Nothing about gorepunk RPG Death Trash isn’t charmingly grotesque. This extends to its patch notes. The tweet that followed the most recent one stated: “Uploaded a hotfix to a crash caused Fleshworms eating puse.”

The Early Access RPG has been updated to version 0.7.30 and now includes an infection system. You can increase your infection value by using implants or eating the flesh that has grown out of the ground after Death Trash’s post-apocalypse. However, you can reduce it with the puking skill.

“The main purpose is to add more narrative layer to the direct gameplay,” patch notes, err note, “to give more reason d’etre for the puke ability and to replace our previous energy system which was not happy with.”

You can pick up vomit in Death Trash and carry it around with other gross items. You can find flesh worms around ground meat. A successful animalism test can then tame them. You can then put them in your bag and start throwing them at enemies.

As a follow-up tweet revealed, this is the main reason for the bug. “Some players had Fleshworms and puke in their bags. They then walked into a mine. Their bodies exploded, and all their items were dumped on the ground. The worms survived and ate the puke.

It turns out that flesh worms are not supposed to eat the remains of a Technicolor yellowawn. It crashed the game, not just because it’s gross. The hotfix was quick, and you can now roam the wastes again with a bag of flesh worms or chunder as God intended.

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