After six months of being a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Daemon X Machina was released on PC in early 2020. Marvellous developed it as a third-person mech fighting game. However, we found it to be quite repetitive.

You’ll soon be able to play it in a risk-free setting, as it’s next week’s Epic Games Store freebie. It will be available between January 27th and February 3rd, and it will be following the Epic Games Store’s current free game, Relicta.

Daemon X Machina is a repetitive series, but it has a lot to offer. This is the closest thing you’ll find to From Software’s Armored Core series for quite a while. It was created by Kenichiro Takuda, an Armored Core veteran, and although it is brighter than From’s previous mech series, Daemon X Machina has some of its feel.

Chris Scullion’s review stated that Daemon X Machina was accessible enough to appeal even to people with little experience in mech games. It takes a few missions to master controlling your mech. Once you do, flying can be toggled on and off using taps of the jump button. The triggers control your weapons. The D-pad lets you swap firearms as needed.

It appears that From Software’s Armored Core, which is a robot-on-robot conflict, may be making a comeback with Hidetaka Mikaziki as the leader. Mollie’s report states that boss battles will be “Soulsy”, and the architecture will still retain the old (read, extremely gray) Armored Core style.

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