed, it’s likely to be close to the March 8 early access date.

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Watch Jeff Goldblum Strut Down The Runway At Prada’s Fashion Show

Jeff Goldblum walked down the runway for a Prada fashion show modeling the new winter/fall 2022 menswear line. With his distinctive and quirky personality, Jurassic Park’star has maintained a fashionable appearance. Goldblum’s unique characteristics make him a meme-figure online. According to Jeff Goldblum, this led to the recent Disney+ documentary series The World.

The Hollywood star was seen strutting down the runway at Prada’s Milan Fashion Week. YouTube footage of Goldblum modeling for Prada’s fall collection has been circulated along with Twin Peaks_ Kyle MacLachlan. User Hannah Tindle posted a video to Twitter in which the actor walks down the catwalk wearing the brand’s new winter coat/glove combo. The clip is entirely unexpected.

Many were surprised by Goldblum’s surprise appearance on Prada’s runway, but he wasn’t the only one. Other surprise stars, such as The Queen’s Gambit’s Thomas Brodie Sangster and Sexual Education_’s Asa Butterfield, also participated in the fashion extravaganza. The silver fox Goldblum could be fulfilling a long-held dream to model on the catwalk. Or, he might be participating in the third season of his Disney+ documentary series. Season 3 of The World According To Jeff Goldblum, season 2 has been canceled, although the actor expressed his strong desire to have it back. Goldblum will be returning to Dr. Ian Malcolm’s iconic role in the upcoming Jurassic World series: Dominion. Although he is less prevalent, this character is still beloved by many fans.


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Uncharted LEGO Set Could Be Coming Soon According To Rumor

Rumors suggest that a LEGO official set inspired by Uncharted may be revealed shortly. Naughty Dog’s third-person shooter series stars Nathan Drake, an adventurous archeologist who takes players on intercontinental adventures to find valuable treasures. Many gamers look forward to brick-based building kits with Sega’s Sonic the HedgehogLEGO Set releasing on January 1.

The LEGO brand’s plastic building sets, which were established in 1932, have been a household name around the globe. These construction toys allow users to create unique sculptures using small miniature figures that act like people. Although some people prefer to build their own LEGO brick models, the instructions included in each set will help you create your final product. LEGO kits based on popular franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter have been top-rated in recent years. LEGO Ideas allows fans to create sets that can become official products. One fan’s Kirby’s Dream LandLEGO set was recently added to the system as a pink hero by Nintendo.

According to Push square reports, there may be an Uncharted Lego set. The themed LEGO kit will contain 1,326 pieces and include a Jeep and a cave. It was discovered by dedicated LEGO communities. The rumor is supported by Nathan Drake, the series’ protagonist. He has a history of driving and being chased down by Jeepsseries’. Claims are not confirmed by Push Square, but Push Square reports that the kit will be available in March. This would mean that LEGO would soon make an announcement.

The Uncharted franchise, which was the last installment in the series, is perhaps more popular than ever. Naughty Dog’s games inspired a movie that will be released worldwide in February 2022. Dog’sars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg plays his mentor Sully. The Legacy of Thieves Collection release date is set for January 28. This updated rerelease will contain Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Lost Legacy. Both titles were launched on the PlayStation 4Thief’s22, a PC version of the Legacy of Thieves Collection will be released.

LEGO has been around for many decades and continues to be a famous brand of plastic bricks. The Uncharted series has allowed fans to build vehicles and locations from many franchises. An Uncharted LEGO kit seems like the perfect partnership, considering Nathan Drake has visited many exotic places in the series.





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