Death Note’s 108 Chapter’s Secret Meaning

These numbers often have a special significance in supernatural lore. Death Note makes extensive use of these numerological meanings down to the number of its chapters.
Death Note manga contains precisely 108 chapters. This seems to Western fans to be an arbitrarily set stop point. Tsugumi Okba, Death Note’s author, wanted to end the series in the 108th chapter and tried to make the story flow. Some chapters in the manga are a little too long, so some chapters were removed from Death Note’s anime adaptation. Because of the unique meaning associated with 108 Japanese cultures, Ohba considered it essential to hit this mark.

In Buddhist beliefs, the number 108 is a significant one. This belief system is prevalent in Japan. The number 108 refers to the number of temptations a human soul must endure during the reincarnation before reaching Nirvana or exiting the cycle. Although 108 is associated with the idea of Death, this number doesn’t have any immediate negative connotations. Nirvana is a positive experience. This number can be seen in the number of steps to a Buddhist temple or the number of beads on a prayer necklace worn by monks. It would be just as easily recognized in Japan as the number 666.

Ryuk tells Light, when he picks up the Death Note, that mortals who use it will not experience an afterlife. This could be either good (heaven) or bad (hell). This is what Light finds acceptable. However, Ryuk shows that this is the fate for all human souls, Death Note or not: to disappear into nothingness and that no human can be brought back to life under any circumstances. Light ends the chapter after 108 chapters filled with trials and tribulations. He then proceeds to nothing. This is the same freedom that a pure soul gets from the 108 temptations of Buddhism.

Death Note also uses a lot of numbers that have significant connections to Death and misfortune. For example, the number 4 can be read in a way similar to “death” (or “death”) in Japanese. It is also avoided because it is thought that it may bring bad luck. These numbers are used in many Death Note rules, including the 40-second limit to aa dd cause of Death, the 6-minute, 40-second alteration rule (or 400-second rule), and the rule about four misspellings rendering Death Note inert. Light also uses 13 numbers when he creates a fake rule for the book.

Although 108 is a number with mystical meaning, many Japanese media use it. However, Death Note is the only work that has used numerology so much. These significant numbers are used as rules to enhance the work’s intangible feeling and give Death Note legitimacy as something that transcends human existence.

Viz Media announced the release of a new collection by the original authors of Death Note. Among them is a bizarre and controversial story featuring a character based on Donald Trump, the forty-fifth president of the United States.
Death Note is still a top-rated manga series, despite its ending in 2006. Fans rediscovered the series after live film adaptations in Japan and on Netflix. The Death Note: Short Stories anthology was released in Japan in February 2021. It includes the newest work from the series’ universe, “The Akira Story.”

The “a-Kira Story,” first made public in 2019, was presented at an expo in Japan to celebrate Ohba’s 30-year-long professional career. It was not named at the time, and fans refer to it as the “Never Complete One Shot,” after the exhibit. Ryuk returns to the human world with Death Note in hopes of finding someone who is as entertaining to watch as Light. Minoru, the boy Ryuk offers it to, requests a two-year delay before he takes possession. He then decides that he will auction off the Death Note to the highest bidder. This powerful weapon attracts many influential people, including the former president of the United States. Although Donald Trump is not mentioned in the story, his appearance is unambiguous Trump. Viz Media announced that the compendium would be available in summer 2022.

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