Static is Setting Up a Massive Milestone Crossover

In high school, Virgil Hawkins, AKA Static, met Raquel Ervin, AKA Rocket. This made a Milestone team up seem natural. The Dakotaverse started to emerge in 2021 with Static: Season One and Icon and Rocket Season One and Hardware: Season One. The heroes are now collaborating and setting the wheels in motion for their Justice League.

Readers might not have known that Raquel Ervin (and Virgil Hawkins) attend the same high school if it wasn’t already been covered in the series. Dakota City is fully imagined and has many characters, locations, and events shared in the three ongoing comics. Milestone’s world-building was a step ahead of its time in the 1990s and continues to impress with its current comics. Hardware was a crucial player in the past, despite his brief appearance during static: Season One Virgil and meet another hero in Icon and Rocket #5, written and illustrated by Reginald Hudlin and Leon Chills, with art Andrew Currie and Doug Braithwaite.

Raquel and Virgil sit in the same classroom and have a short conversation in the hallway. Virgil reveals that he is Static to Raquel during their discussion. He is aware that Raquel is Rocket, and he wants to establish ties with fellow Dakota superheroes. This scene occurs after the end of Season One, when Virgil has fully developed into his superhero self. Confidently, Virgil says to her, “I can be somebody you can talk about stuff like this.” Your other life. The one who is a hero… Because I am Static.” Although she doesn’t seem interested, Virgil’s initiative is sowing the seeds for a future team-up with Icon or Rocket.

Raquel Ervin, who is unfazed, has become preoccupied in high school when Ant interrupts her. Virgil is harassed by a few students as he displays his ability to fight bullies in the hallway. He nearly lost his temper in an altercation with a student using his electromagnetic skills. He quickly disarms the students who are harassing him by shocking them off-panel. The issue took place after Static’s first seasons. This moment exemplifies Virgil’s rise as a hero.

It is also a sign of Virgil’s growth that he is willing and able to share his identity with his fellow student-superhero. The Milestone creative team had previously teased that the first three seasons of the titles might be converged with an event. Static and Rocket are now aware of their secret identities. Hardware and Raquel have become friends with Virgil.




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John Goodman Says SNL Audition Is One Of The Worst Things He’s Ever Done

John Goodman believes his SNL audition was a low point of his career. Saturday Night Live or SNL is short for. The show’s unique mix of comedy sketches and skits has made it a popular late-night American TV program. It has aired 46 seasons. Many SNL sketches, including the movie classics Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World, have been made into feature films thanks to the show’s popularity.

His 40-year career has seen him win Emmys and Golden Globes. Goodman’s career is now complete with the revival of the classic sitcom Roseanne and subsequent sequel series The Conners allowing Goodman to return to one of his most beloved characters, Dan Conner. Goodman continues to grow his acting resume with a lead role in the comedy series The Righteous Gemstoneswhile also reprising his voice as Sully in Monsters Incspinoff Monsters at Work.

However, it hasn’t always been easy for the legend Goodman. He confirmed this during an interview on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. Goodman recalled some of his career lows and highs. He said that auditioning to be a member of the SNL casting was particularly difficult. Goodman described it as the “most humiliating thing” that he had “ever done before people.” Goodman said he “wrote something 15 minutes before” attended the interview. It was no surprise that Goodman didn’t win the role. You can see the complete video below.

Fortunately, Goodman’s failure to join the SNLcrew wasn’t permanent. He has hosted the sketch show 13 times so far. This makes him the third most successful guest host. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, both acting legends, have surpassed Goodman with 15 and 17 appearances.

Goodman’s brilliant and genuine reaction to his unprepared audition is a testimony to his good nature, an essential aspect of being a successful SNL host. Goodman’s solid hosting record means that SNL could be renewed for another 47-season season. Goodman will not appear on SNL again, but his future looks bright with season 3 of The Righteous Gemstones already in production.




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Kirby & The Forgotten Land Will Have the Biggest File Size in Series

It has been revealed that Kirby and the Forgotten Land will have some of the most extensive files in series history. Considering the game’s scale and the big world, this file size is not surprising.

Kirby’s Forgotten Land is a significant step forward for the series, as it marks the first 3D entry. The world is more important than ever, and Kirby has more to discover, even though levels still appear to be linear. The trailer shows new copy abilities and a 2-player co-op. The Forgotten Land’s 3D environment and the size of Kirby are also highlighted by the giant boss battles Kirby will face.

