Paradox revealed Royal Court at PDXCon May. It is a full-sized expansion to Crusader Kings 3, following the smaller Northern Lords DLC. Although no release date was given, the game went up for preorder via Steam and Paradox Store. It is expected to be available very soon. Paradox announced that it wouldn’t be available this year, as they posted on their forum.

The Royal Court will soon add a 3D-designed throne area to their courtroom, where you can meet your vassals or courtiers. You can spend money to maintain your appearances with a new grandeur system. A better culture system will allow you to consider language differences (and learn new ones) and each culture’s unique ethos, traditions and pillars. Your fine court will attract artists and craftspeople who will return patronage in exchange for treasures and artifacts.

Developers aren’t satisfied with the Royal Court expansions stability and wrote, “There are many bugs we need out and are taking more time making sure it meets the standards you expect.” “Players should look forward to the news regarding the 2022 release date soon(tm). The Royal Court FAQ has more information.

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