Destiny 2: Zavala Voice Actor Lance Reddick ‘Debriefs’ Player About Their New Child

Destiny2 is a huge game that’s played by many people. It constantly adds new content through the seasonal model and weekly updates. There are also reworks to game modes and loot. The franchise’s seventh anniversary was marked by the release of the first installment in Bungie’s space magic series, Destiny 2. The company celebrated Destiny 2’s success at August streaming, while unveiling The Witch Queen expansion. This further emphasizes the importance of players’ journeys.

Destiny and Destiny HTML2 were great ways for players to come together and make friends. This was also celebrated back in August by Bungie, who shared several clips of players telling their stories about Destiny2 and why it was so special. Some players made lifelong friendships, while others found support and someone to talk to. Others even found love.

Lucky couple of Guardians received a message from Lance Reddick via Twitter to celebrate the birth of their baby. A Twitter user named @bee___sea found out that her wife was pregnant. Since the couple plays Destiny2 together, bee____sea asked Commander Zavala for a briefing on the situation and possible future missions. Reddick gave a flawless Zavala speech, in which he stated that Guardian David, bee____sea’s husband, must get enough sleep before the baby is born. It won’t be possible to do so for the next two-years.

Later, the wife shared her partner’s response in another tweet, making the entire reveal even more heartwarming. Reddick’s husband responded to the wife via their Twitter account under the name Unsainted13. He stated that the message of the actor was the best way for him to learn about his pregnancy. Reddick also received many genuine congratulations and some Destiny2 memes were added to his message. This was much to the delight of the parents.

This wonderful exchange shows how important games like Destiny2 can be in players’ lives and make them a lifetime passion. It’s not surprising that players will go to great lengths in order to create unique memories of their experience with the game. This is similar to the fan who made a Whisper of the Worm using a 3D printer.


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