Nintendo lists the game’s file size at 5.8GB. This is via Nintendo Life. This file size is more significant than Super Mario Odyssey, 5.6GB. It is also twice as large as Kirby Star Allies, 2.8GB.

There are also Super Mario Odyssey and Kirby that are larger than Kirby. Shining Pearl and Pokemon Bright Diamond are 10GB, despite not being as large as Super Mario Odyssey. Metroid Dark is smaller than a Call of Duty Update at 4.1GB and runs at 60 frames per second. Call of Duty is a larger Metroidvania than Metroid Drag. However, it can run at 60FPS with a relatively small file.

The Forgotten Land and the world of Kirby are massive, as can be seen from the trailers. The latest trailer shows Kirby running through huge environments, similar to those in Super Mario Odyssey. This file size signifies that Kirby’s world and possible content will be significant. It would be even more impressive if the game received DLC either in free updates or paid. It’s not surprising Kirby; the Forgotten Land has been one of the most anticipated games in the series for the many advances it’s made.




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Yellowjackets Season 1 Ending Explained: Every Shocking Twist

The final scene in Yellowjacketsseason1 strongly suggests that the unknown assailants abducting Natalie are acting on Lottie’s behalf. They are strangely dressed in all grey, with headwraps and pendants displaying the symbol of the woods. Suzie (Colleen wheeler) fears Lottie (although she doesn’t know her identity) and believes an unknown party follows them. The story of Lottie as a teenager ends with her asking the “dark” to “free them.” It makes sense that she would be a cult leader. She has been doing this in the past and would have the resources to do it in the present. But the question is: Why would she kill Travis? What does she want from Natalie?

The Yellowjackets Finale reveals just how dangerous misty is
The shocking moment in the Yellowjacketsseason1 ending was Misty letting Jessica leave. This plotline seemed destined for a more violent finale, especially after Misty’s reaction when her pet bird Caligula was threatened. This exchange was all a clever deception Misty masterfully orchestrated to hide her tracks. She laced the cigarettes in fentanyl so Jessica would overdose if she ever smoked them. She threw the cigarettes out at first, knowing Jessica would search for them and then ask for them. Although Misty seems like a risky move, it is possible that she had an alternate plan for dealing with Jessica. The incident still reveals Misty’s willingness to die.

Secret Shrine of Taissa
Juxtaposed with the yellowjackets scene after learning about her shocking victory against her opponent in the election, Simone discovers a mysterious, ritualistic shrine in her basement. It includes the sacrifices of her dog, her son’s doll, and what appears to have been a human heart. The same symbol found in the woods is written on the shrine’s wall. It was probably there when Travis was killed. The shrine is lit with candles, just like the shrine. These two scenes appear to be connected because they are intercut. This raises the question, “Did Taissa do some ritual to win the election?”

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Ubisoft announced via a post to the official website that Watch Dogs: Legion’s last 5.6 updates will be released.

This announcement comes after a year of updates to Legion including characters and story DLC Bloodline. It also features Aiden Pearce, everyone’s favourite grumbly hacker Chicagoan.

The final season of Watch Dogs Legion’s multiplayer will be called Stripes. After Stripes is over, the game will enter an End-of-Life mode for multiplayer. This allows the game to cycle through seasons 3-5 indefinitely or until the servers are closed.

Their official statement states that the current season 4 Rebels track will continue until January 22, 2022. Season 5 Stripes will follow. Seasons 3-5 will cycle again and you’ll be able to earn rewards that you may have missed in the past. A modified Aiden Pearce jacket and Jackson’s clothing and mask set are some of the rewards you can look forward to.

In this era of perpetually live service games, a little more than a year of updates is certainly noteworthy. However, Watch Dogs was traditionally a single-player series. I think a story expansion and one year of multiplayer updates is a fair proposition for a large release that includes both a single-player campaign and multiplayer.

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Hitman 3 has been released on Steam after a year-long exclusivity at Epic Games Store. Although it’s an excellent title that you should play, early Steam reviews suggest otherwise. Hitman 3 currently has a mixed rating on Steam, with 435 reviews. But that’s not to say it is a bad game.
Half of the reviews are negative, and the most common theme is price. Hitman 3’s Steam price is $60, the same as it was on Epic one year ago. Many critics are upset that the Steam release doesn’t include a launch discount. Some cite Borderlands 3’s 50% Steam launch discount as an example. Some view a launch discount as a well-deserved gesture after waiting one year for the Steam version. Many reviewers agree that a one-year-old game shouldn’t be sold at full price, regardless of its exclusivity window.

