Cyberpunk 2077 Most Played Steam Game Despite Controversial Release

New statistics show that Cyberpunk2077 is the most popular and best-selling game on Valve’s Steam storefront. Cyberpunk2077 has received a flood of positive Steam reviews in the last month. Players have been able to blur out the many issues with the title and give it a fair chance after receiving continued support from its developers. The title currently has almost 20,000 reviews due to holiday sales. These numbers will likely grow in 2022 with new updates.

Cyberpunk2077 was launched in late 2020. It quickly became one of the most controversial video games in recent history. The game had a lot of bugs, low frame rates, and blurry textures, which made it slow on many platforms. After being the most damaged AAA title ever released, both Xbox and PlayStation offered refunds to players a month later. PlayStation even removed Cyberpunk2077 temporarily from the PlayStation Store following a lot of backlash and endless refund requests. CD Projekt Red has been working hard to revive the unfortunate title and released several patches in 2021, delaying Cyberpunk2077’s next-gen versions until next.

It appears that CD Projekt Red’s promise of repairing Cyberpunk2077 to its original form is being fulfilled, as new statistics from Steam show that Cyberpunk2077 is still one of the most popular and well-received Steam games. The Best of Steam 2021 is available on Valve’s website via ( Kotaku). Cyberpunk2077 can also be found in the “Top Sellers” and “Most Popular” sections of the store’s public statistics. Although the title did not make the “Platinium,” as it is multiplayer-heavy this tier, it appears that it made it to the “Silver” section where many other 2021 titles such as Resident Evil and Age of Empires IV. It is shocking to see Cyberpunk2077 at the top of the “Most played” list, peaking at more than 200,000 players within 2021 despite it being a single-player title.

Recently, Adam Kicinski, CEO of CD Project Red, stated that the studio still believes in Cyberpunk2077 despite its ongoing problems and negative acclaim. Kicinski asserts that Cyberpunk2077 will be viewed as a good and long-selling game, despite its rocky start and scandalous history. According to Kicinski, the game will be labeled “good” because of the high brand awareness and the increased power of consoles over time. This is not due to its story or gameplay.

CD Projekt Red’s first-person sci-fi sandbox broke records in 2021 but has much to do before it can be redeemed. It still needs to surpass the mark set by the studio’s The Witcher3: Wild Hunt. It is not clear how Cyberpunk2077 will be perceived, but there could be more quality-of-life updates in 2022 that will help to justify the title.

Cyberpunk2077 requires players to make difficult decisions that can affect the fate of characters. It is a common part of Night City life. Saving people can feel like losing a battle, especially when V loses his best friend in Cyberpunk2077’s initial act. Even though the solution may not always be obvious, there are still Cyberpunk2077 characters that can be saved with V’s actions.

Cyberpunk2077 Night City is overrun, and corporations wage war on each other in the streets. Civilians are often the casualties of this overwhelming violence. The NCPD is hopelessly corrupt, and politicians are more interested in gaining power than saving their cities. Night City is overrun by gangs, and corporations are waging war on the streets, so civilians are often the casualties of the overwhelming violence.

Although V cannot help every NPC in Cyberpunk2077, their choices and actions can still impact the game’s outcome. This is Cyberpunk2077.

How to Save Cyberpunk’s Barry in “Happy Together”
V is asked by two NCPD officers to check on Barry, their friend and neighbor, in the Cyberpunk2077 quest. Barry informs V that Andrew, his best friend, has passed away. V must investigate Andrew’s grave, where they will discover that Andrew is a tortoise. This will prevent Barry from suicide. V must then explain all to Barry’s friends. V, who waits too long for Barry to come to the memorial, or fails to tell Barry’s friends all the details, will fail the quest and indicate that Barry has died.

How to Save Cyberpunk 2077’s Brick in “The Pickup?”
Cyberpunk 2077’s main story quest, “The Pickup,” involves a Militechbot V must acquire from Maelstrom. V will have to make several choices in this questline, but they will end up fighting for their freedom. V can save Brick, the ex-leader of Maelstrom before they go. V must either hack the door or locate the code on the computer in the room next to him. The next step is to disable the laser mine that prevents Brick from leaving.

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