Destiny 2 Stealth Nerfed Particle Deconstruction Buff Stacking

Destiny 2 Stealth Nerfed Particle Deconstruction Buff Stacking

This week’s Destiny2 hotfix was intended to make some minor changes and fix some bugs. However, it also includes a stealth-nerf to make this a more useful combination. The Particle Deconstruction mode which boosts Fusion Rifle damage and debuffs enemies could be stacked with Nightstalker Hunter’s Tie, which increases damage output and debuffs them. These two items no longer stack.

Combining Particle Deconstruction with Tether helped fireteams do massive damage to raid bosses and Strike bosses as well as any other targets. The team could increase their damage output by adding more buffs and debuffs, such as Ward of Dawn’s Weapons of Light or a Well of Radiance. This stealth nerf removes one of the additive elements from the equation.

The Nightstalker Hunter’s Tether no longer works with the Particle Deconstruction Mod. Particle Deconstruction can now be used to override almost any Destiny2 damage debuff. Hammer Strike and Tractor Cannon used to work, but they no longer do.

Particle Deconstruction was a useful mod for Season of the Lost. Particle Deconstruction, when combined with Vex Mythoclast or One Thousand Voices or Threaded Needle can provide a significant boost in damage output. Fireteams began to experiment with how far they could push damage. They eventually found that Particle Deconstruction stacks well if a Tether is applied before Particle Deconstruction. It was thought that it was a bug. Bungie now has a stealth nerf.

Tether does not work with Particle Deconstruction anymore, but there is still one debuff. If Divinity is applied prior to the fusion rifle mod, then the Divinity Trace Rifle will still work with Particle Deconstruction.

Stealth nerfs are common in Destiny 2. They are usually meant to remove an unintended effect that is not game-breaking, but very beneficial for the player. Bungie will explain why it issued the nerf when things go wrong, such as with the Radiant Dance Machines. The studio has not spoken in this instance.

This could also be a bug, and Bungie did not intend to make the change. However, it seems unlikely considering the way Bungie has described how buffs or debuffs work. Although it was presumed that Tether should not be using Particle Deconstruction, players still took advantage of the opportunity for as long as possible. We wouldn’t be surprised to find Divinity being a popular raid boss loadout option like Atheon, Vault of Glass.

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