One negative review said that the price tag was “insulting,” considering how many people waited for the game to arrive on Steam.

60 EUR for a game older than a year. There are no discounts, franchise sales, or discounts for those who own H1 and H2 on Steam. Samurai 47 wrote: “Nothing.”

CaptainSavvy wrote, “My positive review has been locked behind a one year timed exclusivity agreement.”

Many Steam customers are unhappy that Hitman 3 was markedly discounted during Epic’s holiday sale. It was $23.99, but you could cash in Epic’s $10 coupons to get it $13.99. It’s now back at $60 on Epic and Steam.

However, the price is not what critics complain about. Many reviewers point out that Hitman 3’s multiple editions are confusing and poorly explained, particularly for those who want to transfer their Hitman 1/2 progress from Hitman 3 to Hitman 3 (you need to purchase the Standard edition and then use IOI’s progress transfer tool). Some are dissatisfied with the performance and limitations of Hitman’s VR mode. VR is at the top of IOI’s known issues, and a hotfix was implemented today to improve performance.

This minor uproar also reached the Hitman subreddit. Most of the top posts about Hitman 3’s Steam price and its confusing editions. One fan created a flowchart to help players find the right edition.

Although Hitman 3’s packaging is the subject of much discussion, there are few negative reviews. Most of those who review the game’s gameplay say it is great but leave a negative review due to Epic’s price and its time on Epic. The $13.99 Epic discount was not available at the time. However, those who reviewed the game on Steam refused to use Epic for any reason.

If you are willing to pay a monthly subscription, there is an even better deal for the entire Hitman Trilogy. All three games have just been added to PC Game Pass. This version appears to be crashing for some users, but IOI has a workaround via its official issues tracker.

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Halo Infinite Leak Hints Five New Multiplayer Maps Are Coming

According to a leak, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will receive a few new maps. Infinite’s multiplayer mode has been an enormous success, but it has been criticized for its lack of content and the complex microtransaction system. Three hundred forty-three industries are addressing this.

Halo Infinite launched its free-to-play multiplayer component before its campaign began on November 15, 2021. The multiplayer component has received a lot of praise from the gaming community. Many consider Infinite a welcome return to form for the franchise. However, some are not satisfied with the slow, tedious progression system. New cosmetics and unlockables take far too much time to get. There have been complaints about the game’s lack of content due to its limited number of game modes and tiny list of maps. The multiplayer content of Infinite has been enhanced with classic game modes such as Fiesta and new cosmetics such as the Cat Ears Helmet. However, no new maps were added.

According to a Tweet from the Halo infinite Leaks account and News Twitter account, this could change soon. This was reported by. A tweet contained an image that looked like an internal screenshot of 343 Industries showing Blockout versions of five different maps under the heading “Halo Infinite Maps.” These images, which are void of texture and “implicity, represen” what consumers will get if the leak is accurate. The tweet’s body lists the names of the new maps: Solitude, Cataract atweet’sidden.

As with any leak that is yet to be confirmed by an official source, these new maps need to be taken with a grain of salt. 343 Industries continues to work on improving and expanding the game, with new unlockables as well as fixes for Big Team Battle. Infinite’s multiplayer is available for approximately two months nInfinite’supdate with a selection of new maps is not impossible.

It remains to be seen if these maps will please Halo Infinite’s passionate fanbase. These images aren’t enough to give Infinite’spression of the maps. Halo Unfinitaren’t undoubtedly get new maps at some point.




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Activision will delay Call of Duty: Warzone’s next Season by a few more weeks to fix bugs. Today’s blog post revealed that Vanguard and Warzone Pacific season 2 launches had been moved from February 2 to February 14. This is a wonderful day for Warzone updates.

“We understand your frustrations, and we hear you loudly and clearly. The post states that we have deployed several updates to date. But, more work is needed. Since December’s launch of the Caldera map and Vanguard guns, Warzone has been struggling. The game’s performance has been impacted on consoles in particular.

The official Trello page for Warzone keeps track of some of the most bizarre issues popping up. These include a crash on Xbox that occurs if you press the home key too hard and operator skins that make players invisible from long distances.

