Disco Elysium The Final Cut Switch Release Date Announced

Since its launch in 2019, the detective-themed, role playing game Disco Elysium has been a huge success. It is one of the best Western RPGs and has won several awards including Best Narrative, Best Independent Game and Best Overall Game. This game is gaining a lot attention and is now a cult favorite. The game was mentioned not too long ago, and it now appears that a release date is confirmed.

EuroGamer reports that DiscoElysium will release the Final Cut on October 12. It will also be available on the digital store. The price is expected to be around $48, or PlayStation 35. Although the physical release will not be available at this time, it is expected to arrive sometime in 2022.

After being announced in December last year, the Final Cut game version was released. brings many new features to Disco Elysium. This version includes voice acting for almost 300 characters, new quests and characters, as well a hardcore mode that emphasizes the dark themes in the game. The best version of this feature is on the PS5 port.

In Australia, the game has been a source of some controversy in the past. The country’s classification board, known for its strictness on video games, refused to classify the game initially due to the depiction of drug addiction, crime and violence. Australian authorities eventually overturned their decision on Disco Elysium and the game was finally given an age rating. This allowed the Final Cut to be released down under.

What Disco Elysium seems to get right that other games do wrong, is focusing on the story and the consequences of the player’s choices. The combat system is not present in the game, but its story, dialogue, and overall writing are key to making it as successful as possible. Nintendo fans will now be able to play the engaging role-playing game on their hybrid console. The Final Cut edition also includes the complete package.

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