Destiny 2 players are familiar with the procedure. Every Friday, Xur will appear somewhere in the solar system, ready to sell rare goods. He leaves every Tuesday. But, players have found ways to make the vendor stay a bit longer. Last week, they decided not to let him go.
Although it’s difficult to determine who started it, Shacknews cites a Redditor called Hatenotechlab, who stayed with Xur during server reset (preserving the instance and so ensuring that the vendor didn’t disappear as normal), to discover that he was now selling a particular spicy weapon.

Xur began selling legendaries a month ago alongside his exotics. Legendaries come with random perks. It can be difficult to find the best perks if you want to buy them via drops. It is important to keep this vendor around if you suddenly find yourself selling great guns and great rolls.

Guardians worked hard to ensure that the Hand Cannon was available for everyone. Redditor, klip_twings, explained that he spent 15 hours keeping the instance alive over two days. Hundreds of players cycled in and around his fireteam over the course of the week to get to the vendor.

They estimate that over 350 players acquired a True Prophecy “godroll” in their fireteam. Klip, however, ended up creating a lot of interesting statistics as Xur’s captor. 200 people crouch-spammed to show their appreciation. 10 people asked if Xur had any other weapons. Klip killed over 250 sparrows in an attempt to stop the instance from collapsing after an early close call. He also consumed more than 300 mgs of “completely legal” medical marijuana throughout.

It wasn’t to be. True Prophecy’s perks were eventually removed. While many players thought Bungie had interfered inadvertently, the timing coincided with another vendor’s items rolling, which suggests that item rotations may be linked. Klip recalls that he woke up on Thursday morning to discover no one was keeping Xur around. By the time server maintenance kicked everyone out, the dream was over.

The entire event was created by the community in response to Destiny’s loot economy. It is a fascinating throwback at the original game’s loot caverns. The goal of players will be to find the best gear by finding shortcuts, regardless of whether they are camping out on a pile or abducting extraterrestrial shopkeepers.

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