Although Warzone has a history of persistent bugs, this is the first time that a planned update has been delayed. We will use the extra development time to deliver updates. This includes optimizations to gameplay and game balancing (including weapon/equipment balancing), fixing bugs, and improving game stability.

It is possible to speculate that the delay could be due to the strike at Warzone software developer Raven Software. Raven Software laid off a third of its quality assurance team (those who check for bugs before updates rollout) within a matter of days following the launch of Warzone Pacific season 1 Call of Duty will soon have new masters, as Warzone’s future looks dim. Microsoft announced yesterday that it would acquire Activision Blizzard in its entirety for $68.7 Billion.

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Bob Saget’s Wife Pens Touching Tribute to Her Late Husband


On Friday, Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s spouse, posted a touching tribute to her husband at the funeral service for the Full House comedian, actor, and television host. Saget is best known for his stand-up comedy and was also the beloved TV dad Danny Tanner, who was featured on the ABC sitcom Full House from 1987 through 1995, as well as ten episodes of its Netflix sequel series Fuller House. He was also the older Ted Mosby/narrator on How You Met Your Mother and was the original host for America’s Funniest Home Videos through the 1990s.

Saget, 65, was found dead in his hotel room at Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes on January 9, 2022. Although the exact cause of his death is unknown, The Orange County Sheriff’s ruled out foul play and drug use. Saget had just performed a comedy show in Jacksonville the night before his death. Many of his co-stars and fans took to the internet to grieve after the news of Saget’s death. Saget’s widow has now spoken out, the first time she’s done so since her husband’s funeral.

Rizzo (42) posted a touching tribute via Instagram to Saget on Saturday, January 15. With the caption, “My sweet husband,” she included a photo of her and her husband. After much reflection, I realized that I had been robbed of my time. Rizzo said she was trying to imagine how lucky she was to have been the one to marry THE MOST INCREDIBLE MAN EARTH. Rizzo’s tribute to him is below.

In every tribute to Saget shared by celebrities and comedians who knew him, words like “kind” or “loving” were used. Many of these people attended Saget’s funeral. It was “a perfect farewell.” His wife described Saget as “he loved,” which was evident at the service.

The death of Saget was shocking and devastating for Full House fans and those who loved his work. Celebrities, friends, family, and loved ones continue paying tribute to Saget. It’s essential that you follow his example, show your love for those you love, and help to honor his legacy. As Rizzo mentioned, Saget and his family were indefatigably grateful for the Scleroderma Research Foundation. In 1994, Saget’s sister Gay died from scleroderma. She was only 47 years old. Saget was involved in the foundation before Gay’s diagnosis. Saget later became a member of the board. Saget died on his sister’s 75th Birthday. To continue his love, fans can make donations to the foundation.



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ACNH Player Reveals Easy Way To Get Villagers To Leave Your Home

One player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons shared a simple trick to prevent villager visits at home. This new feature allows players to see ACNH villagers in their houses. It was introduced to the 2020 game as a substantial update. After the update, players may be visited at home by random islanders who can comment on their decor and play games.

The community was very interested in the possibility of villagers visiting players at their homes in Animal Crossing. Many people feel that the game’s villager characters lack personality compared to other AC games. Many fans believe that random visits by villagers could help fix this. The new Animal Crossing feature is quickly becoming an irritation for many. Users are unable to decorate or craft when villager visits their home. Players have found solutions by creating outdoor crafting areas and Animal Crossing storage space to minimize time at home.

Redditor and Animal Crossing player. The best tip to get rid of unwanted villager visitors to a house is to make it quick and easy for them to leave. The user stated that if a player stands in a room other than their main one when a villager visits, they will assume the house is empty and leave quickly if the player remains where they are. Players can prevent unwanted guests from dropping in on their homes by ensuring they are not in an area connected to the front door.

There is so much to do on the island that Animal Crossing players don’t have time to spend at home. One of the most common reasons players are not at home while decorating or designing their homes is because they have to choose wallpapers, flooring and move furniture. A wandering villager interrupting a home interior remodel can immediately stop the work. This is just one reason why many fans have become frustrated with the new visitor mechanic.

The_Rambling_Otter’s tip means that Animal Crossing players won’t have to stop what’s going on when a villager visits. As long as they are set up in another room, they’ll be fine. Users can set up crafting stations in separate rooms to avoid unwanted villager visits. However, those who decorate their main room will still be affected by their noise. Perhaps Nintendo will develop a better method to deal with villager visits in the future Animal Crossing patch.





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