TFM: The First Men is a new colony sim. It has an interesting idea. What if you were in charge of the very first person? You’ll start with the two most experienced people and build a base for them.

This is a unique twist that goes beyond what you would expect from a colony builder. A colony builder will be able to see that your characters are part a story that grows and becomes a living world. Rimworld allows you to chase stories and build them around your characters. However, it is not an overall campaign that uses a series custom maps.

TFM will also include campaign maps. TFM will also include skirmish maps that are more similar to a 4x game. It will also include procedurally generated maps that are more “roguelike”, with custom constraints.

Gathering Tree’s creators cite Rimworld as an inspiration, as well the classic Knights and Merchants. This is an extremely difficult genre to create, let alone perfect. I’m willing to build a colony with goblins, and my part of the lizard brain that wants to play Dwarf Fortress is interesting.–gems-generator-working-2022

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